Top 10 Best Kids Toys Reviews

As an occupational therapist, we believe that kids have inquisitive minds that need to be fed with kids toy and educational and learning materials. At a tender age, the kids should have these educational toys to help them acquire developmental benefits. We used knowledge and expertise on kid’s growth coupled with research to search for best kids toys that motivate and engage your kids to learn various life skills in a bubbly way.Toys are suitable for kids depending on their age. The article has explored on 10 best child toys that can help in your kid’s growth. The review of each toy shows the preferred age of the child that is supposed to use it.

Top 10 Fun Toys for Kids Reviews

1. Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym

Skip Hop Activity Gym is the best parents choice awards toys for 2018. As an occupational psychotherapist, I suggest that every parent should acquire this playmat due to its multipurpose use. Also, the learning benefit that the mat play brings to your kid is unequaled.

If you thought only adults needs to keep fit or visit a gym, then you are very wrong. Kids too need baby play gym or children’s gym so that they can acquire vital development benefits. You definitely don’t need to look for a baby gym near me signpost so as to enroll your kid.

Probably, you have seen a baby playing with toys or toys in cot or crib and you wonder what would be their purpose. It is vital to understand that kids are used to waving hands and kicking feet and this makes it easy for them to hit the toy. Skip Activity Gym helps in kids training and eye-hand coordination.

Many mothers find it fun to hold and play with your baby but once in a while. However, you will be forced to put your baby down once in a while. This is the baby gym that will work best for you and it standouts to be one of my favorite toys sold in the toy store. You can also check on the best monitor to help you watch your kids as you continue with your duties.

Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym has soft linen and decorative arches with an identical supportive Tummy Time Cushion. It has five hot toys that are suspended in 13 easy-to-hang circlets offering appealing multi-sensory play for kids at every stage of development. Additionally, the textures mirror, and the built-in sounds add to the fun.

Perhaps you would like to know the age of the kids that we recommend for this product. These playmat classic toys can be used from the day your kid is born all the way until they start to crawl. Some kids enjoy using this playmat even beyond the crawling stage.

Pros Cons
😃 Helps your child in visual stalking ☹ The product can only be used when on the floor
😃 Aids your kid eye-hand coordination ☹ The play toys can only be used for domestic purpose
😃 Core Strengthening as it acts as a gym for your kid ☹ You cannot not leave the kid unattended on the mat for long
😃 It has a crossing the Middle Line Play
😃 Safety-tested by CPSIA, ASTM, and EN71
😃 Assist in sensory stimulation


Best toys by age (0 and above)

2. VTechKidiBeats Drum Set for Preschool Learning


You may be stuck in the toy websites or a toy store sampling different infant toy to assist in the sensory development of your kid. If you want your kid to develop two important senses that include touching and hearing, then you need to try the super VTechKidiBeats Drum Set.

These top toys drum set helps your kid to improve their coordination and use of large muscles of the chest, legs, and arms and those smaller ones for the hands. They begin to increase awareness and they get to experience and interact with the world in various ways.

Parents should be aware of the importance of keeping their kids active from their first day that they were born and placed in a bassinet. Toys will assist your kid to be active.

Have you watched a baby playing with toys? Or a Toddler ride on toys? Or a kid making funny sounds with their mouths? They would close their ears with their fingers and explore how the funny noises would come out.

Sporadically, the kid will spin and rotate in circles until he is dizzy and falls, then wakes up and repeats the circles again.

They do all this as they try to explore the world and the best way you can assist them as a parent is to buy them a toy that would enhance their learning.

You may be asking how this drum set work

First, the drum set will come with a pair of drumstick that the kid can use to bang the four different electronic drum pads. For a start, the kid can just play the drum in a freestyle manner.

When they advance in age, there is no other better way for your kid to feel like an upcoming musician as they can play along to nine pre-set tunes in a range of melodic styles such a pop and rock.

The drum set can also be structured to enable kids to follow the lights on the toy as they study about numbers and letters.

The play toy helps your kids to develop vital benefits such as sensory development, visualization memory, and musical creativity skills.

Pros Cons
😃 It is a cheaper baby toy compared to others in the toy shop ☹ This budget toys come with demo batteries.
😃 Fun and engaging
😃 It is interactive and promotes learning
😃 Teaches your kids on melodies and rhythms
😃 Durable


Children at the age of 2 to 5 years

3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Best Baby Walker plus Toy)

Vtech Sit-to-Stand and learning walker is a baby walker that assists your kids to develop from being a crawler to a walker through a form of assistive technology. It is both a walker and a childs toy. It is useful when a kid starts to crawl until the kids learn to walk. It helps a kid to move from baby steps to big steps and then making strides.

The best thing about this baby baby toy is that you can detach the toy from the walker so that the kid can be able to play with it when sitting. There is no better to cheer your kids while they learn to walk in an easy manner through the assistance of the baby walker. Yes, walkers are good for babies.

The VTech good toys and Kids Walker has five piano key, spinning gears, telephone handsets, colorful rollers, and a light-up shape sorters that offers fun and new learning opportunities for the kid that helps develop motor skills.

Additionally, the baby walker keeps the kid on the pathway as they learn about music, color, shapes, animals, and many more items. I hope the information that has been provided in this article assists those parents who ask if walker is good for babies.

The childs toy has tons of features such as variety of colors (blue, pink, purple, and orange), removable activity panel, speed control, loaded with music, sounds, and songs, and it is among the top-rated learn to walk toys for infants.

Pros Cons
😃 Helps your toddler walk ☹ The kid can tip over if they are not experienced at walking. Adult supervision is necessary
😃 Has a variety of fun activities features
😃 Teach motor skills
😃 Has a variety of fun activities
😃 Made of eco-friendly plastic materials


Children at the age of 9 months to 3 years

4. VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck

You want your kid to develop some fine motor and construction skills? Then Drop & Go Dump Truck by VTech is the best toys for your baby. It is cheap and can be found in variety of toys outlet.

Your kids will have tons of fun by dropping a colorful rock into the top of this pretty toy dump lorry and watch it spill into the bucket.

The toy will assist your kids will learn numbers as the collaborating truck counts each rock. Once these rocks are in the bucket, pull or push the wagon along to see the rocks grumble inside. Then the kid can lift the hinged bucket to unpack the rocks and send them tumbling onto the grounds.

Pushing the truck’s switches make playtime fun with melodies and phrases. The kid will repeat the process to develop the motor skills. The dump lorry also entails 3 colorful switches that play tunes, phrases and teach tools and colors.

The general benefits of these classic toys to your kids are many. It is interactive, fun, engaging, learning, and easy to use toy. The kid is in the category of affordable children’s toys.

Pros Cons
😃 It is among the low cost toys ☹ It need safety concern when pulling he string
😃 Has a pleasant sound that entertains kids ☹ The rocks can be hard to place in the bucket
😃 Can be used by both boys and girls ☹ The stickers in the truck peel over time
😃 The toy is durable as it is build of quality materials


Best toys by age (6 months to 3 years)

5. Melissa & Dough Let’s Play House Dust


The Melissa and Doug mop set is another great learning toy for kids and promotes movement-cued development. This toy mop has been featured in the toy of the year list because it encourages children to practice cleaning and to ensure that they keep their room clean.

The Melissa and Doug play kitchen toys are made by Melissa and Doug Company. This firm was established by in 1989 and they have been making great toys that spur creativity, imagination, and curiosity of kids. Thus, this dust mop is not an exemption as it is made with incredible value, design, and quality to ensure that your kid enjoys using them.

Learning to use a broom is a great life skill for your children. It helps your kid to be responsible, increases their self-esteem and they learn to become accountable for their own mess. This dust mop will equip your kids with this skills so that they can become better spouses, roommate, and be neat in his place of job in the future.

This mop set or dust mop are built to last. The mop set comprises of a broom, duster, mop, hand brush, and dustpan. They are easy to store as they can be hung from their durable twines or some neat and compact storage.

How does the Mop Set Work?

This budget toys helps the kids to clean off their counter-tops using the dustpan and brush. It teaches the kid to get rid of their playroom floors of dirt and debris with the broom, so you can maintain a clean area.

The work of the natural wood handles is to bring a classic look to their playhouse. You should make sure that the kids get all chores done with help from the blue-colored mop. When your kids are done cleaning for the day, they should hang up their tools on the pegged wooden stand for easy storage

Melissa and Doug Dust Mop toy is perfectly sized for your children. It include a broom, brush, mop, duster, dustpan, and a storage stand.

Pros Cons
😃 Affordable. It is among cool cheap toys ☹ Should be stored well to avoid it looking bad
😃 Made of eco-friendly natural wooden handles
😃 Functional. The broom really sweeps, the dustpan works, and the duster dusts
😃 Keeps kids engaged
😃 The play toys teaches your kid vital life skills


Children at the age of 3-6 Years

6. The Leap Frog My Own Leaptop


This toy is ranked among the best toddler laptop for learning. I purchased this leaptop for my kid as new toys for Christmas due to its tons of exiting features. The reason why I rank it as the best laptop for kids is because it enhances your child skills and prepares them to become proficient in using a computer.

As you all know, technology has taken the world by storm and it is important to prepare your kids for the world by giving them this essential skills. Starter laptop for a child enables your kid to play while exploring alphabets, music, messages, and games. This laptop is a great definition of the quintessence of fun.

This laptop is suitable for kids as it nurtures their computer literacy. Your kid can send and pretend to receive email like the way mom and dad does. The kids can learn the names of animals and letters and sing along with the 16 melodies and songs.

The laptop can be customized so as to spell your kid’s name. If you are looking for cheap laptops for kids or a laptop suitable for a child in the baby toy store, then the leap frog my own leaptop is highly recommended.

This baby toy contains over 25 friendly animal animations. The animation in this toy laptop assists the kids to be engaged and get entertained at the same time. It can also be folded for compact and easy travel. The perfectly sized handle will give your kid on the go fun. The kids can plug in earphones or turn the volume down to a non-annoying level, making it a fantastic travel confidant.

Pros Cons
😃 The baby toy teaches everything from numbers to computer literacy ☹ Some game modes may be too advanced for 2-year-old kid
😃 Improved screen size with a totally useful LCD Screen
😃 Four different learning modes
😃 Has a compact and foldable design
😃 Teaches Everything From Numbers to Computer Literacy
😃 Really Effective Performance and excellent for pretend play


Children at the age of 2-7 years of Age

7. VTech Smart Shots Sports Center for Kids (Basketball and Soccer)


VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is a 2-in-1 sports center that your kid can play soccer and basketball. Having this Smart Shots Sports Center by Vtech offers you an opportunity to cheer on your little sports star. The electronic sports center features a basket hoop and soccer net for a fun 2-in-1 play experience.

How does the play toys work?

Your kid will throw or toss the basketball into the ring and watch as the LED screen tallies the number of baskets. When the kid kicks the soccer ball into the net, the sports center will respond with encouraging phrases and sounds making it fun for the kids to play.

In addition to calculation of baskets, the LED screen also motivates play with fun animations. It helps to construct fine motor skills with diverse manipulative features. The kid can turn the gears to listen to the lively sounds and press the shape buttons to learn about numbers and shapes. Also, you can check on the best electrical breast pump review for breastfeeding moms

Pros Cons
😃 Easy to assemble ☹ Not easily to store
😃 Enhance developmental abilities and motor skills ☹ Batteries are not included
😃 It is a fun when mixing learning with play
😃 Allows your kids to play both soccer and basketball at the same place


Children at the age 1-3 years old

8. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube Toy for Infant


This machine introduces your kid to fine motor skills which is an integral part of learning. The play toys entice your kid’s attention and hearten creativity with features such as play with music, colors, light-up buttons, and more.

It has five sides to explore and this offers a lot of fun and exploration for your kids. Busy learners activity cube has animal and shape buttons that produce animal sound, animal names, and shapes.

When the kid slide and press the buttons in the musical instruments, the kids get to learn about instruments names, colors, and sounds. The baby toy will thrill your kid with the 25 sing-along melodies and songs.

In addition, the baby activity cube is made by the world leading toy manufacturer, VTech Company. This is a company that has been creating high-quality and innovative products for kids since 1976.

Thus, they have developed the vetch activity cube in a manner that will help the kid to learn while having fun. This will help your kid to always have the quest to learn more and be creative in the way they do their things.

Pros Cons
😃 Improves your kid motor skills ☹ Active kids may lose interest
😃 Affordable toys with numerous valuable features
😃 Safety for your kids
😃 Toy is fun, teaches new skills, and keeps your kid engaged


Children at the age 6 months to three years

9. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe for Preschool


You may have seen the Vtech Activity Desk in online toy stores and you may doubt its purpose. It is important to know that kids who are 2 years of age and above will definitely love to have a place they can sit down and work.

Vtech activity desk is a 3-in-1 desk that offers a cool work station where your kids can relax and play. This toy has interactive cards that are expandable for more fun and innovation. The kid’s activity desk packs a lot of learning fun into a small space.

The baby toy contains a stool where your kids can sit down as they go on their work. Also, it has a desktop and five pages that are filled with pleasing content such as music, letters, numbers, colors and more that allows your kids to touch and learn. The LED light-up exhibits shapes, letters, and numbers that are all essential for learning.

Your kids will learn more than 100 vocabulary words that are already preloaded, 20 songs, and plus 20 other activities in the vetch activity desk expansion pack. All these features will definitely help your kids to stimulated, busy, and engaged.

Vtech activity desk has a fun pretend phone that the kids can call their ‘friends’ and play a sweet melody. The desk can also flip up and translates to a chalkboard that helps in creative learning. Are you a working mom looking for the best breast pumps for expressing milk? Read here.

Fabric Care Instructions; Clean the vetch activity desk with a moist cloth

Pros Cons
😃 Great toy for learning ☹ Buyer needs to purchase 4 AA batteries
😃 Great toy for learning ☹ Contains no lock or anything to keep the table up when using the desk as chalkboard


Children at the age 2 years and above

10. Vtech Rhyme and Discover Book


This musical nursery rhymes book is a great tool that engages early learners through multiple stages of development. It can be categorized as among the classic toys or hot toys suitable for learning and building your kids social skills.

Rhymes with toy consist of brightly colored pages that are simple for kids to turn and the star in the center of the book flushes along rhythms and rhymes. The music style will play the tune for each of the six standard nursery rhymes. In the education mode, a kid will listen to each rhyme spoken along with the song.

This best toy wards has five collaborative piano-style keys line the book’s edge when pushed will play piano sounds and music. Vtech rhyme page has a collaborative character that slides, spins, and makes noise so as to keep kids who are six months and above engaged.

The rhyme book consists of three light-up charm buttons on the flaps of the pages. Vetch rhyme book consists of seven prevalent nursery rhymes and simple to turn pages that encourage learning, thinking, and playing. Read here if you’re struggling to find a review on the best portable travel cribs for your child,

Pros Cons
😃 Sounds that facilitate learning ☹ Somewhat complicated features for small kids
😃 Interactive ☹ Some of the tracks do not sing the complete song lyrics
😃 Safe


Best toys by age (6 months – 3 years)

Things to Check when Purchasing Cheap Baby Toys (Kids and Toys)

☑ Age Range

If you’re looking for educational toys for a 2-year-old kid, make sure that you buy a toy that is suitable for a kid of that age range. Buying best toys by age from the toy shop is the first step in ensuring that the toy serves its purpose. The buyer should know that at specific ages, kids are fascinated by specific play toys.

☑ Safety

Educational toys for preschoolers should be safe. The parents should check on the components of the toy and check on how they are made. If the toys 4 kids are for newborn development, the parents should ensure that it is safe for infants. The components that a parent should check before purchasing educational tools include paints, screws, and materials used to make the toys. Also, check on 10 best convertible cribs for your kid.

☑ Creativity

The key reason for purchasing kids learning toys is to encourage the creativity of the kids. Shape and colors toys for toddlers increases creativity. A parent should ensure that they purchase hottest baby toys that encourage creativity. Building blocks are useful tools that can assist your kids to construct whatever they want and encourage creativity.

☑ Promotes Physical Activity

You can never separate kids from toys and games. There is a time that your kid will grow old and will spend plenty of time in video games. Before then, it is essential to purchase toys that encourage physical activities rather than just sitting on the floor playing or spend time in bed. Best sorting toys for toddlers such as flying a kite on a beautiful day encourage physical activity for kids.

☑ Price

As you look for a toy warehouse to purchase your baby play toys, always ensure that you purchase toys that are fairly priced and those that will serve your purpose. You not only need to look for cheapest place to buy kids toys but check on reviews to ensure that what your purchase meets your expectation. Also, you can look for a review on twins bassinet for those blessed with twins.

☑ Encourages Learning

The best toys to teach colors or any other skills are great for kids. Toys that make noises or light up can be fun but there is a need for toys that can inspire your kid’s mind. The parent should realize that they invest in top toys that help to solve problems and think critically.


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