Expecting a Kid? This is All you need to know about a Baby Bassinet

When I had my first pregnancy, I often wondered if adding a baby bassinet to the must-have list was necessary. Once I knew its purpose, that’s when I made a decision of whether to buy or not to. A bassinet is very important for infants since it is a good and comfortable place for your kid to rest. The reason that makes it the best after giving birth is that you have not fully recovered and getting out of bed many times can be tiresome. A mattress that is thin and firm is the best as it gives your kid a proper space for sleeping. When picking one, make sure it meets your needs which include the size, functionality, and portability.

Types of Bassinet

There are two major types of bassinets that are available in the market today. That is a basket-shaped and modern bassinet. The traditional basket-shaped bed for babies is placed on a stand that has wheels. You may remove the basket from the base in order to easily lift it and move to the place you want. For the modern classic bassinet, the purpose of the bassinet is improved and you will be required to place a surface for sleeping in playing yard. The traditional bassinet has a little age limit, unlike the modern one which your baby may use until he is 35lbs.

Why should you buy a Bassinet?

A bassinet is ideal for newborns since it provides a comfortable place for your young one to sleep. They are portable, hence, allowing you to always carry your baby around even when doing house chores so that you can closely keep an eye on your baby. For a newborn, we advise that you sleep in the same room but in a different bed to avoid your beddings suffocating him. This calls for a bassinet because it does not take a lot of space and attending to your baby does not require you to get out of your bed.

Time limit

Bassinets have been designed for infants and newborns. When your baby sits down and starts to roll over then it means that a bassinet will no longer be safe for him. A bassinet may go for 4 or 6 months depending on how fast your kid grows. Most of them also have an age and weight limit that you should put into consideration. Make sure to always check the bassinet’s manual on weight limit to know whether it is time to buy a crib.

Bassinet features

Portable – the bassinet you purchase should be easy to carry because most of the time you will be doing house chores and it is important to keep your baby close to keep an eye on him.

Breathable – ensure that the bassinet you pick has sides that are breathable to prevent suffocation and to ensure that your baby gets enough ventilation.

Sturdy – The construction of the bassinet must be sturdy and should not move to avoid it from falling because your baby will be hurt.

Bassinet and mattress gap – the mattress must snugly fit leaving no space because your baby may be trapped and get injured. Ensure that there are no large spaces your baby may get trapped or protruding parts to avoid injuries.

Firm mattress – check the kind of mattress the bassinet comes with and make sure that it is firm because a soft one often causes suffocation.

Footholds – this is not necessary to have because a baby under six months does not even know to climb.

Wheels with brakes – Bassinets with castor wheels with brakes are the best to have because if you have other kids who may play with it out of curiosity then it should remain locked always.

Washable – where there are kids, it is always messy and in such a case a bassinet which is easy to clean will be ideal for you.

Safety standards – different countries have different labels of safety. Make sure that your bassinet has a label required by law.

Sun canopy – this is useful if you intend to use it in your garden. This helps in shielding your baby from the scorching sun.

Storage space – a storage basket allows you to store your baby’s stuff in it and it becomes easy when you want to use them.

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What not to do (Avoid the following)

There are always second-hand bassinets that are in a good shape since most of them are not used beyond six months. If you decide to go for an already used one then make sure that it is in good condition for your baby’s safety. The mattress must also not be damaged and should be sturdy. For a play-yard bassinet, make sure it is fully assembled and easily disassembled for storage. The hinges and frame must also still be in good condition.


The above things stated are what you need to know basically about a bassinet for you to make an informed decision. If you consider them, you will at the end be certain of what you want and if you end up settling for a bassinet then I assure you it will be the best bassinet that will meet your needs. Always put your baby’s safety first when purchasing one.

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