Important features of a best baby crib to consider

As a new parent who is full of excitement and anticipation, purchasing the right baby crib might be hard. You may get a little overwhelmed when you get to know various brands of baby cribs that are available and its features. As much as buying one that has great style and looks good, there are features that are more crucial for consideration in purchasing one.

Safety must be the first crucial feature to put into consideration before color, style and size. When purchasing a baby crib, safety is the most important feature. The safety features of a best baby cribs must meet the standards below when investigating it:

  1. The posts or slats used to make the baby crib should not be more than two inches apart. This is to ensure that your baby does not get trapped in between or his head getting stuck hence avoiding your baby from getting seriously injured or even dying.
  2. When the side of the baby crib is dropped the mattress must be at least around ten inches below the top of the side or sides dropped. Older baby cribs come with a space of four inches from the mattress up hence not safe for your baby.
  3. The mattress you purchase must perfectly fit into the baby crib to make sure that your child is comfortable and does not face any dangers of being injured.
  4. The side which drops on the best convertible baby crib must be able to lock completely when uprightly placed and the locking device should be childproof. This will make sure that your baby does not fall from the crib.
  5. The paint used to paint the crib must be safe free from lead which is dangerous for your baby’s health when he chews the material.

Another crucial feature you should also consider is the mattress support. Metal supports are considered to be the safest since it can withstand the weight and your baby’s activity such as playing when compared to other supports. The support must be held in place more securely. Purchasing a baby crib that will support your growing child is important. This is achieved by lowering the mattress as your child grows.

Features that are important to consider when buying a crib are many and can be overwhelming but placing your baby’s safety first will make it easier when selecting one that is appropriate.

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