Things to check when buying the Best Baby Video Monitor

If you are a new parent then you should consider having the best baby video monitor that is reliable. It allows you to constantly keep check of your little one from different location which gives you peace of mind and enough time to attend to other chores since you will get to see what your baby is doing and he/she needs your attention.

With different models and designs of the video baby monitor reviews available in the market today then it may be hard to choose one. However, there are various factors to look for in a video monitor that will guide you in purchasing one that will suit you. They save you from paying for options that may not be of use.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Video Baby Monitor to Buy

✓ The range of the monitoring system

If a baby video monitor cannot allow you access the video in most parts of the house then it may not be a good option to have. Some video monitors with a huge range are often best for use in areas that has no walls and may not serve you best in the house since you will be using it in different room. Thicker walls in this case greatly affect the range of the monitoring units. To be sure it works best around the house always make sure to ask about the range of the monitoring system when used in the house.

✓ Type of notification

The way a notification is transmitted makes it a very crucial factor to always put into consideration. Email alerts are always seen to be a good option because it offers more advantageous features. You can also be able to receive such notifications directly into your phone in form of an SMS. A message notification only sends a text but by using an email then you can be able to receive a snapshot of what is going on. With existence of various forms of receiving notifications then make sure to always choose one that best suits you.

✓ Battery timing of the monitoring device

Most video monitors uses batteries hence requiring keen selection of batteries you intend to use. Always go for one that has a bigger battery and longer backups to avoid regular charging of the video monitor and to avoid shutting down after a short time when not connected to power which may make it unreliable. One with a battery backup that lasts for the whole night is always a good option to buy. The time it takes the monitor to fully charge is also very important.

✓ The range of Wi-Fi

Many video monitors are usually connected to Wi-Fi in the house with most of them running on a range band of 2.4 or 5GHz .There are baby monitors that uses band range and the monitoring system can be able to still perform when at its optimum. Make sure that the wireless router you have is able to support the band range of the video monitor you are purchasing.

How to make sure you have a secure baby monitor

More often monitors can be hacked by unauthorized persons making it unsafe for your baby as they can be able to see what your baby does. Below is what you should do to make sure your baby is safe.

☑ Purchase a model that has security features

The model you choose must have security encryptions that do not allow other people access transmission from the monitor for the safety of your baby and you as a parent.

☑ Make sure you set the password of the monitor

Video monitors often use internet to send transmission and can be easily hacked. Setting up a password that is secure for the monitor and your phone as well is very important to ensure that your baby is always safe.

☑ Always set up the password of your Wi-Fi

As much us setting up the monitor’s password is important, secure password for your Wi-Fi is a must for the safety of your family. A WEP security is not always a good option to use since it may easily be hacked. Also avoid leaving the password open.

☑ Check for password in the webcam

Webcam models that can allow you set up passwords on them are always available. If you end up buying this then make sure that you put a strong password that cannot be easily hacked by strangers who may spy on your family making it unsafe for you.

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