6 Things that makes Window Air Conditioners Energy-Efficient

The reason why every home today opts for a window or a room air conditioner is because of its affordability, ease to buy, energy efficiency and ease when it comes to installation as it comes with an installation kit making it easier to set up.

What makes it the best choice is that it quietly operates and cools the room or intended space efficiently. Before buying a room air conditioner, make sure that its features suits your needs. It should also be efficient and reliable.

Types of room air conditioners

✅ Wall-mounted units

a hole is drilled in the exterior wall. It fits securely and does not occupy the space window. For small conditioners, you can personally install them but services of a professional will be required for a larger unit.

✅ Window air conditioners

It comes with panels that enable it fit securely on single or double hung windows. There are also brands suitable for sliding windows. It is easier to install. You can read on the best window air conditioners on the market and also best window air conditioners for small rooms .The articles will assist you to make informed choice while shopping for an air conditioner.

✅ Portable air conditioners

it stands freely and is self contained. What makes it the best choice is that you can move it from one room to another. Its hose is large and flexible and attaches to the window to remove hot air. It is easy to install. Its downside is that it is more expensive than the window and wall air conditioning units.

6 Features that make Window Air Conditioner Energy-Efficient

❣ Variable Fan speed

It has several settings of speed that gives you more control of how the air flows hence saving you energy cost.

❣ Programmable thermostat

it gives you the option of programming the settings to the desired level that operates at specific times such as during the day and at night.

❣ Digital temperature control

this enables you control the temperature based on degrees. It makes it more comfortable and saves more energy.

❣ Sleeping mode

at night, it often operates at low setting hence comfortable and saving energy.

❣ Accessibility of filters

it removes dust and allergens from the air. The best thing about it is that it slides out making it easier to clean and clean hence operating efficiently.

❣ Timer

it helps you start or stop it at any time. They are also easy to use and acts as an alternative to a programmable thermostat.

Size of the room

Make sure that you measure your room to find the suitable air conditioner that perfectly fits into your room. This will be attained by multiplying the length and width and then matching it with BTU rating. A too small air conditioner will not cool it adequately while a too large one will waste energy hence higher cost of electricity.

Variables that affects cooling capacity

-A warmer climate requires an AC that takes out more BTU in an hour far from what is recommended.

-For sunny rooms, add capacity of 10% and reduce 10% capacity if the room is shady.

-Portable conditioners are less efficient than window conditioners thus it is recommended that you a powerful unit

-Cooling a room that opens permanently to adjoining room will require you include square footage of the two rooms to get the correct size of the air conditioner.

What to consider before buying an air conditioner

Electrical requirements

Make sure that the system of electricity at your home is able to handle power required by the appliances. If it cannot support it then have an electrical expert adjust it.

Draining condensations

Window and wall air conditioners often carry condensation outside through drainage tubes while portable units contain reservoirs that must be emptied regularly. There are models available that does not require frequent emptying.

Ability to cool the room

Make sure that the top air conditioner brands that you buy is able to cool the space you want to be cooled. A model with super or power thrust is suitable if you intend to install it at the end of the room although it might be noisier.

If you have an older air conditioning unit, make sure to first repair it before considering buying a new one. In case it might be hard for you always seek the services of an expert.

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