Features to consider when buying a skateboard

Skateboard decks are often designed in various sizes and shapes making it hard when picking one especially if you are not sure of what you want. Some also have parts that can be customized and fancy technology that can be overwhelming. In this article, we have done some research to enable you to pick the best skateboard that will suit you.There are skateboards that are cheaper and of good quality.

As a beginner or an experienced skater who intends to buy a new skateboard you should first be sure of the kind of best skateboard brands you want.It can be one that will enable you to skate in the park while making tricks, one that will allow you commute in campus or if you want to skate down the hills. The features below will greatly help you choose the type of the skateboard that will best suit you.

Guidelines to buying the best skateboard

Some skateboards often comes  fully assembled while others comes pre-assembled therefore requiring you to buy the parts separately. Beginners are always advised to buy a complete skateboard while experienced skaters can always buy the pre-assembled ones if  they want to personally assemble it since with they maybe able to assemble the part by themselves.Below are what you should look for:

– The deck

Most decks are made of hard rock maple with wood between 5 to 9 plies.More plies makes the board heavier. A board with 7 ply and a complete skateboard are often recommended for beginners.

The width of the deck is also indicated.The width to pick will be determined by your size,skating experience and your skating style.For an adult one that measures between 7.5 to 8 is the best when skating on the streets or when performing tricks.One between 8 to 8.25 is the best if you intend to skate in ramps and parks.if going old school or cruising then pick one from 8,25 and above.

– Board size

For kids a mini skateboard is best for them as they are 7.5 wide or less.If you are older then pick a wider board.A deck with 7.5 width measurement is best adults or kids who are over5’3 “in height (13 years and above) ,7.3 width for teens between the height of 4’4″ to 5’2″ (9-12 years), a deck with width 7 for kids who are between 3’5″ and 4’4″  in height (6 to 8 years) and a deck width between 6.5 and 6.75 for kids who are up to 3’4” in height (5 years and below).

– Wheel size

A wheel size between 54-56mm is the best size if you intend to skate in the streets.If you want a cruiser board then buy one that is 58mm or has bigger wheels.Large wheels will make your cruising more smoother since you will hardly feel the cracks or rocks.

50-53mm (Small and slower wheels)-best if you intend to do tricks while riding and for young riders sksting the parks and streets.

54-59mm (Average wheel size)-this will be the best pick for begginers and big riders who are skating the parks,streets,vent ramps and bowls.

60mm and above-This kind of wheel size is suitable for riders who are skating downhill, old school boards and longboards.

– Bearings

These are the small rings that are fitted inside the wheels to enable them to turn.It often labeled  Abec3,5,7 and 9. ABEC is an initial for Annual Bearing Engineers’ Committee used in rating its accuracy and tolerance.The higher it is the more accurate and precise your bearing will be.

You want to be safe, Check on the best skateboard helmets

Tips for safe skating or picking the best skateboard

Purchase a skateboard with 7+ ply deck

-For the best bearing, pick one that is abec5

-For kids pick one that has its width ranging between 7.25 to 7.5

-Buy one with soft and large wheels if you want a smooth ride

-If you intend to make tricks while riding then one with small and hard wheels will be the best pick for you

-Make sure to always put on an helmet and other protective gears before riding for your safety in case of an accident.

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