What you need to know before you buy Portable Air Conditioner (Guide)

A portable air conditioner is convenient if you move around the house more often or feel bothered by excess heat in a specific room you are working in as it is designed to enable you carry around. It is also a bit cheaper when compared to other air conditioners such as window air conditioners. Also, they are easy to use. More often, it may be hard to choose the best portable air conditioner because of numerous brands and models that are available in the market. However, there is need to buy a cheap portable air conditioner that performs well and gives you value for your money.

When to buy the best portable air conditioner

It is very important to always buy the best portable air conditioner to make sure that it serves you as you intended. For a portable air conditioner it should be small in size for easy movement.

Buying a portable ac is necessary if you face the following circumstances:

-Being a tenant makes it hard to mount a permanent air conditioner unit in the house since owners of such buildings may not be willing to permit any tenant to install such air conditioning unit making a portable air conditioner more convenient to help you cool your house.

-If you live in a damp and humid area then a portable air conditioner will be the best choice to buy as some also does act as dehumidifiers hence saving you the cost of separately buying one.

-A portable air conditioner always comes in handy if you are championing to save the environment since it uses less energy to cool down your room hence saving you the cost incurred in energy usage.

-Regardless of having a central air conditioner in your home, a portable conditioner is of beneficial especially when you are using few rooms more often therefore saving you the cost of energy usage since you will not have to cool the entire home.

-In a case where the house you live in do not have a window then a portable air conditioner comes in handy.

-If you reside in a room whose window is accessible by outsiders then a portable air conditioner is the best choice since it will be always be secure inside the house.

-Lifting a heavy unit out and into the room through the room’s window can be very tiresome therefore a portable air conditioner is what you should go for.

-To avoid incurring too much cost in buying a window conditioner for every room then a portable ac is the best as you can be able to move to whichever room you want to be cooled at any given time.

Pros of a portable air conditioner

✓ It is always easy to install and use making it the best choice.

✓ Always placed inside the house therefore cannot be prone to theft or making the outside of your house look unattractive.

✓ The movable air conditioner does not occupy a big space from the window as compared to a window ac.

✓ It is mobile and you can always move from one room to another to help you cool specific area you intent to use.

✓ It cuts down the cost of energy since it only cools specific area unlike those that cools the entire house including areas that are not used.

✓ They are always cheap as compared to other air conditioning units.


⍻ Some units are large making them tiresome when moving from one room to another especially through the stairs.

⍻ They are always noisy and cannot be good option placing in kids room or in your room when sleeping.

⍻ In a case where the room you want to be cooled is big then it will not serve you best since it can only cool a smaller area.

⍻ It discharges warm air alongside the cool air forcing you to have an extra air conditioner to fully cool the room.

⍻ Those that come with tanks can drain water into it forcing you to empty it regularly which can be very tiresome.

Guide to buying the best portable air conditioner

Before going out to buy a portable air conditioner, it is always very crucial to know what you want in to make sure that it serves you well. Various reviews are often available that will give you information you want to know about such air conditioning unit since it is given by people who have had an experience with them  hence  enabling you choose the best one that suits you.

☑ Type

A portable air conditioner can either be water cooled or dehumidifying portable air conditioner and before buying one you should first consider which one you want. In the case of dry climate then water cooled ac is always the best choice since it works well and is cheaper. It does not give great results when used in humid climate.

In the case of humid climate then a portable ac with dehumidifying capabilities is what you should go for. Always put into consideration dehumidifying capacity and capability.


This is an important feature to consider avoiding ending up being embarrassed during hot seasons because of the failure of your air conditioner to work. Reviews are always available that enables you choose the most reliable unit. A warranty may also be of great importance since you can return it back if does not work well at such seasons within the stipulated time.

☑ Noise

Some portable ac do produce a lot of noise which may be irritating when asleep or even to people around it. However, some models designed to produce less noise are available and they contain decibel level that will guide you to make decision when buying one.

☑ Power

It is a very crucial consideration when buying a portable air conditioner. It is often classified by British Thermal Units with the one that has the highest number being more powerful. Some models also do come with guidelines of specific room size enabling you to know the size the unit can cool.

Before deciding on what portable air conditioner to purchase then make sure to always first  make sure you read available reviews to enable you to know available models and brands to choose from .Its capabilities and features are also outlined not leaving out how it is rated. It is best recommended that you read general reviews before settling on reviews of specific portable air conditioner as it will help you in finding one that meets your desired needs faster.

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