Best Skateboarding Safety Tips

Skateboarding is considered to be a fun game and  it is crucial that you put on protective gears at all times while skateboarding as it can be dangerous and you can be seriously hurt if you do not have proper protective gears or if you skate in a wrong path. Ensure that you purchase the best skateboarding brands that will help to ensure that you’re safe while riding

It is easy to get hurt while skateboarding and some injuries can be severe or even lead to death. The people who are likely to get hurt the most are kids and beginners. Skateboarders with experience can also get hurt especially when they perform different and difficult tricks. Skateboarding on rocks or poor surfaces can also pose a threat to you as a skateboarder.

The most crucial protective gears

– A properly fitting helmet

The best skateboarding helmet you put on should be of high quality and must properly fit in order to protect your head and neck from serious injuries which may completely change your life as you may be disabled or even die. Make sure that the helmet is designed for skateboarding and has a strong strap and buckle. The strap must fasten securely and snug whenever you ride.

– Skateboard board

Boards are designed to do different things. Make sure that you pick one that suits your sport and has proper working parts. Before skating, always make sure to check for any cracks, damaged wheels, loose parts and even sharp edges to make sure you will be safe out there.

– Protective pads

These include wrist guards and knee and elbow pads and are important in providing protection when you fall. Make sure that the shield is made of hard plastic and should not hinder you from moving. The pads must snugly fit and should not constrict you from circulating. They must be of high quality to provide maximum protection.

– Quality glasses

They are important to have when skateboarding as it provides clear vision which could be hindered by the sun or even dust to avoid injuries from falling. Make sure that the glasses you put on are compatible with your helmet.

– High quality shoes

The shoes you put on must be closed made of leather or suede. Make sure that the shoes properly fits and its soles are made of grippy gum rubber and not slippery to avoid slipping you’re your board. Skateboarding with sandals is not recommended.

The laces should be made from materials of high quality for easy fastening of your boots. Make sure that you tightly fasten them to avoid falling.

– Other gears

They include gloves, hip pads and padded jackets and shorts which offers protection. For the protection of your teeth use mouth guards as they also minimize mouth

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