Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor Review

My name is Abby, a mom, a wife, and an occupational therapist. Three years ago, I had my first born and as a new mom, I was overwhelmed by not knowing what to buy. I only bought the best baby crib and the Best Breast Pump because I was a homestay mom since I saw no need of acquiring a baby monitor yet I could always be around him. With many other chores around the house, it was really hard for me to balance between the house chores and the baby.

This was so hard because I had to frequently run to check on him and at the end of the day I could end up doing less work. However, two month later, a friend of mine visited and convinced me that I should buy a video baby monitor and the result was really worth it. This is why I have written this article to help you as a first time or a mum to know how important it is to pick the best video baby monitor.

If you a working mom, you can always get to see what is going on in your baby’s room or in the house in case you have left your baby with someone else and you will always have peace of mind when you get to hear and see your baby and you will be assured of his safety. In case you are at home and planning to do other chores, you can carry the video baby monitor with you, therefore, you can only go to his room when something is wrong.

Back then I tried the Summer Infant baby video monitor and I can tell you the results were great which made me blame myself for not acquiring it early enough. Nonetheless, the good news is that another baby is on the way and I am happy I can still use the same as it can accommodate other extra 4 cameras.

This video baby monitor has a wide view of technology that allows you to clearly see your baby both during the day and at night. It has two cameras and a color screen of 5 inches that makes it convenient when you want to check on your baby. The video monitor has a parent-friendly zoom which makes it perfect when you want to see your baby while asleep. The best part about it is that even as your baby grows you can still view what he is doing with the wide angle lens which enables you to view 4X more.

With the talk-back feature, you will be able to talk or sing to your baby to calm him down whenever he is upset. It also features a nightlight remote control which you can switch the lights on or off depending on what will be best for your baby. You can also be able to use it in more than one room to keep you up to date on what goes on in other rooms in your house by separately buying more three additional cameras.

Summer Infant baby video monitor comprises 2 wide lens cameras that enhance digital zooming, an LCD 5.0 high color video display which has automatic black and white night vision and you can view it from a range of 800 feet away. It has a digital technology that boosts your security and privacy since no one can view the footage without your approval. The expandable system enables you to install up to four cameras in different rooms and has out of rand and low battery indicators which makes sure streaming is not cut or you miss any activities taking place.

Features of Summer Infant Baby Monitor

⣠Wide View Digital Color

This allows you to view the room 4 times more and his playroom through an auto-scan in 8 seconds or you can view the rooms separately. This is a perfect monitor if you want to check your baby in the playroom or the nursery and other family members around the house.

⣠Secured Private Connection

This video baby monitor features a digital technology which guarantees a more private and secure connection, thus, giving you peace of mind when you are at home or away. This comes in ready to use and you only have to plug in the power cord and boom! You’re good to go.

⣠5 color flat screen

The 5 color portable flat screen enables you to see your baby from 800 feet away making it best to use anywhere in the house.

⣠Out of range indicator

This enables you to always be near where your baby is, therefore, making it convenient as you will easily know when your baby needs to be attended to.

⣠Kick stand

In case you are doing chores that need you to use both your hands, this is the ideal video baby monitor for you as it allows you to flip the kickstand out and put it anywhere. While doing other chores, you can adjust the brightness and volume to let you know if your baby makes noise with the LED sound activation which makes vision possible hence you will attend to your baby on time.

⣠Rechargeable and low battery indicator

The low battery indicator alerts you whenever your battery is low enabling you to recharge it on time to make sure that live stream is not cut. This also sends you a signal if your battery needs replacement. With this, coverage will not be interfered with and you will get to view all activities taking place in your house. For your battery to last for long, make sure to press the button for power saving when not using it.

⣠Wide View Coverage

The summer infant video monitor allows you to view your baby’s playroom or nursery with the wide angle lens innovated technology. This monitor is designed to be used by your baby from infantry to toddler stage in viewing your baby plying or sleeping at night or during the day. Also, view more than one room through the 8 seconds video and audio rotation or view them separately.

⣠Talk-back Feature

When you are a mom, your baby always gets used to your voice and when he gets upset, you can press a button to comfort or soothe him by talking to him. This really helps you in putting your baby back to sleep or be calm by hearing your voice.

⣠Two camera system

The summer infant video baby monitor features two cameras that enable audio transmission. When viewing the video, you will also be able to hear what is going on in the room.

⣠Enhanced zooming

This feature allows you to zoom the footage by pressing a button in order to get a clear view on what is going on in the baby’s room or other rooms with cameras. You will never miss any memorable moments as you will get to hear and see your baby talk or play.

⣠White and black night vision

This video baby monitor has its high picture quality which enhances clear vision during the day and at night. You can install it on the wall or at the table thus making it best for your baby’s nursery. Rotate it to the left or right until you get the best view.

⣠Low nightlight

This innovation ensures that your baby falls into sleep faster without being disturbed by too much light by the monitor. With a remote, you can easily turn the lights off and your baby will sleep peacefully.

⣠Expandable system

This allows you to buy other four cameras separately and place them in other rooms. This helps you in monitoring what goes in the entire house and making sure your family is safe.

What we loved
  • -You can view multiple rooms in a wide view with the 8 seconds auto-rotation thus best for the entire family.
  • –Out of range and low battery indicator
  • –Digitalized zooming
  • -Talk-back feature
  • -automatic white and black night vision
  • -Power saving mode
  • -800 feet range coverage
  • -Features a kickstand and Low nightlights
  • -Activated LED sound lights
  • -Expandable systems
  • -Adjustable brightness and volume settings
  • -It can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall
What we did not like
  • -The camera cannot tilt or pan
  • -The battery must be recharged


As a parent, nothing always matters more than your baby’s and family’s safety. With the summer infant video baby monitor, you will be able to see or hear if your baby is okay while doing other chores in the house. If you are a working mom, you can always know what your baby is doing thus giving you peace of mind. It can cover a range of up to 800 feet, features a great battery and long range baby monitor indicator making it the most convenient monitor. The digital zooming allows you to view the entire room both at night and daytime. Expandable system allows you to install up to 4 more cameras in different rooms and the digital technology provides security and privacy. Other features that make it the best choice are the power saving button, adjustable brightness and volume, and talk-back feature.

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