5 Reasons why you should gift your kid a watch

Today, many kids have no wrist watches because of technology since most of them prefer having phones as they find watches old fashion. This is not true since watches are very crucial in a child’s life. It helps them learn how to tell time or tell time for those who are older, instill good behavior; make them punctual and responsible for managing their time. This article will inform you of why your kid deserves to have a watch.

1. They get to learn how valuable time is

With a wristwatch, kids learn to develop a relationship with time so they can manage it well. They will learn on keeping track of time and plan ahead on week’s activities. Your kid will stop disturbing others by asking the time or keep on looking for a cell phone in the pockets because the watch will be worn on the wrist.

2. It portrays an image

In the world today, many people value materialistic possessions and to achieve a stunning look, having a watch is ideal as it combines both beauty and technology. With it, your kid will be able to portray the image he wants. Such watches with kid’s image make it valuable, classy and fun.

3. Safer than other devices

Kids who carry cell phones with them may be in great danger. This is because when a kid removes a phone from his pockets, it often attracts strangers who may want to snatch it and in the process of doing so the kid gets hurt and also loses the phone which is very expensive. With a watch, it becomes easy to look at the time without retrieving his phone.

4. It makes a kid be organized

A cool watch makes a kid effortlessly know the time and to show others that he is organized by managing his time well. Being aware of the time and what to do at a specific time implies that they are responsible and manages time well. An organized kid knows that time just like money is valuable.

5. A kid can express himself

Watches act as accessories for fashion that will make one stand out and have a classy look. Most watches have names on them and you can be lucky to find one with your kid’s name. Designs and colors also make them fashionable as they can match with their clothes.


With the reasons above of how important it is for your kid to own a wristwatch, I hope you have made up your mind to buy him one as a reward, birthday gift or just as a gift. It is necessary that you get him one as soon as possible. Make sure to keep his taste for color, characters he likes in movies or books in mind since you can find one that will suit him. We recommend that you buy an analog watch for him to learn telling time easily. From various models, make sure to pick the perfect watch.

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