Type of Best Air Conditioners that you can purchase for your home

An air conditioner is a system that keeps your home or a building cool during hot summer. Air is treated in an enclosed and defined area through refrigeration cycle that removes warm air replacing it with cool air. Often referred to as HVAC since the system comprises heating, ventilation and air conditioning features. The air conditioner comprises three parts: the compressor and condenser which are located outside the system and the evaporator situated inside the house.

Types of Best air conditioners

Window air conditioner

Also known as unitary unit is suitable in cooling a single room and is usually installed in a room’s window. Window air conditioners emits warm air out through one end blowing cool air into the room through one end thus cooling the room.


-It is portable as you can move it around compared to other options to a window that is available for you to place it although it may seem to be heavy.

-It is energy efficient as it is able to cool a small area more quickly using less energy.

-They are always cheaper as compared to other options available.


-Suitable for small spaces making it unsuitable for bigger rooms as it cleans a single room at a time.

-An easily accessible window by other people may not be safer as it can be stolen.

-It blocks some space and sunlight from the window therefore not the best choice if you love your room to have a view.

Central air conditioner

This a cooling system that is often suitable for large homes as it can cool efficiently. They are more comfortable, performing and quietest due to its improved technology and efficiency. The supply and return ducts circulates cool air and upon warming up it is then circulated back into the supply ducts which will be taken back to the air conditioner.


-It ensures that a consistent temperature in your home is maintained at all times ensuring you of coolness during summer and warmness during winter.

-The air is well filtered and is free from bacteria, particles and any irritants.

-Availability of programmable thermostat allows you to have control over the temperature that circulates in your home.


-The energy bills are often high since circulation of air is carried out in all rooms.

-Cleaning the duct more often is compulsory

Ductless mini-split air conditioner

Consists an outdoor and indoor unit. The compressor, condenser and expansion valve are situated in the outdoor unit while the indoor unit blows air to the rooms. It is best choice if you intent to cool individual room as the handling indoor units are connected to outdoor unit.


-They are versatile as they can be installed at any point and only requires a small hole in the wall that will run insulated conduit from the outside.

-It occupies less space and produces less noise

-Operates independently allowing separate controlling providing convenient cooling in your home


-More costly as compared to window air conditioner

-It is hard to install as specific measurements and sizing is required

Portable air conditioner

It is a unitary conditioning system consisting a mobile placing it on the floor and functions just like the window conditioners.


-Small in size and portable

-It does not need a permanent installation but requires only an outlet and window to direct the exhaust air out.


-Some can be very noisy and can cause disturbance in your home.

-It is not the best choice when cooling air as compared to household fan

Through the wall air conditioner

Similar to window air conditioners though its design, weight and cooling capacity is different. It conditions air within chassis sleeve in the wall.


-Has an aesthetic appearance as installation is done flush with the wall.

-Its cooling power is more compared to window conditioner.


-It is hard to remove and carry around as it is mounted to the wall.

-A professional is always required when installing it.

Packaged Terminal air conditioners

Uses two different units which are connected by a refrigerant tube just like the ductless split air conditioner. The outdoor unit is placed on the roof or concrete slab and combines the compressor, condenser fan and the condenser. Evaporator, expansion valve and coil are contained in the indoor unit. Installed externally above the floor and under the window. Used in hotels, offices or residential spaces.

What to look for in air conditioners       

Having a air conditioner during warm season to cool your home will not be enough but you should also look for one that will save you time, energy and also make sure that the air supplied is of higher quality. This is what you should look for:

Filter light-this will send you a signal whenever the filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

Energy saver switch-it ensures that when the thermostat turns the compressor off then the fan automatically turns off as opposed to the fan running constantly even after the compressor has been switched off thus saving you money.

Energy efficient-If your air conditioner is more efficient in using energy then your cooling costs will be less saving you money.

Dehumidification-Having a control of the cooling and dehumidification separately is a great feature to look for.

Digital remote control-with this then you will be able to set the temperature you want from anywhere in the house and they should also be easy to use.

Sleeping mode-this raises the temperature in the room at night preventing any chills.

Oscillating vents-this will evenly cool the room by sweeping air flow in the unit from one side to the other.

Timer-this will automatically turn the fan on or off at the set time even when you are not around  keeping the room cool or warm depending on the season.

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