How to use shock-training collars

An electronic collar system also known as e-collar or shock collar is a system that comprises of a receiver and transmitter. The receiver collar has contact points, which touch the dog skin when tied in the dog neck. The transmitter sends signals to the collar, which delivers a mild static shock to the dog.

They are useful used when the dog is doing undesirable behaviors because they will associate the shock with the behavior. Therefore, it deters the dog repeating the same behaviors in the future.

In addition, you can positively punish your dog from a distance where he cannot see you.

Using shock training collars

  • Read collar manual. There are different dog-training collar models. You need first to read the manual to know how to operate the collar. Most collars are packaged with a manual that guides you on collar dos, don’t and how to start training your dog.
  • Add batteries in both receiver and transmitter. Ensure the collar system is working before fastening it on the dog. Turn it on and pair the collar and transmitter. Lower the static shock stimulation level to zero to avoid shocking the dog by accident when putting on the collar.
  • Fasten the collar on the dog’s neck. Most shock collars have contact points that touch dog skin. These contact points can make the dog uncomfortable and even cause sores on the dog neck. Therefore, do not make the collar very tight. Remember also to remove any other collars on the dog neck and do not tie a leash to the e-collar.
  • Make sure the dog gets used to e-collar before using it. To avoid the dog-associating collar with pain, let him have the collar for several days before starting the training. Do not let your dog be collar wise i.e. behaving well when only wearing the collar or react negatively to training.
  • Start using the collar. Using the lowest level of static shock stimulation, start training the dog. If your dog is aggressive, do not continue using the collar because he/she injure you. Increase stimulation levels if he does not respond.
  • Reinforce already learnt commands. When you start using the e-collar, begin training the dog with commands like sitting that he already knows. In case the dog does not respond, use the collar. Rewarding the dog with a pat, praises. Buying him the best dog bed will positively motivate the dog to behave well.
  • Control the dog with ease. You can use the shock collar to control your dog activities in the backyard or in the park. If your dog runs after visitors and jumps on them, use e-collar to dissuade him repeating the same. Other aggressive behaviors that e-collar can control are-dog barking and digging holes in the backyard. Do not press collar buttons for more than 3 seconds because you can injure the dog. It is also important that you do not let your dog see you when using shock collars. It should associate the shock with digging and not you. It is also important not to let him see you because it can affect your relationship.


Shock collars deliver a mild static shock, which cannot injure the dog when used correctly. Some people argue that it is inhuman to use e-collars when training the dog but it is not true. If used correctly, shock collars are an effective training tool for dog owners.

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