How safe is a baby bassinet?

As a mom, you may be wondering if a bassinet will be safe for your infant and to only ensure he is, makes sure that whenever you put him to sleep follow the guidelines to safe sleeping. This is the best way to make sure your baby sleeps sound and safe. Bassinets are often designed for newborns and although they are the best, there have been instances when deaths have been reported. Most of them are caused by:

  • – Suffocation which causes a lack of oxygen
  • – Placing your baby face down
  • – Overturning thus facing down
  • – Bassinet with a mechanical problem and wrong use
  • – Sudden infant death syndromes

Safe sleeping guidelines

  • – Put your baby to sleep on his back
  • – Remove soft blankets or pillows from where the baby sleeps
  • – Ensure that the bassinet is in good condition
  • – Avoid placing any plastic objects or anything that could cause suffocation

What to look for in a bassinet

  • – Ensure that the surface is smooth
  • – The bottom must be sturdy and the base wide
  • – The mattress must be firm and snugly fit
  • – No object should be protruding to avoid injuries

When should your baby move to a crib (Transition from a Bassinet to a Crib)

A newborn often outgrows a bassinet within a short time requiring you to place him in a crib. Most manufacturers state the age and weight limit. However, many kids may be removed before attaining that due to other factors. If he starts to sit down on his own or rolls over before attaining that limit, then move him to a crib to avoid any injuries from falling. In case your baby becomes taller then you have to move him.

The crib is much bigger and you should avoid placing any bumpers, objects or blankets in it to avoid suffocation. He should always sleep on his back to avoid SIDS. To get used to it play with him in it during daytime and use a baby monitor to know how he is doing. More often a video baby monitor is deemed to be the best because you can be able to view all the activities that go on around him and know if he is doing okay.

When to move your baby to another room

Your baby should sleep in your room till when he is at least 6 months or utmost one year. This must be in a crib or a bassinet to avoid sudden infant death syndrome because he can wake you up unlike when he is in another room. Feeding him at night and changing diapers also become easier. As your baby grows, he may snore or produces noise that may disturb your sleep. Moving him to his room will leave you to sleep peacefully. A baby monitor will come in handy to help you know how he is doing. To be able to see all the activities in his room, then go for a video baby monitor since you can even connect with your phone using an app to enable you to have peace of mind.

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The main cause of SIDS is sleeping with your baby in the same bed, therefore; making sure you sleep in a separate bed will be safe for him. Your baby’s safety is paramount and if you follow the given guidelines when putting him to sleep then you will be assured of his safety. Use a baby monitor to make sure that your baby is safe if he sleeps in a separate room.

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