Check the difference between a baby bassinet and a baby crib before you make a purchase

A baby bassinet and a crib offer different benefits although they can both be used by infants. One is used for a short time with one for long. It is because of such differences that you should choose wisely according to your needs. Always consider the available space and the cost of each. Ensure that the one you pick if for an infant is very comfortable and is easy to use if you have just come from the hospital because if straining, you will get tiresome. We have outlined the benefits of each that makes it the best over the other to help you settle quickly what will be best for you.

Benefits of a bassinet


Compared to a crib, a bassinet is way too cheap as it will cost you a few dollars. A good bassinet can cost under 35$ while a bassinet costing under 100$ may be hard to find. Since a crib may be too expensive, you can purchase a bassinet to use for the time being while you invest for a crib.

They snug more compared to a crib

Your womb is a cozy place for your kid and placing him immediately in a crib may not be a good idea. Bassinets are small hence newborns often feel safe and sleep faster unlike in a crib.

They are portable

Between a crib and a bassinet, a bassinet is the most portable. Its small size and being lightweight makes it possible to put it close to your bed unlike a crib. This allows you to attend to your baby while still on your bed but for a crib, it is big requiring another room and forcing you to move from your room to attend to your baby. With a bassinet, you can move it around during the day while doing chores to keep your baby close.

It is easy to place your baby in it

It has a waist height bottom design, thus, easy to place your baby in it. On the other hand, placing a baby in a crib is hard but much easier if you are tall since the mattress is so far down and you may need to lean when placing your baby. This is not good if you underwent C-section or is pregnant.

Advantages of a crib

The only advantage a crib has over a bassinet is that you can use it for a long time. A baby outgrows a bassinet when 6 months old but 2 years for a crib. Two kids can share a crib but a bassinet is only designed for one.


Based on the two, a crib will always be the best because even if you start with a bassinet, you will still end up with a baby crib. Because babies often grow fast, you may go for a crib from the beginning.  However, it is nice to have a bassinet but essential to have a crib. A bassinet has many benefits and if in case you decide to go for it then there is no problem at all but if you decide to buy a crib then no need to worry. If you have undergone a c-section, make sure to have a bassinet to help until when your wound is much healed. The choice you will make will depend on your needs and I believe it will be the best.

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