Top 10 Best Watch Brands for Women Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

I agree with anyone who says that for a woman, wearing a watch is not only a way of telling time. It serves many other functions.

Apart from telling time, a watch is a simple and easy way of enhancing your beauty and elegance. Different designs of watches can be perfect for casual while others are good for the office. While shopping for the best watch brands for women, you will find several brand names, sizes, and designs.

Some of the watches are made of diamond but gold plated; some are made of pure silver. Some are cheap costing under $100 while some costing in excess of $5,000. Some are smartwatches while some are for fashion enhancement. Thus, the different brands and choices can give you a hard choice and you may end up purchasing a brand that wouldn’t get much out of it. We have taken our time to test different brands of watches and we have concluded our pick of the best top rated watch brands for ladies.

Table of 10 Best Watches for Women

10 Best Watch Brands for Women

1. Best Overall: MICHELE Swiss Serein Women Brand

If you’re looking for the best quality watch for a lady on the market, then you have to choose this amazing wristwatch. The Swiss brand has a stainless steel case made of pure gold and silver tone. It is feminine, timeless and elegant with around 134 hand-set diamonds that will make you stand out. The mid timepiece is gold plated and made of stainless steel which makes it the best brand to pick. This incredible watch is made of sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant. It may be pricey, but it’s worth the price. Surprise your wife or loved one with this watch and she will definitely like it.


✅ Swiss quartz movement

✅ Has a round shape and an Analog display

✅ 36 mm case diameter and 9 mm thick case

✅ Stainless steel band and case materials

✅ Made of sapphire scratch resistant glass

✅ Water resistant to 50m or 165 ft

2. Best Gold Plated Watch: Versace Acron Diamond

The Versace brand is one of the leading brands in the fashion industry. They have been producing luminous products since they started their operations. If you’re looking for a luxury lady’s watch, this is a perfect choice for you.

The timepiece features a classy design and great style that is very comfortable when worn. Its pearl dial is white and the 12 positions consist of three sparkling diamonds with gold IP around the minute track. The yellow stainless steel gold IP bracelet is comfortable and has an over clasp that makes it safe to wear. It is water resistant up to 30 meters and features a quartz movement. What I can assure you is that it will serve you for a very long time.

Versace women collection is classy and modern. Highly crafted stones and precious materials are mixed with attractive shapes to create a classy style which is luxurious and fashionable.


✅ Analog display and the quartz movement system

✅ Stainless steel band

✅ 16 mm bandwidth

✅ 99 feet water resistant

✅ Gold band color

✅ Round shape

3. Best Leather Watch Band: Vincero Luxury Women’s Eros 

You got to love the reviews for this amazing watch! The positive reviews from users, quality of the watch, and an eye for design make it a great choice if you’re on a budget

The Vincero watch brand for women is ideal for a modern woman as it features an elegant and stylish design with a perfect color and weight. Its design is meant for you to give a bold statement. This watch is rain and scratch resistant with a sapphire coated crystal glass made of mineral, therefore, lasts for long.

Vincero Luxury Women watch has a stylish and comfortable mesh band. Its clasp is secure and ideal for all occasions. It is a rose gold watch which makes it beautiful and its price is affordable. The watch is made by the Vincero Company to give you a top-notch brand of a high quality. The Vincero brands cost half the price of other brands costs and twice in quality compared to other brands it has a similar price.


✅ Round shape and analog display

✅ Rose-Gold band

✅ White dial color

✅ Japanese quartz movement

✅ 38 mm case diameter

4. Best Watch under $150: Anne Klein Swarovski Crystal 

Ann Klein brand is of good quality and it will fit you comfortably. As a woman, you will feel timeless, bold, sensual and modern.

Step out with this Ann Klein women brand watch for any occasion and sure you will stand out. This watch has a meshed bracelet and its case is made of steel. It is round in shape, has an analog display, and a quartz movement. The dial has a gold-tone, crystal accents with Anne Klein detailing. It is splash resistant but not suitable for swimming.

It is a black round watch that features a black dial and crystal-studded black bezel with placed indices. The band is made of stainless steel that features jewelry clasp and gold-tone. This brand has a mineral dial window and 30mm gold tone.


✅ The mineral shape and dial window

✅ Analog display type

✅ Round movement

✅ Stationary bezel function

✅ Women’s standard band length

✅ 30 mm case diameter and 8.5 mm thick

✅ Metal clasp

5. Best Water Resistant Watch: Titan Raga Aurora

The Raga brand watch is designed for a modern woman to offer her some fashionable look. If you love the silver color, this is a watch for you. The watch brings out strength, confidence, and feminism in a woman. Behind the pearls or Swarovski crystals, is a great beautiful story. Its design enhances matching with all your clothes and can be used both as a formal and casual wear.

The watch is well crafted with superior skills. It uses a very accurate technique such as gilding; cameo and enamel work is used to weave poetry. The mother-of-pearl dials are used in crafting this watch and then Swarovski crystals carved into its finish it a sparkling look. A Titan Raga Watch is what every woman want.


✅ Round shape and analog display

✅ Stainless steel case

✅ 28 mm case diameter and 7 mm thickness

✅ 10 mm band width and rose-gold color

✅ Women’s standard band length

✅ Resists water up to 100 feet deep

✅ Analog movement quartz

✅ Swarovski features

6. Best Watch with Ceramic Bracelet: ROSDN 

The ROSDN women watch is definitely a brand you can comfortably pick for a gift for a loved one or just for yourself. It is feminine with an expensive look although it is cheaper. This brand is ceramic and has a steel band which is shiny and comfortable to wear. It is strong, light and durable. The timepiece is suitable for both casual and dressy attire which makes it suitable for all occasions.

ROSDN stands for R-reliable, O- originality, S-service, D-distinguished, and N-never seen before. The watch has not disappointed its brand as this watch shows some distinguished originality.


✅ Ceramic Bracelet

✅ 5 ATM waterproof

✅ 8.8 mm case thickness

✅ 14 MM bandwidth

✅ Original Japanese quartz movement

✅ Shock resistant

✅ Women’s standard band length

✅ Analog display

✅ Invisible double lock clasp closure

7. Best Rose Gold Watch: Daniel Wellington 

If you are a woman who loves wearing stylish watches with loose bracelets then the Daniel Wellington watch is the best brand to go for. It slides up and down with ease and is much lighter. This watch is perfect for the summer and you can wear it with gold.

The case, bezel, and the bracelet are made of rose gold stainless steel. It is stylish and good for you if you love fashion. Its elegance makes it best wear both during the day and at night. Classic Petite Melrose is round in shape and features a Japanese Quartz movement. The watch is made of mineral crystal glass which is resistant to scratches, therefore, lasting for long and a white dial eggshell.

It is water resistant of up to 100 feet and while it can withstand short time immersion and splashes, but it is not suitable for swimming. The case has a diameter of 32mm and a 14mm interchangeable strap made of stainless steel with rose gold mesh.


✅ Round in shape and has an analog display

✅ Rose-Gold case material

✅ Has a stainless steel bezel

✅ Japanese movement quartz

✅ Up to 100 ft water resistant

8. Best Dress Watch: Jiusko Swiss 

Are you a woman looking for a classy and stylish watch with a Danish design? Jiusko Swiss steel mesh watch is the best definition of luxury. The watch is made of stainless steel with a slim case and adjustable bracelet which makes it fashionable and elegant. It is made of sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches which give you long-lasting beauty. This watch can resist water to 100ft level. The analog Quartz movement makes it look good. Its battery will last for a very long time. Jiusko Swiss Mesh watch will give you a 5-year warranty on their watch. At just under $200, you can own this amazing Swiss watch.


✅ Automatic and Multi-function

✅ Its round shape and has an analog display

✅ Sapphire material

✅ Stainless steel case and band material

✅ Swiss quartz movement

✅ A Gold band and white dial color

✅ 30 meters water resistant

9. Best Watch under $100: MAMONA 

MAMONA Collection is one of the best watchWatch brands for women. It features a simple design that is suitable for ladies who are not too casual or dressy making it ideal for many occasions.  This watch is made of Rose Gold stainless steel which makes it classy and elegant. At the 8 o’clock position there is a crystal that makes it to sparkle. This best watch brand is smooth, slim and light in weight making you feel comfortable when you wear it.

It has a Japanese quartz movement that ensures accurate timekeeping and is 3 ATM waterproof on splash but not swimming or bathing. MAMONA band watch is resistant to scratches, thus, you can wear it for a long time. You can slide it to adjust its band length yourself to the length that best suits you. It has a 2 years warranty and guaranteed unconditional money back policy.

Its band and case are made of stainless steel material while the mirror surface is made of sapphire crystal.


✅ Round shape and an analog display

✅ Japanese quartz movement

✅ Synthetic sapphire material

✅ 30 meters water resistant

10. Best Casual Watch: Michael Kors 

For several decades, Michael Kors watch brands have been a popular name in the fashion industry. It has all the features of an outstanding timepiece that will keep you in the spotlight. If you love the gold color, this watch gives you that amazing Rose Gold touch.

Its stainless steel bracelet make ensures that this watch is durable. Michael Kros wristwatch is big, bold and feminine. It has an analog display and features a quartz movement that ensures the watch is accurate at all times. Michael Kors brand is made with pave crystals and has a brand logo. The watch has a water resistant of 100 ft.

It is imported and has a 45 mm case height and width, and 15 mm Depth. The dial window is made of mineral and a stainless steel bracelet. The wristwatch is perfect for all sizes of wrists.


✅ Round shape

✅ Stainless steel band and case material

✅ Rose gold band and dial color

✅ Stainless steel bezel

✅ Analog display and Quartz movement system

✅ Measures seconds

✅ 5.76 ounces weight

✅ 330 feet water resistant

Watches can be given as a gift to your wife, kids, or nephews.

Therefore, if you have a kid or nephew that you would love to buy them a watch gift, you can read our review of kids watches here. You can wear this brand of watches on occasions such as weddings, playing golf, a lunch date, or a day on the beach.

Features to check when buying the Best Watches for Women 

Buying a watch is mostly a personal choice. Different people may have different taste on design and style. Thus, we cannot be able to say in totality what feature is good or bad in a watch. However, we tend to check on the general quality of a watch and give basic features to look out while buying your desired watch.

☑ Material

The best watches are made of ceramic or titanium materials as they’re sturdy. Nonetheless, the two materials are expensive and the watches are costly. A good watch that is less costly should be made of a stainless steel. Stainless steel, when contrasted to normal steel, cannot be affected by perspiration or moisture. It is rare for the best watch brands for women made of stainless steel to give you skin irritation. 316 L stainless still is a superior metal and watches made of this are durable.

Also, check whether the watch has a PVD coating as it helps to retain the color of the watch. If the watch lacks this coating, it may fade within less than a year if it is frequently used. Another factor to check is the weight of the watch that may be a symbol of excellence. The weight gives a sign of the solidness of the steel used and the type of movement used.

☑ Watch Brand

The heritage and name of a watch are of significant importance. There are watch brands that have existed for decades and have continued to produce top not designs. If you purchase a watch from a new company and the firm ceases to exist after a year, you will have problems getting a replacement for any spare parts if something goes wrong with your watch.

☑ Watch Glass

An average watch will have a mineral or crystal glass. This kind of glass is cheaper and also vulnerable to scratches. It is always advisable to buy a watch with sapphire glass. The sapphire glass maintains a clear and scratch free outlook even after frequent use. The watch will always look good years after you have purchased it.

☑ Watch Strap

A good strap should fit well and you should feel comfy when wearing the watch. Also, it should be water resistant. The seams should be narrow and proportioned. If you are using a watch with a leather strap, minimize as much as possible your contact with water.

☑ Water Resistance

The number one enemy of a watch is water as it has damaged numerous watches making them irreparable. Thus, checking the water resistance capability of a watch is very vital. A waterproof watch is usually associated with a quality watch. There are varying degrees of water resistance in a watch with a 10 ATM water resistance watch showing a great level of water resistance. You can swim with such a watch without the fear of the water damaging your watch. A watch should have at least a 3 ATM waterproof level to give some comfort. Normally, the level of water resistance is specified on the back of a watch.

☑ Watch Movement

The best watches for ladies should have certified mechanical movement or the quartz movement. The major merit of Quartz movement watch is that there are less moving components required making it more correct, accurate, and affordable.

☑ Nice Finish

A beautiful finish is vital for any quality watch. The watch should have a comfy and nice finish that will make you look good while wearing it. It should showcase great workmanship in its make.

Benefits of Wearing a Watch

☑ Convenient

It is much easy and quick to check your time on watch compared to removing your phone from a purse. A swift glance towards your watch is a classic way to keep time during a meeting or a date. It will seem rude if you remove your phone from your purse during the discussion.

☑ It reflects your Personality

People express their personality in the way that they wear, the house that they build, or even cars that they drive. An elegant watch will mirror your personality and help to send a good first impression in meetings or social occasion.

☑ Collectible

An excellent watch should stand the test of time. If you take proper care of your watch, it can be passed from generations to generations. Thus, they can become precious family heirlooms and add tangible values in your collectibles.

☑ Embody Art and Craftsmanship

A watch is made by skilled craftsmanship with numerous years of experience. A watch is a symbol of history and tradition with intense craftsmanship to do it effectively. It takes a true artisan with an eye of arts to produce a piece of fantastic pieces.

☑ Shows Status

There are a certain esteem and cachet that comes as a result of owning a quality watch. The best watches for women sends a message to the world that you value attention to details, precision, and devotion to high standards. If you’re a business person, politician, or working in a company, wearing a watch can be a great addition.

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