Netgear Arlo Review

My name is Abby, a mother of two sons; Nick and Raymond. Professionally, I am an occupational therapist with a wide experience on children matters. I find joy blogging about babies and reviewing kid’s products in the market so that I can help parents to purchase top rated products that offer value for their money.

 Netgear Arlo Review

Arlo baby by Neatgear is considered the best WIFI monitor on the market. The arlo camera is a smart monitor that offers real time notification and alerts on your Smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The baby monitor permits you to check on your kid from anywhere in the globe with just a tap of the finger. The customary monitors are usually limited by the distance. Thus, whether you’re travelling or at your workstation, you can view your kid from your phone.

The video baby monitor allows you to receive any movement or sound (baby crying) through an email notification or Smartphone. The camera records valuable moments with bank-grade encryption that you can access and download the video at anytime. The recordings are saved for a week (7 days) for free and you can be able to check on the various events that have been happening at ease.

The monitor has great features that make it a top rated baby monitor. The tons of features include humidity, temperature, and air quality sensors that offer you with an alert on the nursery condition to ensure that they are within the required range.

The arlo camera has a music player that offers bedtime lullaby melodies to soothe kids to sleep or stop crying and a multi-colored night light all which can be managed remotely through the Arlo App.

The best baby monitor can be placed on the wall or on top of a dresser. This ensures that risky wires out of your kid’s reach and at the same time offering you unobstructed view of your crib.

It is a great tool for travelling parent. It ensures that a parent who is always away from the home can check on the family even when on the road. It is good to recall that the system saves precious moments for up to 7 days so that you don’t miss important event that have occurred in your home.

Great Features of the Arlo Netgear

? HD Video Quality (1080p)

The baby video monitor provides high quality images with rich color from anywhere in the globe. Great pictures offer you with the correct view of your baby and enable you to take the correct course of action to ensure that they are comfortable.

? 2-Way Wireless talk

The comfort and talk to your kid from all places whether in the living room or in the office. The two way communication enables you to listen to your kid and when you talk they can be able to hear your voice and get satisfied. It works just like a mobile phone allowing both sides to listen and talk to each other.

? Advanced Night Vision

The wifi baby monitor has advanced night vision features that ensure that you can see your kid clearly even in total dimness or darkness.

? Instant Smart Alerts

The baby camera monitor will help you get timely alerts on your Smartphone on any movement or sounds so that you can respond swiftly and make your kid comfortable.

? Smart Nursery Traits

The smart monitor has a lullaby player and multi-colored night light that can be monitored in your Smartphone.

? Shared Camera view with your family

The best wifi baby monitor enables your guest or family members that can simply share the valuable moments from anywhere in the globe.

Things that we loved

✓ 7 days of freed cloud storage space of data

✓ Easy to set up

✓ Reliable WiFi connection

✓ Great image quality

Things we didn’t like

✓ A bit costly but offers value for the money

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Things to check when buying a Wireless Baby Monitor

There things that you must check if you want to purchase the best video baby monitor. To get a top rated monitor, kindly consider the following five key aspects when you’re shopping:

☑ Outdoor or Indoor Capacities

The best video monitor for baby can be placed either indoor or outdoor. Thus, you must make a choice of whether you want to monitor your kids when they are in the house or outdoors. You should note that placing an indoor camera to check on your kids when playing or when resting outside in a bassinet may not be effective as the camera may fail to hold up due to moisture and extreme temperatures outdoor even if you have protected it well.

☑ Battery Life

Ensure that you check on the quality of the battery. If you buy a monitor with a longer battery life, it means that you will require less for upkeep and you will spend less time monitoring the system. Even if you purchase a camera that has rechargeable batteries, you require strong batteries that do not die after some few hours of recording.

☑ Motion Detection

The motion detection alerts notifies you when your kid is moving whether he is in your crib or a bassinet. The best buy monitors should transmit any motion detected instantly without delays.  Some high quality brands such as my arlo permits you to customize the recorded clip length so that in case you want to record something you can do it for a period of 10 seconds or even two minutes for one clip recording.

☑ Storage

The baby monitor should have some cloud storage where data can be stored for some period and it is easily accessible and downloadable. I prefer to have a infant monitor that has both cloud and local storage capacity so that in case the cloud storage fails there is some form of hard back up.

☑ Connection Type

The cellular connection such as those used by telecommunication networks are more reliable that the Ethernet of WiFi connection.  This is because when the power goes off, it means that the internet will be low. The cellular connections make certain that you still have remote access to your monitor or cameras even when there is a failure in the system.

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