Do you know the distinction between a normal crib and a best travel crib?

Do you know the distinction between a normal crib and a best travel crib?

Portable cribs are always best option when considering having a portable bed for your kid. They are designed to have enough space, light in weight as compared to full size best cribs and are easy to pack making it easy to store or transport therefore making it best alternative choice bed when going for vacation or use it around your home.

They have the Best Bassinet insert feature for infants hence making it easier when putting the baby into it since you will not need to bend. Some also come with clips on mobile and changing tables hence useful if your baby is young.

They often come in two type’s one small and designed to easily pack up and transport. You can also use them as playpen as your child will be safer in it and can be useful when using it when travelling. The other one is always large and wooden. These are always designed for kids who are heavier or when intending to use it for long.

Distinction between a portable and a travel crib

They are not the same even though they may have few similarities. They can both act as portable bed for infants but you can use portable crib as a playpen as they are much bigger, stable and more sturdy. It also comes with extras but with no mattress.

The best travel cribs on the other hand is small and light in weight making it easy to carry around just like normal luggage. They however do not come with any extras or fit to use as playpen but it does come with a mattress.

What to look for in a best portable crib

Portability and size

If you like to travel a lot then always choose one that is light in weight and is compact when you fold it. In this case a wooden portable crib is not the best choice as it is large but if there is no other option you can use it. Make sure that one you choose has a size that can easily be stored when dissembled.

Play pen

If you need one that can also serve as a playpen for your kid then there are such brands that have been designed to provide such. A pack n play brand can best serve this and your child can be safe.

Age range

For a small baby always go for one that has a bassinet insert option or one specifically designed for babies. Choose toddler portable cribs as they are large and strong to support big toddlers. A portable wooden crib is always suitable for children who are much bigger.

Ease to assemble and dissemble

Choose one that is easy to set up and dissemble if you intend to move more often.

Need for mattress

All portable cribs don’t always come with a mattress. Although they are easy to find, some may be hard to fold making it hard to transport.

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