Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review

Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review

I am an occupational therapist who finds joy in reviewing baby products and helping parents make the right choices when they are seeking to buy the best baby products in the market. In this article, I seek to provide an in-depth analysis on the Babysense Video Monitor and leave you to make the selection on whether it has features that you’re looking for or not.

Babysense Baby monitor is a high quality video monitor that is manufactured by the Hisense Ltd Co. a renowned firm that has been producing baby monitors since 1991. Hisense has a solid experience in manufacturing monitors that meet stringent requirements for both homecare and institution market.

The baby monitor is a top rated unit that provides parents with outstanding user experience. It is easy to set up and use this unit. The system can be described as the best non-wifi monitor in the market. Babysense permits you to have a secure connection with your kid at all times. The audio is clear and you will be able to hear your kid’s activities efficiently.

The video infant monitor has an LCD screen that permits you to check your kid playing or sleeping with ease. Babysense has an infrared night vision that helps to automatically detect any dim light and provide an apparent video even in dark rooms so that you can check on your infant and discover how they are doing.

If you want to use a programmed feature with some lullabies to make your kid nap, then this infant monitor offers you the opportunity to do so. The monitor also has some alerts where you can set up time for diaper changing, feeding, and medication. All the functions can be done remotely from wherever you’re.

The video monitor is portable and can be moved around and enable you to talk to your kid no matter the place you are in your residence. The long range (up to 900 feet) when in an open space and you can be able to view your kid even when you are far from the monitor.

Baby sense has a two way talk back communiqué that helps to comfort your kid with your own voice by the use of a 2-way talk back system. Also, it has an auto infrared night vision that makes you see the kid both at day and night. It detects dim light that provides clear video even at dark rooms so that you can know the status of your kid at all times.

The baby monitor has a 2x digital zoom that permits you to watch your kid closely. The feature helps you to zoom the image closer so that you can view the image on the screen more closely. With the use of a button, you can watch your kid napping or playing on their bassinet or crib or catch that valuable moment as they wake up.

Babysense baby monitor has a room temperature monitor that continually examines the temperature of the room and alerts when the room is very hot or very cold and knows how to regulate the situation. This ensures your kid to be comfy while they are taking their nap.

The monitor allows for eco mode which a sound stimulated power is saving mode. If you put the ECO mode on, the screen on your parent units turns off if the infant does not detect any voices in your kid’s room.  The eco mode places the video on standby when there is no voice that has been detected.

Features of Babysense Video baby Monitor

✓ Lullabies melodies

✓ High definition LCD display-colored

✓ 2.4 inch screen

✓ Safe connection

✓ Two way talk back communiqué

✓ Digital video and wireless transmission

✓ Long range video baby monitor (up to 900 ft.)

✓ Voice Activation (Eco MODE)/LED Indicator

✓ Digital Zoom (2x)/tilt/Digital Pan

✓ Timer setting or alarm

✓ Night vision capability

✓ Low battery and out of range warning

✓ Modifiable volume/brightness

✓ Battery level gauge

✓ Room temperature alarm and display

✓ Multi camera expandability (Up to 4 cameras)

✓ Built-in support stand

Things we loved

There are many features that make this unit a preferred choice for most parents. However, I would say it is user friendly, multi-camera expandability, and it allows for long transmission range of about 900 plus feet. Also, the safety feature of this unit ensures that your kid is safe at all time away from hackers who may want to access your home without permission.

Things we didn’t like

Even the best unit in the world would not lack some defect. The wireless connection does not work for this system.

Most Recommended for:

-Those who often forgets to plug in their electronics

-Parents whose kids uses cribs or bassinets

-Anyone who is considering buying a monitor that is much affordable and has limited functionality.

It might not work for the following people:

-A user who intends to use it to attain wide visibility range and be able to always move the camera around

-A user with units that are between many walls


It is always problematic if a user is not able to control camera together with monitor unit as the range might be limited but if as a user these may not be a big issue then be sure that it is a camera with high quality and is more affordable with features that always makes it a good option to buy.

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Other things to look for in a best baby monitor brands

Baby monitors have overtime evolved from just being simple walkie-talkies. This article will help you understand different monitors available in the market with prices that are friendly with features.

☑ Type of the monitor

Baby monitors have greatly evolved from audio to video to motion detector devices. They are always good choice since it gives you peace of mind. The types of monitors discussed here include audio, sensors and video with audio devices.

☑ Sensor

This is always used in monitoring your baby’s movement, his level of oxygen, the rate at which his heart beats and room temperature. Models such as Infant Optics DXR-8 has its temperature sensor built inside it but other models like Owlet sock has been designed to track your baby’s heart rate with oxygen level specifically.

☑ Audio

This only transmits sound your child makes, how he breathes as well as enable you eavesdrop on post-nap chat therefore enabling you to attend to the baby whenever need be.

☑ Video and audio

With such kind of a camera that transmits both sound and image then you will be able to supervise your baby at all times even when at different room. This always makes it a good option to purchase as compared to others.

☑ Wifi vs Radio

Depending on the model, some monitors often uses radio frequency with others using wi-fi network while others always uses both the radio and wi-fi network. When buying one, always go for one that best matches your lifestyle.

☑ Wi-fi

These are always convenient especially if you are a parent who travels a lot. The only thing required for it to function is by having internet connection that is more secure and Bluetooth device that is compatible such as your computer or phone. You must however be concerned with how you will be able to monitor the baby incase wi-fi is interrupted.

☑ Frequency

Static often occurs when using radio monitors and to avoid interference of sound then make sure that cordless devices in your house are switched off or are not using the same frequency as that of the monitor. Check the back of the cordless devices for the frequency it operates at to enable you select one with a frequency that will work best without being interfered.

☑ Range

Some monitors often have their ranges limited hence you can lose contact with the child if you go far from the house or yard.

☑ Alerts

They may come in form of chime, monitor buzz or even lighting up. The best thing with monitors is that is has backup alert system when operating at low battery mode.

☑ Source of power

For monitors that uses either batteries or Ac adapter charging it properly is always recommended just in case a blackout occurs.

☑ An adapter that is hands free

This makes it easier to carry it with you whenever you are moving around the house. This enables you to do other chores at the same time keeping an eye on the baby.

☑ Night vision and light

The night vision will enable you to check on your baby when dark while the night light often provides comfort to the baby when upset and helps them fall asleep faster.

☑ A Two-way audio

If your baby usually wakes up at night and starts to cry this is a great choice for you since you can talk to the baby hence calming him down before going into his room. This is best if your child is always inconsolable.

☑ Entertainment

Some monitors enables you record lullabies or can come with songs recorded on them thus helping in soothing your child whenever upset or help him fall asleep more easily.

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