Buying a House near a Golf Course: Expert Advice

Recently, a client visited our office to seek counsel before making what he considered a lifetime investment. He was in the process of buying a home near a golf course and he wanted to know if it was a wise move or not. He is among tens of other people who have visited our office for such inquiries.

In his submission, he said that the golf course had some beautiful view and as a golf enthusiast that would be something he would love to see every morning when he wakes up, while taking lunch at his backyard, and while doing dinner in his outdoor kitchen.

He asserted that he had seen a number of golf balls in the garden. The exterior walls of the house on one of the side showed marks from ball hits. The age of the house was about five years and it was a manifestation that it had taken some time to show the impact. The risk here is that someone in your compound can get hit by a stray ball resulting in severe damage in the head or other body parts.

The fact of the matter is that the worthiness of the house would be as a result of so many factors combined.  At around 5.00 am, you will be hearing lawnmowers starting their mowing. The lawnmowers have headlights and they start their job long before the sun rises from the East. Thus, it is hard to escape from the noise. Also, there can be traffic build up in your home and that can also result in noise as cars move to and from the golf club.

During the day, the golfers would have abundant time to just wait around waiting for their turn to tee off. They can spend time just staring at homes around and anyone coming out to enjoy the sun including your wife and kids. Thus, homes near the golf course may lack privacy. It is usual to see most of them going for short calls somewhere in a tree as their washrooms facilities may be somewhere far.

If the above demerits don’t worry you and the realtors don’t overvalue the property or hit you with a premium for the property, then you may not mind being enclosed in your house all the time. If you’re a golf fanatic, just grab a golf bag and get into the course.  Nonetheless, there are notable advantages to owning a house near a golf course.

Benefits of owning a home near a Golf Course

1. Prestige

If you love prestige and status, the owning a home near a golf course is such an honor. It makes both a statement and an impression to your peers that you’re a successful person in the society. Most people believe that owning a home near a golf course is a reserve of the affluent and popular people in the globe. Thus, buying a home near the golf course will definitely place you in a class that is reserved for the famous if not the rich.

2. Fine-looking Environment

The most advantageous feature of owning a house near a golf course is that you will have a great view from the windows. The beautiful environment is a major appeal for golf course houses as it offers you an aesthetic satisfaction to your eyes. The golf course is usually surrounded by lakes, fountains, flowing greens, and mature tree canopies.

3. Privacy

There is no doubt that golf courses occupy a huge zone of land. This makes it impossible to have some annoying neighbors. If you adore privacy, this would be a great choice for you.

Final Thought

There are both merits and demerits of owning a home near a golf course. It is up to you to weigh on the pros and cons and make an effective choice.


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