Lefun WiFi Camera Review

My name is Abby and I’m a mother of two boys; Nick and Raymond.  I’m an occupational therapist who has an experience in dealing with kids issues. I love blogging and I mainly write about children. I dedicate my time to review baby products so that parents can buy high quality products that provides value for their money.

Lefun WiFi Camera Review

As a mom, it is not possible that you may be around your kid all the time. Sometimes you will be forced by circumstances to leave them sleeping as you attend to other duties. Working moms also may be forced to leave their kids with nannies as they go on with their day-to-day job. Nonetheless, these are not valid reasons as not to get in touch with your kid and see how they are fairing. That is why we are introducing this baby monitor to you so that you can make a choice of whether it is the item you are looking for.

If you’re looking for a baby video monitor that can also serve as the best wireless IP camera or home security camera, then you need to check on the Lefun Wifi Camera. Despite killing two birds with one stone (using the camera as a baby monitor or for home security), the Lefun is best for the budget. The monitor is cheap and highly affordable to parents.

Buying this monitor is one of the best choices that you can ever make. LeFun camera has a remarkable control as it can rotate (pan) its base to 350 degree of freedom and 100 degrees of tilt. With a tilt of 100° and 350°, you can be able to view a big area of your home.

The best buy wireless ip camera has clear images as it has up to 720p HD video capacity. The monitor has a digital zoom feature that allows for closer scrutiny and view of your home or kid. Lefun also has a night vision capacity that enables you to check on your kids even at dark hours.

The camera will give you the view of your home no matter where you are as long as you are connected to the internet. It has a remote view where you can control the monitor and view your baby. The baby monitor has an inbuilt intelligent motion alert that will make sure that you get snapshots and message alerts to ensure your infant is safe. You just program your camera to commence recording and send you an alert whenever the system detects any movements of your kid in a nursery.

The system also has a two way audio communication that helps you stay in touch with your baby. Lefun has a built-in speaker and microphone that permits voice communication between the camera side and the App. Through this 2-way audio communication, you can be able to listen to your child and they can be able to hear your voice through the same system.

When you buy the unit, you can be able to set up without any trouble. You can place the unit to the right position and have a quick setup by connecting it to your android or iOS, phone, laptop, or tablet and start streaming videos and checking on your kid and home.

Most parents are concerned about the security of your kid. There are baby monitors that can be easily hacked giving unscrupulous people unauthorized access to your home.  Lefun is built using a secure encryption technology that gives only authorized access to your system.

I also love that the monitor comes with a one-year guarantee repair provided. When writing this review, I tried contacting their customer support and they were quick to offer support.

Features of LeFun Baby Camera

✓ High quality definition resolution

✓ Zoom, pan, and tilt traits

✓ 2-way audio system

✓ Clear night vision

✓ Advanced video recording

✓ Easy set up

✓Smart alerts on phone, computer, or tablet

✓ Ease of Wifi setup on mobile

What we loved about Lefun

☑ Easy to set up and use the system

☑ It has zoom, pan, and tilt function

☑ High quality images

☑ Multipurpose unit

☑ Affordable price

☑ Has an SD Card Slot for storage of data

☑ Ability to video stream and record events

☑ Night vision capacity

☑ 2-way audio system and Movement detector

What we didn’t like

☑ You must own a WPS Wifi router to use the system

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Question 1: How many people can view the video monitor at the same time?

Answer: The unit permits several diverse users to view the camera at once. You can create diverse guest accounts that offer different people the power to view the monitor.

Question 2: How many recordings in terms of days can a 32GB SD Card Hold?

Answer: A memory card that has a 32GB SD Card can be capable of recording for 3-5 days depending on set resolution.

Question 3: Do I require a memory card to have the recordings or take shots?

Answer: No, you don’t require the SD Card as it is optional. The shots you take can be saved on your phone or tablet.

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Lefun is a great baby monitor that has a lot of useful features. The best part of this device is that you can use it as a security camera in your home or a baby monitor to keep in touch with your kid even if you’re out of the house. The Wifi baby monitor is cheap, easy to use, and it may be the best for you and your family.

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