Infant optics dxr-8 Review

Infant optics dxr-8 

The Infant optics dxr-8 is a top rated baby monitor that is efficient and offers you value for your money. The unit is cheap and it is recommended for those who have a tight budget but the constrained budget notwithstanding, they want to get a good quality video baby monitor.

Infant best video baby monitor is the first ever baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens capacity that permits you to customize viewing zoom and tilt in any angle that you want.

Infant optics dxr-8 video baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens has a large 3.5 inches display screen that has a color lcd. The lens gives you the best view of your kid even if you are in another room. The monitor has a long batter life that goes up to 8 hours when the screen is on and 10 hours when there is power saving mode. It is a secure baby monitor system as it does not use WiFi to transmit any form of signals and you cannot expose your kid or home to danger when using the unit.

Features of Infant Optics baby Monitor

✓ It has a hidden IR night vision

✓ Two-way talk

✓ An alarm function

✓ Remote temperature exhibit

✓ Sleek compact design that allows easy portability

✓ It is flexible and can accommodate up to 4 cameras

✓ Remote zoom, tilt and pan functionality

✓ It has screen off or audio only mode (saves 50 percent battery)

Audio and Video Quality

There are many video monitors on the market but none come close to Infant optics when it comes to having the best camera and video quality. The video baby monitor displays images that are smooth and clear. We tried setting up this camera 30 feet away from the monitor but we still managed to capture the best view of the kid and we received better quality of voice transmission.

There are parents who says that the 3.5 inches screen is small and has a relative low resolution but it does not make much difference with the quality of video displayed. The video camera also allows you to hook up to 4 cameras that you can put in different rooms and monitor its activities from a parent unit. Nonetheless, you will have to purchase those cameras separately.

Infant optics offers you the chance of operating the camera from your monitor allowing you to pan the camera from side to side, zoom to see more details, and also allow you to tilt it up and down. This allows you to do this in another room say the sitting room without upsetting your kid by going to the nursery to check on them.

The infant optics baby monitor has one demerit as it doesn’t permit you to take snapshots or record video. They may not be a vital feature but they allow you to capture some valuable moments when your baby is sleeping. Also, you will not have the convenience of using an AV output or WiFi capability. The AV function enables you to join the monitor to your television for larger view while the WiFi capability helps you to monitor your kid via a Smartphone.

The infant optics baby monitor lacks lullabies or some night lights that comfort or soothe your kid to sleep. Nonetheless, the lack of the stated features does not strip the baby monitor its title of the best overall baby monitor in the market.

Functionality of the Infant Optics

It is very easy to set up the Infant Optics DXR-8. You start by charging the parent unit overnight. That is done by simply plugging in the camera and turning the monitor on and within seconds it will have picked the signals. Even if you leave the camera in a room upstairs and move with the monitor downstairs (about 50 feet away), there will be good transmission of signals with a slight lag in audio and video. The transmission is still the best compared to other video child monitors in the market.

The battery of this unit last longer and even after using it for 8 hours while in the power saving mode, it will still have about ¾ worth of battery power left for use. You should mostly place the system in power mode if you want to reduce the consumption of battery power to 50 percent.

We also noted that without obstructions such as walls (let’s say outdoors), the monitor will work well even if its 120 feet away. This shows that the baby camera is a long range baby monitor.

Additional Features

This best baby video monitor has a temperature indicator that is something I consider vital in the well-being of your baby. The temperature indicator helps you to know of the room temperature in the nursery is right for the kid. The best thing about this unit is that you do not require walking in your kid’s room to regulate the thermostat as you can do it through the parent unit.

Infant optics can be placed or mounted on the wall or just make it stand on the shelf. It has exchangeable lenses that enable you to get a wide view of that room or have a closer look at your kid. The best baby monitor comes with an infrared led that produces sufficient light for the video but not adequate to disturb an infant.

Customer Support

The Infant optics dxr-8 video baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens does not come with the best warranty but you will be assured of a full year of shield from defective parts of the monitor. In case of a problem, you can email the support or contact the manufacturer through the phone number provided and you will get a swift response.


The unit may be missing a few additional features but this does not make it a less effective monitor. It is secure, easy to use, clear, and offers the best audio and image quality. You can read about top 10 best video baby monitor and see other monitors that you may want to sample.

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