You must check these factors before buying a top air conditioner

When the weather turns to be hot, all you need is an air conditioner that will cool your house and make everyone feel comfortable. If you do not have or can’t afford a central air conditioner then going for a room conditioner will be the best since it is cheaper and energy-efficient since you can be able to only cool the room you intend to use.

It is very crucial to always choose a top 10 air conditioner that will suit your needs. Picking a very small air conditioner will hardly cool the room while too big air conditioner often cools quickly but fails to remove all the moisture hence leaving the room cold.

What to consider;

❣ Noise

Noise from air conditioners can be very irritating especially if you have a small kid or you may be working which needs a tranquil environment. To avoid such, always make sure to purchase the best air conditioner with less noise or no noise at all.

❣ Energy-efficient

The best window air conditioner have insulating materials of higher quality and comes with instructions to guide you on how to use it in order to avoid any leaks from occurring hence saving energy.

❣ Location of the window

Window conditioners often blows air towards one direction hence may not serve you if your window is not placed at the center of the wall. Depending on whether you want air to be blown to the left or right, make sure your air conditioner is centered and use the fan arms to adjust it whenever need arises.

❣ Correct installation

Proper installation of the window air conditioner will make sure that your room is cooled uniformly and well. A through-the –wall air conditioner will be best for you if your window contains casements. Removing any devices that generate heat from the window is recommended to make sure that it drains correctly.

❣ Location of the filter

Check for the filter and make sure that it is accessible and removable for cleaning since it is done regularly to make sure that the fan works well and air flows without any problem.

❣ Warranty

Air conditioners do come with different warranties depending on the manufacturer. The best air conditioners always have a longer warranty and it will enable you to return it within the stipulated period if in any case it develops any problems.

❣ Remote control

There are brands that allow you to control your air conditioner from another room making it perfect choice. In some cases you may find some which you can control from your Smartphone and can allow you interconnect them with other units in your home. The best air conditioner will allow you remotely control it.

For The best central air conditioner

The temperatures are often too high during summer which may leave your home too hot and uncomfortable to stay or too cold during winter hence requiring an air conditioner. Today’s brands are always energy-efficient thus costing you less to run it making your room cool and comfortable.

Purchasing the best central air conditioner is important to make sure it serves you for long since it is always very expensive to replace. As a consumer, you don’t need to worry because this article will guide you to acquiring the best air conditioner.

Types of central air conditioners

The split system is most common which is large and has a condenser with the shape of a box usually placed outside the home. The fan and coil systems are always inside the house and connect to the condenser through pipes that carry refrigerant. It distributes air through ductwork.

Split ductless system is always the best option if your home cannot accommodate ductwork. The condenser and compressor are always placed outside with bower units mounted to the wall inside in order to distribute air. A thin conduit comprising the condensate drain, refrigerant tubing and power cable is the one that connects the inner to the outer sections. You are able to control air flow with a remote. They are expensive than window conditioners.

How to keep your conditioner in a good state

☑ Sealing and insulating the ducts-this will ensure that no air leaks which may lead to wastage of energy. Sealing them well will make sure that your house is always cool during summer and warm during winter.

☑ Keeping it clean-if the condenser is placed outside; make sure that it is 2 feet away from hedges and any plants around it. Regularly clean the filters and the grills and remove debris and any dirt in the condenser coils to make sure it runs well to cool your home optimally.

☑ Regular checks-It is always good that an expert checks your unit once a year to clean, changes the filters and drain the pan, and flush the foils. He should also check for leaks and seal properly to make sure it perfectly works.

Factors to consider when buying a central air conditioner

– Size

It is always measured in British thermal units per hour and indicates the cooling capacity of the conditioner.  It should not be too small or too big for your home. Always make sure to consult an expert in order to find the correct central air conditioner for your home.

– Energy efficiency

It is always expressed as seasonal energy –efficiency rating (SEER).For a split system, look for one with a rating of 15 or more to optimally cool your house. The best central air conditioner always has a higher SEER thus lowering energy cost.

– Programmable thermostats

For you to spend less on the cost of cooling, make sure that you use your thermostat properly. Use of a box or ceiling fan is always cheaper and at the same time cooling your room properly.

– Maintenance

The best central air conditioner is one that the manufacturer incorporates inspection service with discounts on the labor and repairs warranty.

– Upgrading your system

Carrying out changes with the intention to improve energy efficiency might reduce your needs of cooling. Having your contractor evaluate what needs to be upgraded is always recommended.

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