Samsung Video Baby Monitor Review

Video baby monitor is always the best device to have if you have a young baby and you are always busy attending to other kids or doing house chores as it will help you in monitoring your baby’s and any activities in the house while busy doing other things. With this, you will be peaceful to know that your baby is always safe; therefore, you can fully concentrate on your work in the house.

If you are a working mom, alert notifications may be sent directly to your Smartphone or your computer but if it does not support such then don’t worry because you can always go home and be able to review the footage to be in speed with what took place when you were not around.

Samsung video baby monitor is an ideal brand if you are looking for one that is portable, has a large screen, a super high quality, and long battery life. While your baby is asleep, you can carry it with you outside the house and immediately the baby wakes up you will be able to know. It covers a range of up to 75 feet outside and works completely fine when you are in the house.

Although many people view Samsung brands to be very costly, that is not always true as they are just affordable as other brands. This brand is secure with no signal interference and a two-way talk with a built-in speaker and microphone that enables you to talk to your baby or converse with any other person in the house. The parent unit uses a rechargeable battery while you can plug it to power.

The expandable system allows you to put up to 4 other cameras around your house. It features a Night vision through which you can view it at low light up to 15 feet without disturbing your baby. Other features also include the time display, low battery indicator, and a flip stand.

Features of Samsung Video Baby Monitor

⣠Night Vision

Samsung SEW-3036W features a night vision that enables you to view your baby monitor when a bit far at night to get a glimpse of your baby if he is okay.


You can always carry it with you anywhere so that you can be able to receive alerts from inside or outside the house when the baby cries or wakes up.

⣠Flip stand

With this, you will be able to stretch out the belt clip and with the flip stand be able to place it on a surface without having to hold it with your hand the entire time. This suits you best in case the chores you are doing require you to use both your hands.

⣠Two-way talk

The Samsung video baby monitor comprises a built-in microphone and a speaker that allows you to talk to your baby or talk with other family members who are inside the house.

⣠Quiet mode

This gets rid of any background noise thus making sure that your baby’s sleep is not interrupted but rather sleeps peacefully and comfortably.

⣠Low battery indicator

The low battery indicator alerts you in case you battery is almost dead and you will be able to recharge it or know if it needs replacement. This ensures that live stream is not disrupted and you will be able to view every captured moment.

⣠Expandable system

Samsung video baby monitor can accommodate up to more four cameras. This allows you to purchase them separately and install them in other rooms in the house which acts as security since you will be able to know what is going on in the entire house.

⣠Perfect Digital Signal

The signal is always clear and perfect. It is always secure and free from interference by intruders, thus, making it the most ideal pick. The signal often covers a range of up to 800 feet. Samsung video baby monitor is always the best compared to other brands because its signal cannot be interrupted by other smart devices such as cordless phone, microwave and others found in your house.

⣠High quality image

This baby video monitor always has a display technology of a higher resolution which displays very clear video images. It allows you to get a clear view of all the activities in the rooms with the camera. You will actually get to know how your baby was when you were away without someone having to lie to you.

⣠Clear night vision

The camera is able to display very clear vision at night, thus, enabling you to keep a closer look on your baby when there is low or no light at all. This feature makes it suitable to use at night.

⣠Rechargeable battery

The Samsung baby video monitor is always powered by battery located internally. It is rechargeable, thus, in case the battery becomes low or dead you cab recharge it and continue using it without having to replace it unless it is damaged.


It is always easy to set up and use as it comes with a clear instruction on how to install and use it. Navigating through the various settings is always easier, hence, user-friendly.

⣠Voice activation mode

You can monitor the sound the monitor produces to make sure that it is not too loud. The screen often goes off if in case there is no much noise for a certain time in a VOX mode, therefore, saving power and as soon as sound is detected the screen will turn on.

What we loved

  • -User-friendly and portable
  • -High quality image
  • -voice activation and power saver mode
  • -Night vision
  • -Perfect digital signal
  • -Low battery indicator
  • -Expandable system
  • -Features a two-way talk
  • -Budget friendly
  • -Comes with a flip stand

What we did not like

  • The screen is very small
  • It lacks the tilt, remote pan, and zoom options.
  • There is no split-screen to accommodate the four extra cameras

The Samsung video baby monitor is one of the best baby monitors to acquire especially if you are at home and busy with other chores. This enables you to do the entire job and still attend to your baby. When your baby falls asleep, you can carry it with you even outside the house to the range it can cover so that when your baby wakes up or cries you will be able to know. This video baby monitor is ideal because it has convenient features. It is easy to use, has a low battery indicator, two-way talk, expandable system which accommodates extra 4 cameras, a flip stand and voice activation mode. The images displayed are always of high quality and has a perfect digital signal that cannot be easily interfered with.

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