What you should know when buying your kid a watch: For Infant and Teenagers

On my fifth birthday, I remember my mum surprised me with a gift box and I was very excited to open it. When I opened it I saw a well-wrapped analog watch that had a round shape and a purple band with the frozen princess on the face since it was my favorite Disney land character. I was very happy and I hugged my mum thanking her so much for it.

To me, a watch only belonged to grown-up people since I barely saw any kid with it. Within time I learned telling time and it never left my wrist because I wore it with all my clothes and all day. This to me was a sense of independence and I already felt like a grown up. Apart from helping me in learning to tell time and giving me a sense of independence, it was part of my childhood memories.

When buying your kid a watch for the first time, it may always be hard choosing between an analog or digital watch, expensive or cheaper watch, a movie character or timeless classic. You don’t have to worry because this article will simplify for you to make sure you get one that will best suit you.

Between 5-12 years                    

Kids in this group are still not familiar with time and for this reason, if you decide to gift them a watch you should consider an analog watch. It makes learning easy and the bands come in different colors or multi-colored making it easy. The colored hands and numbers make them learn easily and remember for a long time.

Kids who fall under this age group desires for watches with characters from books, TV programs or movie characters. These kinds of watches are well designed though pricey; they are the best gift for your kid. For watches such as Timex, they are comfortable, easy to wear and can withstand scratches and bumps.


For kids in this group, personal preference takes precedence most of them influenced by peer pressure. Watches with indiglo light, alarm, and timer is what they consider the best. A watch that is waterproof is also ideal. For girls, they consider fashionable and bright colored watches that can match their wardrobe. If your teen loves sports, then look for a nice sporty watch.

Final Thought

The article has explored things that you should understand when buying your kid a watch. Just check on the various factors that you should consider and be assured that you will buy the best gift watch for your son or daughter. If you’re unsure of the best kids watches to buy, check on this detailed review here.

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