YI Dome Camera 1080p HD Indoor Video Baby Monitor Review

My name is Abby, a mother, a wife, and an occupational therapist. I find pleasure in reviewing baby products and helping parents to buy the best baby products in the market. I have reviewed on one of the top rated video baby monitor called Y1 Dome 1080p. After reading it, you can make the choice of whether its best for your needs or not. Thank-you.

Before we get into a detailed review of this amazing baby monitor, allow me to quote a top client review of the Y1 Dome 1080p HD,

I love the video monitor. I bought it just to be able to check on the welfare of my grandma who is in assisted living. Its features can help me to be able to watch her even at night using my Smartphone. I can be able to talk to her and remind this lovely lady to rest in bed or I will visit her later. However, when am talking or watching on her, I cannot be able to open any other app on the phone until am through with the activities and this make me to think of buying another phone to act as a monitor. It is worth every dime!! I bought another brand of Y1 Dome camera to monitor my kid today.

With just under $60, you will be able to own this incredible video monitor.

The Y1 Dome 1080p HD camera is a high definition video baby monitor that creates a 360 degrees complete coverage with an indoor security system. This allows you to check a complete view of what is going on in your house since every spot is covered.

It has an enhanced night vision that ensures you get to see what is happening in your house even at night. It has 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads which enable you to view it from a distance of up to 3 meters at night; therefore, your baby will not be disturbed by the LED glare. The enhanced night vision also makes it stay awake when you are asleep.

YI Dome has a bidirectional rotation that enables it to rotate 345 degrees horizontally and 115 degrees vertically. The 112 degrees wide-angle lens will be able to capture a full scene without leaving any spot. Any recording requires your permission; hence, your baby will be safe from any intruders. By only touching a button, you will be able to access the 8 stored bookmark positions.

The video monitor also has an advanced and responsive microphone that has a built-in filter for anti-noise filter to enable a 2-way audio which connects to live video allowing you to connect with your family at any given anytime. The intercom mode enables one to talk and another person to listen while hands-free mode enables both people to freely talk and listen.

As a mom, you will also be able to receive real-time alerts on activities going on even when you are far from home which will give you peace to know that your baby is okay if you have left him with a nanny. To have 360 degrees coverage, select an auto-cruise since it is perfect for large areas and in tracking any moving objects.

This YI Dome is always user-friendly and it is easy to customize settings such as auto-cruise, activity alerts, camera sharing, bookmarks, and schedules. You will also be able to connect it to other devices such as the iOS and Android which makes it more convenient. Installation can be done quickly and easily on the ceiling, mounted on the wall or vertically. This baby monitor also features very flexible and simple storage options.

It supports YI cloud in order to prevent loss of any footage from the SD card, thus, your videos will always be protected. This camera has a very reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to enable you to access it and view footage by using a YI Home App on your PC or your mobile for anywhere and anytime to monitor your home. Movements are accurately picked and alerts will be sent immediately to the app and you will be able to know if your baby is okay. It tracks motions within 10 seconds thus capturing everything.

Features of Y1 Dome Video Baby Monitor

⣠Whole Coverage

The wide angle lens of this video camera has 112° and its bi-directional rotation range enable the camera to capture everything in high definition of 1080p in all spots. It often returns to the Auto-masking automatically to ensure that your camera is safe since no one is allowed to record any activities when you have not approved the actions.

⣠YI Cloud Storage

It gives loop-recording and does not limit the amount of storage making it safe even when it is stolen since your footage will be securely stored on the cloud. You will always be able to access it with standard encryption of financial industry. Purchasing this greatly saves you money since there is no need of buying a MicroSD card separately.

⣠Motion Tracking, Auto-Cruise, and Bookmarks

YI 1080p Dome Camera has advanced algorithms which detect any moving objects and with Motion Tracking, it tracks and captures the movement of the objects automatically. The Auto-cruise mode often surveys the area horizontally or with the 8 locations; you can select them to cruise through and return to them by simply touching a button.

⣠Night Vision and Baby Crying Detection

The advanced algorithms can help to detect the baby crying within seconds and then notify you through your Smartphone automatically. With this, you can easily attend to your baby if you are not near him. At night, the superior night vision allows you to see if your infant is sleeping well without the LED glare troubling your child.

⣠Supercharged Two-Method Audio

This Yi Dome Camera features a microphone that is in-built and has an ultra-responsive to allow you to converse smoothly by using the YI Home App even when you are far from home. With the Intercom mode, you will be able to stimulate the microphone with the speaker so that it allows you can easily send instructions to unwanted intruders. The Hands-free mode enables a more elastic 2-way communication between you and your family.

⣠Activity Alerts

The video monitor will always be notified immediately when motion is detected. The safety Tracking Algorithm will identify, track, and record every movement enabling you to view everything that happens.

⣠Integrated App for all YI Home Cameras

It comprises a convenient app which features a monitor, control camera and TI Home camera. It is user-friendly, powerful, and easy to use since you can easily customize the settings to your preferred choice such as customizing schedules, camera sharing and others from your Android or iOS.

What we loved about the baby monitor
  • -It is user-friendly
  • -Auto-cruise, motion detectors, and bookmarks
  • -Image sensor and video streams
  • -Integrated App
  • -Has a two-way audio that is supercharged
  • -It has a crying detector and advanced night vision
  • -Unlimited storages
  • -360 degrees coverage
  • -It captures real-time activities and immediately sends alerts
What we did not like about the baby monitor
  • -The baby phone app may send you unnecessary adverts which may be annoying
  • -It does not come with a Micro SD card; therefore, you have to purchase it separately
  • -There is less technical support from the company


If you are looking for a baby video monitor that is budget-friendly and is able to offer 360 degrees coverage, then YI Dome Camera 1080P HD will be ideal for you. It detects motions and immediately sends you alerts through the phone app, thus, making it convenient. The camera has an advanced night vision with high-quality images. However, the downside with it is that it has no Micro SD card and popping adverts which are annoying.

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