The Best Women Watch Brands to Buy: Superior Brands

When planning to buy yourself a watch or wanting to surprise your mom, wife, sister or girlfriend with a watch, it is necessary that you consider the brand. Well-established brands have a good reputation making it perfect to choose from as they are reliable and of a good quality. Start with the familiar brands to get one that will best suit you. For a luxurious watch, consider those which offers an after-sale maintenance to get it repaired in case it damages as they are very expensive. In this article, we have listed six women brand watches to help you get a perfect watch.

Best Women’s Brands

1. Michael Kors Watches

As the most trending fashionable watches in the world today, Michael Kors does not disappoint. It is affordable and blends performance and style to give you a stunning look. The Michael Kors brands are designed to help you find the best timepiece that will perfectly match your all outfits.

2. Rolex Watches

If you are looking for a luxurious watch, Rolex watches will surely give you that. Their watches are of a higher quality and are very durable. The Rolex watches are made of glittering diamond bezels and very classy two-tone bracelets that make you look classy and more beautiful. Its craftsmanship is exceptional, precise and of a higher quality.

3. Fossil Watches

Fossil watches are designed in America. It brings out a sophisticated and classic style in a woman in complementing her look. The modern mid-century design is an inspiration behind the fossil watches to give you a classic and a good quality timepiece that will last longer.

4. Timex Watches

This American manufacturing brand has over 160 years been producing the most high-quality timepieces over time. They are affordable and has a great style that makes it perfect for all occasions. These styles include the dress watches, sport and casual, thus, depending on what you want to wear you will find that perfect watch for you.

5. Geneva Watches

These are sporty and luxurious watches designed to give you a classic look. Geneva makes various kinds of watches such as sports watches with silicone straps, crystal studded watches and hottest styles that are very affordable.

6. Movado Watches

WatchesThe Movado watches are inspired by the modern design to give you a minimalist and sleek design. It is simple, precise and elegant with a 12 o’clock signature dot. With this, you will look stunning in your outfit and stand out.


The brands watch for women we have reviewed above are not the only best watches available in the market. There are other best brands on the market that will perfectly suit you. With brands in the market today, pick the best one that will match your activities or outfit.

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