Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

As a mom, I had a very difficult time in raising my first born because then it was so hard for me to balance between house chores and looking after my baby. The baby’s room was upstairs and even though I had bought the best infant crib that was very safe for the baby, I never had peace of mind because I had to most of the time work in the ground floor or outside the house. Lacking the best video baby monitor made me waste a lot of time running upstairs after every few minutes to check on my kid.

However, one day as I was going through this article of parenting, I saw them recommend the use of a video baby monitor as it made everything easy for a parent. Out of curiosity then, as my baby turns 4 months old, I decided to go for it. Ongoing through several brands of video baby monitors, I picked the Philips Avent brand and sought to try it and sure it never disappointed me as my life was made easier. I was able to do several house chores and at the same time attended to my baby.

The Philips Avent baby video monitor is a great deal because when at home, it enables you to hear and see your baby, thus, giving you peace of mind to know that he is okay. The connection is always secure and the quality of the sound is always perfect. It features a 3.5 high-resolution screen color with an infra-red automated night vision which enables you to view your baby at night and during the day.

It comes with lullabies and baby soft nightlight through which you can always soothe your baby when he is upset. This Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor with FHSS offers you private connection and it can work up to a range of 900 feet. It is portable, voice activated and easy to use. The video baby monitor often comes with a wall mountable and rechargeable parent unit. There is a backup battery in case power fails and LED light to enable you to know if the unit has been linked and is in range.

Features of Phillips Avent

⣠Voice activation

In case your baby cries the screen lightens up and the volume turns on, therefore, you will attend to your baby immediately.

⣠Privately secured connection

The video baby monitor has a designed A-FHSS technology that enables you to always maintain a more private and secure connection with the baby. You will always be able to see your baby with the 3.5 LCD or see your baby clearly since the quality of the sound is perfect both during the day and at night.

⣠Adaptive FHSS Connection

This brand features a unique pairing handset for a secure and private connection to your baby. The Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology is combined with it to ensure that interference is minimal.

⣠3.5 color screen

The night infra-red vision enables you to clearly see your baby at night as it switches on automatically. High screen color resolution makes it possible for your baby to sleep peacefully without any interference.

⣠Digital Zoom

The brand allows up to 2x zoom and it features a pan that assures you of a clear view of whatever your baby is doing in his nursery or the playing room.

⣠Temperature Sensor

It features a temperature sensor that has customized alerts to enable you to check on the room’s temperature, hence, making sure that your baby is comfortable. A small change in the room’s temperature might make the baby uncomfortable. The sensor detects and alerts you immediately the room’s temperature changes by displaying it digitally and you will always change it to a comfortable level.

⣠Range Coverage

The Philips Avent video baby monitor review has identified this amazing unit as long range baby monitor is always convenient as it covers a range of up to 50 metres inside and 300 metres range outside the house.

⣠Talk-back Feature

This allows you to talk back to your baby at whatever time he cries hence you will be able to comfort him and get him calm down. Most babies often get used to their mother’s voices and with the talk-back feature you can talk to your baby anytime he is upset and he will be calm knowing that you’re there.

⣠Vibration Alert

In case your baby cries or moves, it will be relayed to you immediately with your baby monitor vibrating. The vibration alert avoids producing a loud sound which may be disturbing or otherwise irritating especially when you or your baby is asleep.

⣠Infrared Night Vision

The infrared night vision makes sure that your video baby monitor does not produce a lot of light which may disturb your baby’s sleep. Your baby will then always sleep comfortably.


You will always be able to mount it on the wall hence making sure that it covers the room clearly. By mounting it on the wall, it will be safe from any intruders or your other children who might play with it ending up damaging it.

⣠Voice Activation Mode

If your baby is far from you and he starts to cry, you will always be able to activate it so that the screen will light up while the volume will switch on when sound is detected, thus, enabling you to immediately attend to your baby.

⣠Lullabies and night light feature

With the Philips Avent brand, you can select the lullabies mode remotely and then use soft nightlight designed for the baby to soothe your baby if he cries or gets upset. It also helps in making your baby easily fall asleep.

What we loved

  • -Talk-back feature
  • -Infrared night vision
  • -It can be mounted on the wall
  • -Privately secured connection
  • -Voice activation mode
  • -Temperature sensor
  • -Lullabies or night vision
  • -Digital Zoom
  • -Vibration alert

What we did not like

  • -The background noise is always louder
  • -The video baby monitor often has a very small display
  • -Eco battery saving mode is always obstructed by the loud noise

I have used this Phillips Avent video baby monitor, and I can confirm that it is a perfect brand to go for. It has a voice activation mode that alerts you when your baby cries and connection is safer and secure from intruders. With the talk-back feature, you will be able to talk to your baby and be able to calm him down with the lullabies setting. The baby monitor is perfect as whenever the baby’s room temperature changes, you will be able to know because the monitor has a temperature sensor. In case of an alert, the monitor only vibrates and the night infrared vision ensures that the light is not too much for the baby at night. While viewing the footage, the camera allows you to zoom it 2x to be able to clearly view each and every activity.

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