Top 10 Best Toddler Bed for Boys and Girls (Review and Buyer’s Guide)

Your kid will one day graduate from sleeping in a bassinet, to sleeping in a crib and then sleeping in their own bed. Purchasing the best toddler bed for your kid will give them a comfortable night necessary for their growth. However, some parent may get confused on the best bed to purchase.

We have explored a variety of choices that will help a parent to eliminate any form of confusion when it comes to purchasing a bed. If you want to make the right choice for the first time, then this is an article for you!

Below is an example of the best toddler bed for your baby girl! does it look good for your princess? I want you to read the reviews of other nice beds before you make a choice. The following 10 types of beds has made to our list of the best toddler beds that can support your kid’s growing spine and body whilst giving the best children room design.

Top 10 best toddler beds for Boys and Girls 

1. South Shore Fynn Collection Bed

Kids have a right to a modern-looking bedroom or best children’s room décor. If you believe in giving your kids a comfy bed during the kid bed transition, then this bed will give you the ultimate satisfaction.

Storage space. South Shore Fynn furniture has a great storage space that your kids can keep their items. There is a sliding door that gives a mishmash of an open and closed storage box.

Design. This twin headboard bed has a variety of colors that can match your taste. You can select electric, trendy, or uncluttered décor for your kid’s boudoir.

Value. The South Shore Fynn Collection Bed is value-conscious selection since it does not require a box spring.

Pros Cons
😃 Extremely sturdy as the bed frame is made of dense wood ☹ Drawers are slightly flimsy
😃 Value for Money
😃 Great Design

2. DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed 



DHP Bunk Bed is a toddler bed that does not compromise on your kids comfort. The bed ensures that your kid’s neck and spine are held in a neutral position so as to minimize stress and permits the spine to grow without any limit.

Research shows that a kid’s spine can grow to a centimeter during a single night and that’s exactly what this bed supports.

Design. If you are looking for bunk bed room ideas, then this kid bed meets all your expectations. DHP Bunk Bed is simple, silky, sturdy, and and saves your space. The stylish bed will offer you best children’s room decor that will make your kids enjoy using it.

Safety. The bunk bed has been designed for utmost safety of your kids. It comes with whole-body or full length guardrails and a stepladder that is attached to the frames. So, you don’t need to worry about your kids rolling out of it when they are sleeping.

Construction. Best trends and top materials used to make it a durable. The black metal frame will last through years of rough play, regardless of who you are hosting.

Can Accommodate Visitors. The bed is good for hosting twins, family, and friends. It accommodates two twin mattresses.

Our final thought, this bunk bed is the ideal bed for your kid. If you are considering moving toddler from cot to bed, it is advisable that you purchase a style and design that will be used by your kid for the longest time possible. For a stress free transition from crib to toddler bed, this is a nice bed to have.

Pros Cons
😃 Fair Price ☹ Difficult to Assemble
😃 Saves Space
😃 Ladder for Ease of climbing
😃 Guard Rail to Prevent Kid from falling

3. Delta Children Plastic 3D-Footboard Twin Bed



The Plastic 3D Twin Beds from Delta Children can be described as cool bed for kids. It does not only provide cool bedroom ideas for guys but it does also provide adventure for your kids.

The 3D Twin Beds are magical retreats that arouse the spirit of your kid’s preferred superhero or character such as the Spider Man.

Choice. You can select your bed to come inform of Cars, Mimmie, or Spider-Man for your awesome boys bedrooms or that for your daughter.

Construction. Delta Children Twin bed is made of high quality metal and plastic materials. The bed is constructed with a strong and made-to-last steel frames.

Safety. It has two removable handrails, plus a colorful decals and 3D accents of Kid’s favorite Pixar’s/Disney Cars or Superhero character at the foot-board and the headboard.

Design. The themed toddler beds for boys allow you to choose from the style of Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles, Pixar Cars, The Monster Machines, Marvel Spider-Man, and Disney Toddler.

If you’re looking for kid beds for girls, select from Disney Princess Kid bed, Disney Frozen, Disney Minnie Mouse, and Nick Jr. Dora The Explorer style. Read a review on top portable bassinets for your kid.

Pros Cons
😃 JPMA Certified for safety ☹ Sometimes, mattresses won’t fit properly
😃 Strong and sturdy
😃 Removable guardrails for full protection
😃 Easy to assemble
😃 Colorful cartoons that sparks the imagination of your baby

4. Dream on Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed


Have you ever heard of the phrase that says “simplicity is the ultimate classiness?†Then this is a small toddler bed that is not only a quintessence of simplicity but also a display form of classiness.

Construction. Dream on Me Classic Sleigh Toddler Bed is a wooden toddler bed or a bed made of solid wood that will provide comfy to your kids. Your baby will experience a smooth cot to toddler bed transition.

Multipurpose Use. The bed is multipurpose and serves as cool beds for boys or best beds for girls.

Ease of Use. The bed is of the right height and your kids will have an easy time getting in and out of the bed.

Safety. It provides maximum safety for your kids. If you want a comfortable bed that will enable easy transition to toddler bed for those kids who have outgrown their cribs, then this is the best bed.

It comes with a complete two side safety trails for added safely rails to enhance security and a beautiful non-toxic finish. This bed is great for a cool kids bedroom and you can leave your kids in bed knowing that they are safe.

Variety. It is available in 8 finishes and it will always bring the best kids bedroom design for your kid. The bed is easy to assemble as all the required tools are included.

Pros Cons
😃 Bright colors and fun characters ☹ Not as sturdy as expected
😃 Strong frame
😃 Durable as it is made of solid wood
😃 Guardrails for safety
😃 Well-made plastic components

5. Walker Edison Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed


Walker Edison twin bunk bed is a popular bed in most homes. The metal bunk bed has some striking appearance and it is made to ensure that it provides comfort to your kids. If you are looking for cheap bunk beds for small spaces, then this is a must-have bed in your home.

Design. Why do Kids find this twin over full bunk bed likable? The toddler bed is designed in a stylish modern look crafted with durable steel framing that will ensure smooth transition from cot to bed.

Construction. Why would parent prefer this kid bed? Parents love the twin bunk beds for its durability. The present design of this bed features tubular steel framing with a sparkling symmetrical style gives cool toddler rooms some posy.

Safety. The company designed this bed with safety of the users in mind. The walker Edison loft bed comes with a strong incorporated ladder and full length guardrails.

Eco-friendly bed. Walker Edison bunk bed is available in a selection of lead-free powder coated white or black finish.

What is the key advantage of using this Twin over full Bunk Bed?

  • Unlike metal bunk beds, this bed can easily and safely convert into two twin beds when the siblings graduates to their own room or when they are ready for little more private space.
  • While the beds are separated, the guardrails can remain attached for added protection for the little kids.
  • In addition, the twin bunk bed is extremely versatile and can also be used by adults. Each bunk can carry up to 250 pounds weight limit while it has a 43.5 inches clearance between bunks to provide spacious head room for easy coming and going.

All this features are integrated in the bed to make it suitable for both kids and adults. Read on best rated electrical breast pumps for expressing milk.

Pros Cons
😃 Easy to assemble ☹ Does not come with a mattress
😃 Secure ladder with a side rails
😃 Durable steel construction

6. Orbelle 3-6T Kid Bed



Orbelle Toddler Bed will bring the best bed small kids bedroom ideas. Why is it among the best bed that enables transitioning toddler from crib to bed?

Construction. This bed is made of solid wood making it durable and can be used by more than four kids over time.

Safety. It is safety guaranteed with two side safety rails. The rails prevent your kids from falling out of the bed of your toddler while they are sleeping. Definitely, it will make your little boys room a haven.

Easy to assemble. The bed will come with all the necessary tools that will make it easy to assemble. If you are looking for kids room design ideas, trust this bed to give fragrance to your kids bedroom.

Moving your kids from their cribs is one of the transition activities for preschoolers as they prepare to start their learning journey. It is an important event and that is why you need to purchase a good bed that will offer them good memories. Try Orbelle!

Pros Cons
😃 A good design that is trendy and classy ☹ Takes time to assemble
😃 Safety certifications ☹ Screw holes might not line up
😃 Decent height for your kid
😃 No sharp sections to harm your kid skin

7. Princess Toddler Bed


Princess Toddler Bed is one of the most exquisite themed toddler beds for girls. The bed offers your daughter the best transitioning from crib to toddler bed.

The bed has four posts trimmed with gold crown resign finals offering a tranquil spot to rest for your girl. The palace will not only offer the coolest kids room ever but it will convert the bedroom to a palace.

Construction. As seen on the picture, this bed is sturdy and strong and can be used by several kids over a period of time.

Stylish Design. It does not only offer the most cool bedrooms design, but it leaves your kids with a feeling of young princess. The bed has gorgeous craftsmanship and glowing colors that gives the real royalty to your daughter.

It is the best option when your daughter is moving from crib to bed.

Pros Cons
😃 Guardrails to keep toddlers safe 😃 Only supports 50lbs. or less
😃 Stylish with gold crown details, Feminine pink finish with gold-leaf details
😃 Trouble-free access for kids
😃 Offers smooth transition from crib to bed with same size mattress

8. DHP Modern Metal Canopy Bed


If tranquility is what you want for your kids, then the DHP Modern Metal Canopy Bed should be your perfect choice. This bed provides an ideal enclave for your child to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Design. The most unique feature of this bed is that you can swiftly and easily add drapes to accommodate the changing taste of your kids as they grow up to make it more attractive.

The bed is available in white and pink colors and it is a favorite crib to toddler bed transition option for many parents.

Multipurpose Use. It is also a twin size bed and can accommodate even grownups visitors. Definitely, this bed will create the sensation of a room that is worth a fairy saga.

You may be looking for ideas for cool toddler rooms, then you must remember that the bed is an integral part of this.

Pros Cons
😃 Durable as it is made of metallic material ☹ Lack of clear assembling instructions
😃 Classic and trendy look
😃 Cost effective. Doesn’t require a box spring

9. South Shore Little Smileys Twin Mates Bed 


South store twin bed with storage is a cheap bed for kids that offers a kid’s bedroom some fragrance of life. The bed provides a peaceful environment for much needed relaxation. The bed reminds us of the lengthy, lazy summertime by the ocean. Sweet memories!

Design. The south shore children’s furniture has some audacious and funky décor. The kid’s summer collection has versatile features and you can be able to change the colors of the twin bed as the kid’s taste advance.

Storage space. The bed has some nice drawers that can be accessed from either side. The bed has 3 drawers that provide enough space for an 8 years old kid and below. For an older kid or teenager, they may need more storage for their items.

The bed comes without a headboard but you can combine a headboard 10,200 to give a perfect look.

Easy to Assemble. The part of the twin bed with trundle fits together well and you can be able to fix it by yourself. However, it is vital that you follow the directions and diagrams given in the manuals so that they can fit perfectly together.

Also, you can check on the best breast pump for your child.

Pros Cons
😃 Adequate storage space ☹ Cost does not include mattress and trappings
😃 Cheap baby bed (No springboard)
😃 Eco-friendly (non-toxic laminated particleboard)
😃 Drawers can move to either side depending with your taste and preference

10. DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

Lastly, we cannot close our evaluation without exploring the DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed. This is one of the best toddler beds that offers joyful charm to your kids when there is transitioning from crib to toddler bed.

The kids room will not only have the best children’s room décor but it will offer your kids safety while they are using it. First, the bed is an approximately low height that will enable the toddlers to safely climb in and out of the bed.

DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed provides perfect transitions for preschoolers from their crib before they move to a full or twin size bed. It has a non-toxic finish that is formaldehyde-free. The wood that makes this amazing toddler bed comes from sustainable forests. For comfty, use a standard-sized crib mattress for added convenience.

Pros Cons
😃 Attractive Design ☹ Hard to assemble
😃 Compact and comfortable
😃 Durable (made to last)
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 Types of Best Toddler Beds: Toddler Bed Style Option

The toddler beds come in a variety of styles. Some toddler beds are stylish and classic while some come with children themes with cartoon characters. Understanding this concepts will offer you the knowledge so that you can customize and make the best kids room.

✔ Sleigh Beds

These beds are mostly wooden and have a footboard, headboard, and side rails. It is an extremely popular twins bassinets that is simple yet classic.

✔ Vehicle Toddler Beds

These are beds that take the form of trains, cars, carriages, trains, and more. They provide an excellent option when you want your kids to get excited about their new bed.

✔Toddler Day Beds

This bed also features most in the cool bedroom ideas for kids. It is made of three full sides. There are those that have a safety rail on the open side while others do not have the rails. Those beds with safety rail can be used as regular kids beds whilst those without can be used as a coach.

✔ Panel Day Beds

Instead of the slatted side rails, this toddler beds have fixed panels running down half of the logs sides of the bed. The bed is usually made from plastic, wood, fiberboard, and plywood.

✔ Convertible Toddler Beds

The kids room will absolutely look good with this kind of bed. The convertible crib beds can be transformed into full size beds after your kid has outgrown them.

Before purchasing your kid’s bed, check that it has the following features.

Factors to Consider when looking for Best Toddler Beds (Safety Features)

☑ Certification

The toddler bed needs to be certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Best children room should not only be attractive but should exceed all the vital federal safety standards.

☑ Safety Rails

The work of side rails is to provide safety and help your kid from falling out of bed if she/he rolls around while sleeping.

☑ Smooth Edges

It is important that a parent looks for a toddler bed that has no protruding parts that could hurt your little one. Always look for kid beds that got a smooth edge to avoid any possible harm to your kids.

☑ Construction

You definitely want a strong and durable toddler bed that can serve your kids well. The most common way of checking on its stability is to ask for the materials used and give it a shake to ensure that the bed is sturdy.

☑ Mattress

Ensure that you purchase a well-fitting mattress for your toddler bed. The mattress should cover the bed and ensure that there is no gap between the mattress and the bed frame. This will ensure that your kids do not get trapped in the bed.


Question: When is the toddler bed age or best time that a parent should be ready for transitioning toddler from crib to bed?

Answer: There is no fixed toddler bed age recommendation or a strict rule to observe in regards to when kids should transition from cot to toddler bed.  A parent can do it anywhere between 20 months to 4 years. Nonetheless, the parent should ensure that the toddler bed is secure with guard rails and other safety features. Check on 10 best baby monitor for checking your kids.

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