ibaby WiFi Video Camera Monitor Review

If you are a working or homestay mom, a video baby monitor is always essential since you will be able to check any moves your baby makes during daytime or at night. You will also be able to do other chores around the house far from your baby since you will receive an alert when your baby wakes up or cries. In this article, we shall have a detailed review of this amazing iBaby Care M7 and check on its various unique features that make it best the best choice for you.

iBaby Care M7 will be the best pick for you because it has incredible features that guarantee your baby’s safety, good health and early development. The features include smart Wi-Fi, Total Baby Care System with 1080p full HD. It also comes with smart air sensors, music, and moonlight soothe with white noises. iBaby video monitor also has lullabies and music that sooths your baby or make him easily fall asleep and two-way talk that allows two people to communicate.

This iBaby care M7 baby monitor is smart and the first to feature moonlight projection, smart sensors and early education content which makes it the best pick for your baby. Therefore, with the above features, look no more because iBaby Care M7 will suit you and will get the job done.

Features of ibaby care M7

â£Soothing moonlight projections

The moonlight soother enables your baby to sleep peacefully and upon combining the lullabies with the sky projections, you will be able to create a magical environment for your baby and you are sure he will sleep comfortably without keeping on waking up at night except if he is hungry. The sounds are much more calming and have a beautiful light show.

⣠Remote access

It features a smart device through which you can easily access your baby monitor anytime and from anywhere. The in-app access allows you to approve access by many people especially your family who can attend to your child when you are not around.

⣠Range free remote access

This kind of remote enables you to access the baby monitor from anywhere by using an iBaby Care App. With this, you can be able to do other chores in the house or outside your home and still get alerts when your baby moves or cries.

⣠Feeding and diaper alerts

iBaby M7 video monitor comes with a diaper and feeding alerts that send you a signal whenever the time to feed your baby or change his diaper comes. This baby video baby monitor makes your life easier as a parent because you will be able to do other things in the house even when your baby is awake.

⣠Smart sensors

With this, you will be guaranteed your baby’s safety and comfort. It measures the air quality to make sure that the air your baby breathes in is clean and the temperature to make sure that the baby feels comfortable. The humidity level is also measured to make sure that the room is safe for your baby and it does not make the baby fall sick.

⣠Sound and motion detectors

The sound detector is able to alert you when your baby is upset or starts to cry by sending sound and video alerts and you will be able to attend to him. Whenever your baby moves you will always be alerted to avoid falling down. However, putting your baby in the best baby crib is necessary to make sure that he is safe because it might be hard for him to fall down if he is young and not able to climb out of it by himself.

⣠Advanced night vision and 1080p video resolution

The advanced night vision enables you to easily check your baby at night to ensure that he is sleeping well. With this, the LED glare cannot in any way disturb your baby when sleeping. The 1080p high full HD video definition ensures that every activity in your baby’s room is clearly captured.

⣠Complete coverage

The camera has an improved pan that can tilt and turn in 360 degrees allowing you to view the room from top to bottom. You will always be able to know what is going on in your baby’s room.

What we loved

  • -Features smart smell sensors
  • -Diaper and feeding alerts
  • -Long range view and long battery life
  • -Smart voice activation
  • -Remote access with unlimited users
  • -Air quality sensors
  • -Moonlight sensors
  • -Two-way communication
  • -Sound and motion detector
  • -Soothing sounds and Lullabies
  • -1080p video resolution with advanced night vision
  • -It has an improved pan and tilt abilities
  • -Temperature and humidity sensor

What we did not like

  • -The quality of the night vision is always not the best


iBaby M7 video baby monitor is the best pick if you are looking for a baby monitor that has smart voice activation and detection, and long battery life. The best long range video baby monitor offers the best view even when the kid is far away. It has a night vision even though the quality may not be that good. The baby monitor has a built-in moonlight detector and allows you to view the entire room. It also has early education content for your baby and it is safe and healthier. The monitor also aids two-way communication with a remote access which allows you to approve access by multiple users. With the smart sensors, the room’s temperature, air quality, and the humidity are always detected to make sure that your baby sleeps comfortably.

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