Top 5 Best Smart Watches for Women (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

Most people often think that buying a smartwatch is wasting your hard earned money which is not true. The best smart watches for women will help in your fitness journey and ensure that you maintain good health. As they say, “Health is Wealth†and nothing beats having good health. Before making a decision to buy or not to, read this article and you will get to see several elegant smartwatches for women that will best suit you. Trust me as soon as you are done, you will directly order yours.

Apart from telling you what time it is, they have smart features which a regular watch does not have. It is affordable and up to date with the current technology. When traveling, it greatly helps you to track the miles and the GPS will enable you to get directions. You can always sync it with your Smartphone and in case it gets lost then you can find it easily by using the find phone feature. The fitness tracking feature enables you to achieve your fitness goals. It counts the distance you cover, steps, pulse, and heart rate, and the number of calories burned.

This women watch can be used to receive calls and texts, thus, no need of carrying your phone with you if you’re that person who misplaces things. It immediately notifies you of any updates of your social media accounts such as Facebook. While doing other activities, you are sure to be fully connected with family and friends. The best thing about the smartwatches is that you remain connected for long compared to your phone which needs recharging after every few hours. Regardless of where you are and you feel bored, don’t worry because this watch will allow you to listen to music or watch videos via Youtube and be sure your day will be amazing.

Table of the Best Smart Watches for Women

5 Best Smart Watches for Ladies

1. Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch

If you’re a lady looking for a watch that is trendy and classy, then Apple series 1 smart watch is the ideal watch for you. This Apple brand has a silver case and a white sports band. It features a heart rate sensor and a built-in lithium rechargeable battery. This best smart watch for ladies is also water resistant.

Although it is a little bit pricey, I can assure you that it is worth having it. The size you order will fit your wrist well and it will perfectly sync with your phone and you can use it to always answer calls and get text notifications instantly, therefore, you will not waste time looking for your phone. The battery life is 18 hours.

It is valuable as it helps you in your daily activities and at the same time being able to communicate and get reminders which may not be that easy with your phone as it may sometimes be hard to find because the watch will always be on your wrist. It costs under 200$.


✅ Dual-core processor

✅ Digital crown

✅ 38mm aluminum silver case

✅ Ion-X strengthened glass

✅ Heart rate sensor

✅ Lithium metal battery

2. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch, Peach/Rose Gold Aluminium

The Fitbit Versa is the best watch to have as it makes your life amazing. For one, you can 100% achieve health fitness as the screen can display workouts that help you keep fit. It also features a heart rate sensor, actionable insights, and guidance. You can always go jogging while you still communicate since you can answer calls, reply to SMS and at the same time be entertained with free music. Depending on what you use it for, its battery can last up to four days.

The watch is classy and you can always wear it other accessories. It resists water up to 50 metres deep and light in weight thus very convenient for you. Always track your sleep and other daily activities with this watch. You can store up to 300 songs, record workouts and sync it with your phone for communication and GPS tracking.

This watch is one of the best from sports to communication. Always access any sports app you love, call, text, and get app alerts. You can securely and easily make payments easily from your phone because it has an NFC chip, thus, you don’t have to always carry your wallet with you as it may also get lost. The circumference lies between 140 to 206 mm.


✅ Built-in NFC chip

✅ Lithium-ion battery

✅ 11.2 ounces weight

✅ Measures dimension of 2 by 4 by 9 inches

3. Kingkok Elegant Women Smart Watch

If you love fashion then Kingkok fitness tracker will be the best pick for you. It is slim and has a classy look. With this, you can be able to record everyday exercises such as counting the calories burned, the distance you cover, and GPS tracking. Trust me this watch is a bae when it comes to sports because the custom built-in app enables you to sync sports data and store fitness activities of up to a week. Its a cheap smart watch as it price is under 35$.

It is suitable for several sports such as sit-ups, cycling, rope skipping, and more. The sports mode on the watch is always easy to use and you will be able to record daily workouts that will help you to analyze your fitness progress. Kingkok has an ability to track your heart rate to make sure that you prioritize your health. It also features a clock alarm and auto sleep track which improves the quality of your sleep.

This watch is water resistant and has music, video and a camera. Its battery can last up to 7 days depending on your activities. You can always use it to make a call, text and get Facebook or Twitter notifications by connecting the smartwatch with your phone. It warns you in case it is lost and has a clock alarm as well as a pedometer.


✅ 0.96-inch vertical screen display

✅ 90 mAh lithium-ion battery

✅ 7 days standby time

✅ 7 days sports data storage

✅ Above 4.92 ft deep waterproof level

✅ Data sync to Smartphone app

4. WOWGO Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Are you a sportswoman and you are looking for a watch that will help you to track your daily activities? Look no more because the fitness WOWGO tracker is suitable for you. It has an elegant and fashionable design, thus, best for you if you love fashion. The OLED screen is clear and the lightweight and rubber band makes it comfortable to wear.

With the app, you can track your steps, distance, burned calories and a sedentary alert that makes your wristband to vibrate whenever you sit for a long time, therefore, keeps your back from aching. The find phone button helps you to locate your phone when lost by making it ring. You can also be able to sync the weather and the date every time.

Pedometer records your daily workout activities to enable you to analyze your progress. It also enables you to keep track of your heartbeat and monitor your sleep. The battery can last for up to 7 days making it ideal substitute for your phone because in case of no power or traveling you are sure that you can be able to stay in touch with your family, unlike Smartphones whose power lasts for a short time.


✅ Water-proof level of up to 1 meter deep for about 30 minutes

✅ Display 0.96 inch OLED screen

✅ Lithium-ion 90 mAh polymer rechargeable battery

✅ Standby time of 7 days

✅ Support monitors heart rate

✅ Syncs data for devices with more than 4.0 Bluetooth

✅ Supports above iOS 8.0 &Android 4.3

✅ 3-axis G-sensor Acceleration

5. Timex Women’s IQ+ Smart Watch

Trimex iQ+ is a stylish watch for ladies and features modern technology through which you can be able to track your activities such as the distance you cover, steps, your sleep, burned calories, and your sleep. The casing is made of durable stainless steel and brushed finish. The best smartwatches for ladies is great for sports.

It comes with a leather band and extra strap made of silicone. The Bluetooth technology allows you to sync it with your Smartphone’s app to display fitness data. It also features an alarm and timer. The Trimex iQ + can resist water up to fifty meters.

The interchangeable straps make it best to wear for several occasions and with different outfits. It comes with a traditional battery that needs not to be charged. The indigo night light enables you to clearly view the screen at night. It features an app that automatically sets the date and time if you change your time zone.


✅ Round shape

✅ Analog display

✅ 37 mm case diameter with 12.5 mm thickness

✅ Band is made of genuine leather

✅ 18mm band width and weighs 1.76 ounces

✅ Analog quartz

✅ Resists water up to 165 feet deep

Quick buying tips

✅ Test it with your Smartphone to make sure it works with it

✅ For fitness buy one with a GPS and heart rate sensor to help you when running

✅ Consider the battery lifespan. Those which seem to be analog have long-lasting batteries

✅ The band must be easy to swap or buckle

✅ Type of app as well as a design that meets your taste

Features to consider when purchasing a smart watch (Buyer’s Guide)


Smart watches are designed to substitute your phone and in this instance you should look for one that works with your Smartphone. Some watches supports androids and others iphones. Android users often get fast SMS replies than those using iphones.


LCD display enables you to view the screen in brighter color although it uses a lot of power which makes it last for a short time. OLED displays are often thinner and best to have.

⣠Touch or Buttons

Some watches can be operated by touching the screen while others must be operated by use of buttons. With the touch screen, you have to do a lot of swapping to get to the app you want while the button option always appears to be simple.


You can easily swap the straps and replace them with another that suit your color and can match with your accessories. The watch must make you feel comfortable when you wear it. Depending on whether you want a round shape or triangular one, they are always available for you to choose from.


In case of any calls, texts or emails, Smart watches are designed to immediately alert you by buzzing or vibrating. If you are interested in ones that can connect with social media, then make sure it does. Notification must be there if you failed to see them when it came in.

⣠GPS and Heart rate

Smart watch makers have evolved in designing ones with built-in pedometer tracker that boosts your workout. Some greatly depends on your phone to track your daily activity. As a woman, you can track your period’s cycle and sleep with the health feature. The GPS feature is ideal if you are a sports woman. The heart rate tracker helps you monitor your heart rate during workout.

⣠Call and payments

If you intend to make calls with your watch then look for one that can especially if you don’t want to carry your phone with you. Some best smart watches for women have NFC chips that allow you to make payment from your phone without having to carry your wallet around.

⣠Battery life span

A smart watch with bright screen often lasts up to 2 days and can be recharged. Those used for voice transmission lasts after a very short time. Some uses a wireless charger hence no need of plugging it in.


As you go out to shop or decide to order a smart watch, price is always key. Pick one that is budget friendly and matches your taste.

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