12 Watch Styles Every Woman Should Know

For a woman, a watch is not only a time teller but also an expression of her personal style. We have given a guide to finding the best women watches that will suit you in this article and which will match your style. When you go out to buy or decide to order a watch, all you consider is your style. This makes a big statement about you and keeps you on track. Today, the market is flooded with many watch fashion trends and styles. To help you find one easily, we have reviewed various top brands and popular styles to easily find your perfect watch. It is always good to consider your wardrobe and lifestyle when buying a watch.

Women’s Watch Styles

1. Smartwatch

Smartwatches have expanded since innovation and technology takes the course. They have a refined look and make the best and suitable for almost all styles. If you are a sportswoman, camper, hiker, and workout or do other outdoor activities, then I would suggest this.

2. Boyfriend watch

This is a big and chunky watch designed to give a woman’s wrist that bold look. It mostly copies men’s designs to give you class and confidence. It is full of attitude and enables you to stand out among numerous other types of watches.

3. Rose gold watch

This is among the most trending in watches and jewelry. The classy gold brings out a feminine look in you, thus, suitable for all occasions. Rose gold watches are always elegant and have a great style.

4. Interchangeable watches

The interchangeable watches allow you to often change the bands at any time to suit several occasions. If you want watches that will be used for many occasions then pick a customizable watch.

5. Skeleton Watches

This is a bold watch whose dial displays inner gears with the piece mechanics. It is, therefore, suitable if you are a woman who loves show what is inside a watch.

6. Floral Watches

These kinds of watches are inspired by the garden and women accessories. It is perfect for any outfit whether for work or dinner since the bands and the dial have floral prints to give you a flirty look.

7. Wrap Watches

It has a longer band that provides a double wrap for your wrist to give you a double layer. This gives you a layered look thus the easiest way of achieving function and your style.

8. Printed Watches

This is a bold timepiece that makes you stand out as the bands and dials have various prints. Some have beautiful animal prints to complement your look by adding an extra style.

9. Bracelet Watches

If you love bracelets then this is ideal for you as it acts as a watch and a bracelet. It meets the function and fashion as its band has a jewelry look to give you the best look.

10. Map Watches

If you love traveling a lot, then this is the perfect choice for you. This timepiece has the world’s map on its dial so you may kick off your adventure with excitement for an unforgettable experience. This gives you a streamlined look.

11. Two-tone Watch

This is the most flexible option if you wear a watch regularly. It combines cool and warm metals to give you an elegant look whether you are an office woman or you go to the gym or yoga. This kind of a watch often complements almost all your outfit.

12. White Watches

White watches are often designed to bring out the confidence in you. You can pair it with diamond accessories or wear it alone and still look great.


Our take is that the above watches will surely enable you to find that one perfect watch you have been looking for. Always consider your wardrobe when picking one or the occasion you would love to wear it to. They are very affordable so you don’t have to worry about draining your bank. For the best watch for kids, read this article here.

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