When and how to move your baby from a bassinet to a crib

I am Abby a mom of two who has had an experience with a bassinet with both my kids. Coming from the hospital, I can say that I was still weak and considered having a baby bassinet instead of a crib because I didn’t want to move often to a different room since our bedroom was small. It gave me peace of mind knowing that my baby was always close to me at night. Even during the day, I could place my baby beside me while doing other house chores. Another big benefit the bassinet had with my first child is that I had no enough money to purchase a crib then and bassinet helped a lot while I saved for a crib which I used later for my second born child. I also had enough time to figure out a room to place the crib. Compared to your own bed, your baby is much safe in a bassinet. Blankets in your bed may cause suffocation and at some point, you may turn when deep asleep and lie on your baby which may even cause death.

Where should your newborn baby sleep?

Your newborn must always sleep near you in order to keep a close look at him every night. When your baby outgrows a bassinet early, it is also safe to keep him close in your bedroom until he reaches 6 months to make breastfeeding at night easy and prevent SIDS since you will know if anything is wrong on time.

When should you move from a bassinet to a crib?

The idea of moving your baby from the bassinet to a crib differs from one kid to another. When your baby is 6 months, it is the right time to move them out of the bedroom. For others, it depends on the height growth rate of your baby. If he is tall for the bassinet then it is probably the time you consider having a crib. Another factor that causes a baby no longer fit for a bassinet is weight. There is a weight limit a bassinet should hold and if your baby reaches that then you should move him to a crib. If your baby starts to roll over then it is time to transition to a crib. If traveling soon, I would advise you that you do not move your baby out yet. In case the crib fits into the room and the baby makes some disturbing noise then move him to a different room.

What should you do for an easy transition?

Moving your baby to a different room is a big change that may be hard for both of you and the baby. One way of making your baby adapt fast is by putting down a mattress in his room so you can sleep near him or put his crib in your bedroom for a while. This will make you feel safe to leave your baby alone after some time. Create a resting place where you will breastfeed him at night. A sleeping sack is much safe when you want to keep your baby safe. Make your baby lie on his tummy when with him during the daytime. If you don’t have peace of mind yet leaving your baby alone then you should consider a video baby monitor since you will be able to know each and every activity that takes place in his room.


It is very important that you move your baby to his room as soon as the time comes because this will be best for everyone especially when you want to have good sleep. At first, it may be a very hard adjustment for both of your but following above ways, you will both in no time adopt. Use a video baby monitor as the best way of keeping an eye on your baby throughout the night.

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