Top 10 Best Convertible Cribs Reviews

No doubt that your kid will outgrow a bassinet, outgrow a normal/standard crib and you will be required to purchase a kid bed as a substitute. However, if you have a convertible crib, then your problem is fully solved at least for some time.

Thus, you will not have to worry about buying a toddler bed for your kids after they are four.

There is no need of buying a crib that will serve your kid until they’re four years and afterwards you give it away and purchase a toddler bed that will fit your kid.

What is a convertible crib?

These are cribs that can be transformed from an infant bed, to a day bed, and to a full size bed. You just require changing the specifications and size of the crib.

Top rated convertible cribs are special type of a crib that will help you to save your money. As your kid grows, the crib will transform itself to suit your infant needs even up their teen years.

Personally, I invested in a standard crib and my son Peter had to use it only for about 4 years and I had to purchase an infant bed for him.

Having been forced to spend a lot of money buying a crib and an infant bed within a short interval, I felt like I have been robbed my hard earned cash.

If I had the correct information, I would have saved much by purchasing a convertible crib so that my kid can use it for an extended period until they are in their twin.

However, I purchased a Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib that my son Raymond who is 13 years finds delight in using it. As a young parent, it is right to get it right the first time by purchasing the convertible crib.

Convertible Options

There are few options for conversion types to select from when you’re looking for a convertible crib. The options will help your kid to transit into a toddler bed as well as a teen kid when such time comes.

✅ 4-in-1: The most popular and preferred cribs are those that can be converted from a crib to an infant bed, day bed, and full-sized bed.

✅ 3-in-1: This is a crib that switches from a crib to a baby bed or a day bed

✅ 2-in-1: This option converts from a crib to a kid bed.

Benefits of Buying a Convertible Cribs compared to a Standard Crib

✔ Cost effective

✔ Convenient

✔ Long-term use

✔ Higher quality as it is built to last

Note: Despite the numerous benefits from using the convertible bed, you will be required to pay a higher price than the standard crib. Also, you will need a conversion kit for each option/transition.

The picture above shows an example of a convertible crib with drawers, shelves and changing table.

To purchase the best convertible crib that will give you value for your money, you should ask yourself the following questions before making a purchase.

✓ Is it stable?

✓ Is it safe?

✓ Is it multipurpose?

✓ Does it have an adjustable mattress height?

✓ Does it save space?

Find the answers for the following questions below.

Features of a Good Convertible Crib

If you can get a crib with the following features in your crib, then you will do justice for yourself.

☑ Non-folding: For a more stable, permanent option for the main nursery crib.

☑ Conversion kit available: The kit is required for the right conversion into a day bed or an infant bed.

☑ Eco-friendly: It is always good to purchase a crib that is constructed with eco-friendly materials, finishes, and woods.

☑ Toddler rail accessible: The toddler rail is vital for conversion to a kid bed.

☑ Wheels: it is important that your crib have wheels for ease of mobility

☑ Changing table: It is vital that you have an all-in-one option that helps to save space.

Top 10 Best Convertible Cribs in 2018

1. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1

If you are looking for a top rated convertible crib that is durable and of high quality, Babyletto Hudson is the crib to buy.

The infant crib is made of solid New Zealand pine wood. The sturdy crib guarantees you durability of the crib. It can be passed down to different generations whilst in good condition.

It has an elegant design with rounded spindle that gives the crib an open glowing feel.

Babyletto Hudson is among the few cribs that has the GREENGUARD Gold Certified. It is made of eco-friendly materials and free from any toxic chemicals.

You may probably get a cheaper crib than Babyletto. But what really makes Babyletto unique is the convertible kit for easy transition to a day bed or a toddler bed as your kid grows.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 High quality that offers value for your money ☹ Price
😃 GREENGUARD Gold certification ☹ It is easily scratched
😃 Modern, classy and stylish design
😃 Solid and Sturdy Construction
😃 Comes with a Toddler bed conversion kit
😃 Grows with your child

2. Stork Craft Portofino 4-in-1 Fixed Side

If you’re in search of a high quality convertible crib that will come with a changer and drawer, then Storkcraft is the best choice for you.

It is a 4-in-1 convertible crib is the top feature for this product. Storkcraft can convert into an infant bed, daybed, and full size bed.

This stylish design is made of pine wood and composites making it a durable crib. The crib will offer your kid warmth, safety and comfort during their sleep.

The crib has 3 open shelves and 3 spacious drawers. So, you can be able to store your kid’s items such as pampers or clothes in the shelves and drawers.

Stork Craft Portofino has a changing table that can detach and work as a nightstand once it is converted to a full-size bed. In addition, the changer comes with a waterproof vinyl change pad.

For safety, the crib has been approved by CPSC and ASTM safety standards. Also, this crib has non-toxic finishes that are not harmful to your kid.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 1 year limited warranty ☹ Relatively pricey
😃 Strong and sturdy construction ☹ Conversion kit to full-size bed is sold separately
😃 Multi-functional with a changer and a drawer
😃 Utilizes Non-toxic materials in construction

3. Sorelle Tuscany 4-in-1 

The 4-in-1 convertible crib is a sturdy, classy, and modern crib that comes with all that you require to remove part of the burden of parenthood from your shoulder.

The espresso convertible crib is made of solid wood and wood veneers that comprise Poplar and New Zealand and recessed hardware to ensure safety of your kid. The construction of Sorelle Tuscany is detailed making it durable.

It saves your space if you have a small kid room as it comes with 3 drawers where you can store your kid clothes and other items that you require. If you want a convertible crib with changing table, get a Sorelle Tuscany.

Tuscany can either be used as a crib, daybed, infant bed, or full size bed by use of optional wooden conversion rail. The crib will grow with your baby from birth to college.

The crib is ASTM and JPMA certified and meets all the safety requirements to ensure that your kids are safe when using it.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Strong construction ☹ Price
😃 Safety certified
😃 Storage space
😃 Non-toxic finish
😃 Stylish
😃 Changing table

4. Dream On Me Niko 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

You want a convertible crib that comes with a drawer and changing pad at a lower price than other products with such features, Dream on Me will satisfy your quest.

The cheap convertible bed is made of New Zeland pine wood that last. It will move with your kid from birth, childhood, to adulthood while resisting the pressure of wear and tear.

In terms of safety, it comes with an immobile non-drop side rail that ensures your baby doesn’t fall when they are in the crib.

The convertible crib with drawers is trendy yet it has a strong frame that converts from a kid bed, daybed, and full size.

It has a changing table that can be detached and used as a stand-alone changing table that makes the crib multipurpose to adjust to any nursery design.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Affordable convertible crib ☹ Does not come with a full size bed frame
😃 Strong and sturdy construction
😃 Guard rail for safety
😃 Changing room

5. Babyletto Gelato 4-in-1 

If you’re looking for a newborn crib that will bring playful practically to your kid’s nursery, then the Gelato crib will offer you just that.

It is made of solid New Zealand pine wood with non-toxic finish. The curved spindles bring open space that make the Gelato crib totally awesome for your kid.

You can remove the feet and replace them cool mint or yellow option that are sold separately. I is among the few crib with GREENGUARD Gold Certification.

Gelato comes with a toddler bed conversion kit. The best thing with the crib is that it will save your money as you don’t require you to buy a conversion kit during transition to toddler bed. Nonetheless, you will need to purchase a full-size bed conversion kit when your kid a teenager.

The kid crib will convert to baby bed, day bed and full-size bed.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Its Price ☹ Have to purchase a conversion kit for transitioning to a toddler bed
😃 GREEN GUARD Certification
😃 Made of Eco-friendly material

6. DaVinci Jayden 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

In case, you are looking for a crib that will offer your kid utmost safety and comfort. Then, you need a DaVinci Jayden.

It uses 100% natural New Zealand pine wood for its construction and that makes it to be sturdy and durable. The bed has a hidden construction with four modifiable mattress positions.

DaVinci Jayden is among the safest cribs on the market as it is GREENGUARD certified. This affordable convertible crib is also eco-friendly as it uses non-toxic painting finish.

The 4-in-1 crib is stylish curved back with some simple solid planks. As your kid grows, it can be converted to either an infant bed, day bed, or full-sized bed.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 New Zealand pine wood construction ☹ Conversion kit sold separately
😃 Its Stylish design ☹ The wood may dent or get scratched easily
😃 Easily convertible into a day or toddler bed
😃 Nontoxic finish

7. Graco Lauren Convertible Crib

If you’re looking for a multipurpose bed that will offer you several services, then don’t miss on this Graco Lauren 4-in-1 convertible crib.

Graco is found itself in the best cribs 2018 due to its beautiful, durability, and versatility. It is simple yet stylish.

In terms of safety, it has stationery side rails to ensure that your kid is safe while sleeping or resting on it. There is no guard rail required for conversion to an infant bed. However, you will need to purchase a bed frame when converting to a daybed and full-size headboard.

For safety, the bed is ASTM and CPSC compliant and JPMA certified. The toddler bed will provide comfy and safety environment for your kid.

The crib has manifold non-toxic finishes and comes with a 1 year limited producer’s warranty.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 1 year warranty ☹ Mattress sits very low
😃 Safety certified
😃 Sleek design

8. Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib

If you have small space in your house and you want to save the already small space, Aden mini convertible crib may be what you just require.

It is also the best convertible cribs for twins and it can later be converted into a twin bed once the kids are old enough. If you want your baby to have their own space, you can buy a crib divider and achieve that.

✅ Important Tip for moms with twins:

Small cribs are the most favorable solution for twins. There are double cribs for twins but we don’t propose them. They are costly than having 2 smaller cribs. Worse of it all is that they’re like bunk beds that makes the kid on the bottom is confined. It’s even preferable, that if you cannot but Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib, it is advisable to buy two smaller cribs.

A mini crib is always the ideal solution for a little nursery. The Aden crib is strongly built with three modifiable height positions.

The mini convertible crib has a robust look that features a non-drop side rail design that offers utmost safety for your toddler.

Like the ordinary crib, this mini crib can be converted into an infant bed and an adult twin bed making sure that your child sleeps comfy as he grows up to adulthood.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Affordable mini crib ☹ Bed frame and twin size rail sold separately
😃 Elegant design ☹ Easy to get scratched
😃 Ease of assembly

9. Delta Children Canton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

If you’re looking for a cheap crib design that will offer you value for your money, Delta Children Canton is best bet.

It blends comfort, safety, and classiness making your nursery look great. The builders of this unit have used strong and sturdy wood to guarantee quality promising years of nonstop use.

The crib can be transformed into a daybed, infant bed, or full-size bed. It is safety certified by ASTM, JPMA, and CPSC.

For the lovers of design or those who want to choose colors that matches your house or interior, this crib comes with several finishes that permits you to select the one that best suits your kid’s room.

What we loved What we didn’t like
😃 Safety certified ☹ Full size bed rails are sold separately
😃 Comes with toddler and daybed rails ☹ Paints chips away
😃 Easy to assemble

10. Graco Benton 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

This infant convertible crib closes our list of ten top rated convertible cribs. Graco Benton is the best crib for a person on a budget.

It is the cheapest crib in our crib review but that doesn’t compromise on the safety and elegance of the crib. Graco Benton is made of solid wood and it is a timeless piece that is built to last.

It can easily be adjusted as your kid grows from an infant bed, to a day bed and lastly to a full-size bed. The crib can comfortably hold any standard-sized crib mattress with modifiable height to suit the needs of your kid.

What we loved What we didn’t like
Easy to assemble

😃 Its Price

☹ Doesn’t come with a baby rail
😃 Constructed with sturdy pine wood
😃 Easy to assemble
😃 Safety certified

Final Thought on the Convertible Crib Review

Any one best infant crib in this list will offer your kid a comfy and safety. However, mothers may have varying taste and preferences and that is why we have done a review of 10 items so as to provide a variety of design that will quest your need.

Note that safety should be the main factor in purchasing any kid’s product!

Convertible Crib Safety Tips

“Safety first†should be the key concern of any parent. Every mom should note that a crib can be a dangerous place to put your kid if it has not been well constructed. But that is not something to worry you as we have crafted a detailed note on safety that you can use before purchasing a crib.

✅ Ensure you purchase a GREENGOLD Certified crib or a JPMA certified.

The JPMA certified cribs are those that the American Society for Testing and Materials and US Consumer Product Safety Commission has certified as having met all safety standards.

✅ Make sure that you can’t fit more than the two fingers between the side of the cribs and its mattress.

If the two fingers fits, kindly purchase a bigger mattress.

✅ Never allow your kid to sleep in a crib that use pillows, bumpers, or stuffed toys.

All the above mentioned items are suffocation hazard. To avoid any danger, wrap your kid in a wearable blanket.

✅ Use close-fitting sheets on your kid’s mattress.

Note that if they are loose, your kid could get entangled in them and choke.

✅ In case you’re not 100% sure that you can assemble the crib efficiently by yourself

Enlist the assistance of a friend or hire a professional to do it. It can come in handy and it is worth your peace to know that your crib is well assembled.

✅ Place your kid’s crib out of reach of curtains, wall hangings, windows, blinds, and other related hazard.

✅ The best convertible cribs should ensure that the posts and slats are not further than 2 3/8 inches apart from one another. Ensure that a can of soda cannot pass between the spaces so that your kid’s head doesn’t get stuck there.

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