Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioner Brands for Small Rooms (Reviews)

Is it hot days and you are wondering where to get the best window conditioner to cool your small room? You don’t have to worry anymore because we have tested several conditioners and we have found ones that will perfectly cool your room.

The difference between the various brands available today is its ease to use, the amount of noise it produces when in operation and the speed at which it cools your room. We have checked on quality and price in our review and we believe you will find a durable air conditioner that does not break your bank.

First, what  is an ideal small room?

A small room in this case is a room that measures up to 300 square feet. So, if you live in a room that measure close to this figure, then these air conditioning units will best suit you.

Nonetheless, if you live in a bigger room you can check on the best air conditioner brands to buy or best window air conditioners and am sure you will get one that gives you excellent service and leave you as cool as a cucumber.

Benefits of a window air conditioner

So what are the benefit of a window air conditioner as compared to other brands?

Most of them are  cheap compared to  central air conditioners. Also, a good window air conditioner can effectively cool a room than a central air conditioning unit.

These types of window conditioners often cover a small space of between 100 and 300 square feet and are between 5000 and 6500 BTU.

What does it mean to have a small BTU? It means that the air conditioner will use less energy and therefore reduces electricity costs so that you are not overburdened by bills.

The best window air conditioners are lightweight, small and cheaper. If you want to cool your bedroom at night or a small office or sitting space during the day then this is the best option. Its downside is that it cannot cool a room that is more than 300 square feet.

Here is our pick of Top 10 window air conditioners that made to our list

10 Best Rated Window Air Conditioner Brands for Small Rooms

  1. Kenmore 77060

It is 6000 BTU and best for rooms which are up to 250 square feet. It has three speeds and louvers that will enable you to adjust it to the direction you want to be cooled.

Kenmore 77060 timer is programmable and has a sleep mode which minimizes the energy use. It also comes with a remote control and one year warranty.

Other Features:

Comfy is guaranteed as you will only use the electronic remote control. It is easy to control it from anywhere in the room or even at the comfort of your couch.

3 fan speeds and 3 cooling speeds ensure that the room is adequately cooled by increasing its cooling capacity.

Has a dehumidifier which lessens and control the amount of humidity in the air for comfort and health reasons and eliminates any form of musty smell and prevents mildew growth.

It is energy star certified hence uses little energy to operate cutting the electricity bills cost and saving you money.

Has both sleep and energy saving modes which allows you to adjust at any given time especially at night to suit your needs.

What makes it the best of the best?

-Kenmore is the best window air conditioner for small room because it perfectly cools the room giving you that best feeling that makes you forget the summer heat.

-It is affordable since the price is low and still is of higher quality hence performs its intended job perfectly.

-Takes a very short time to cool the room thus saving you energy and cost of the electricity bills.

-You can control it comfortably from your couch using a remote and a thermostat control.

-It is easy to install and use.


-Remote and thermostat control

-3 fan speed and 3 cooling speeds


-Energy star certified

-Easy to install and use

-Has both sleep and energy saving modes


A bit noisy

  1. Amana AMAP061BW

It is comfortable since it cools the room faster when the fan is at low setting and perfectly. It is cheaper than Kenmore. Highly recovers from brownout conditions even at lower voltage. It is suitable for cooling smaller rooms of up to 150 square feet.


-It comes with a remote control that will enable you set the temperatures or adjusts it to the desired level. You will also be able to switch on and off using the remote.

-It has auto fan speed which will change automatically depending on the temperatures of the room.

-The dirty filter indicator will enable you to know if dirt has accumulated in it hence you can clean it to make sure it runs well.

-Its built-in timer is electronically controlled which will not require you to be physically available at where the conditioner is placed.

-Has a digital control, sleep mode and an Eco mode.

The downside about it is that it is always noisier and has a 12.2 ERR and not CEER. Its warranty is shorter than that of Kenmore on sealing cooling system.


-Digital control

-Dirty filter indicator

-Auto fan speed

-Remote control




-Short warranty

  1. GE AHM05LW

It is always a suitable model to cool a small or medium sized room since it can cool a room capacity ranging from 5500 and above. The features that make it the best brand are availability of a remote control, built-in-timer that is controlled electronically; an auto speed fan and a dirty filter indicator. It also has 3 speed fans and 3 cooling speeds, energy saving mode, digital thermostat and a fixed chassis. Regardless of the speed it operates at, it can be noisier


Energy saver mode-The compressor and the fan can automatically shut off when not in use or when the room has been maximally cooled hence reducing the amount of energy used which in turn saves you money.

Thermostat and remote control-They are both digital and electronically controlled. It gives you the chance of controlling it from either your Smartphone or your computer from the comfort of your couch or chair.

Filter indicator-This enables you to know when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced to perform optimally.

Window installation kit-This will ease your installation without even seeking services of a professional.


-It cools the room faster.

-Easy to purchase as all unit are packaged well.

-It saves energy which cuts the cost of electricity bills

-You don’t have to physically touch it to control since it comes with a digital remote and a thermostat.

-Window installation kit

-3 speed fans and 3 cooling speeds

-Built-in timer allows you t



  1. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1

This is the best option for small rooms which are up to 150 square feet. It however does not have features like those offered by other brands. It has an antibacterial filter that often removes odors and it is also easy to clean. It produces less noise at all speeds and it is easy to install and use. The entire unit has a one year warranty and the sealed refrigeration system has five years warranty. It however has no programmable timer or remote control but rather uses knobs that are analog when setting the speed. It is also not star energy qualified.


Have mechanical rotary controls

Two-way air direction controls makes air flow in and out hence perfectly cooling the room. This also allows you direct air to where you want to be cooled.

The filter is made of mesh making it easy to clean. The ability to also slide out at the side makes it easier to clean reducing bacterial and room odor.

Restarts automatically even when the power resumes hence makes it run perfectly.

Has low power start up which results in low energy consumption which translates to low cost of electricity bills and in turn saving you money.

Remote control allows you to adjust the temperature and the fan speed at any point in the room for maximum cooling.


-Energy efficient

-Cools the room quickly

-Its low power startup saves you money

-Operates quietly

-Its filter is washable

-Has 2 cool speeds and 2 fan speeds

-It is safe to use

-Dehumidifies up to 1.1 pints per hr


-Only suitable for smaller rooms

  1. Keystone KSTAW05B

This model is suitable for smaller rooms of up to 150 square feet with 5000 BTU. It is light in weight weighing 40 pounds hence making it easy to install at the window. Due to its small size and low consumption of power the cost of running it will be less. It is energy efficient as it has a ERR rating of 11.2.


Other features include a remote control, programmable timer, dehumidifying mode, an auto mode and sleeping mode. The warranty for the compressor is 5 years. The downside with it is that the airflow is low making it suitable for only small rooms.


-It is affordable

-The compressor has a 5 year warrant

-It is light in weight


-Only suitable for smaller rooms

-The air flows slowly

-The direction of air is limited to one direction.

  1. Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini window air conditioner

It is always mounted in the window and best cools a room of up to 150 square feet making it best for cooling a small room and office. The ability to cool the room faster and quietly during summer makes your stay and sleep comfortable. It has some additional features that often make it the best brand to pick which include a two –way air direction control, a mechanical rotary control and top and a full width. Its filter is antimicrobial and meshed at the side to remove any bacteria and often slides out making it easy to wash. The ability to start up at lower voltage minimizes energy use hence reducing costs and works perfectly as it restarts automatically upon restoration of power.

Other features

Mechanical rotary controls-it contains 2 cool speeds and 2 fan speeds which boosts its cooling capacity of a room of up to 150 square feet and at the same time dehumidifying up to 0.8 pints per hour. Upon power restoration, it can restart automatically without requiring any effort from you.

Mini compact design-This ensures that it operates quietly, starts up even when the voltage is low, can be mounted quickly to the window and makes it easy to install because it comes with a mounting kit. The meshing of the antimicrobial filter at the sides makes it easy to slide out for washing.

A two-way air directional control-The three prong power cord which is 6.5 feet will require no extension cords. The top, full-width and a two way direction control enables you to direct air to the area you want to be cooled.


-2 fan setting and 2 cooling settings

-Two way air direction control


-Optional side panels

-Effortless clean filter

-Automatic restart

-24 hr timer

-Has safety switch

-Operates quietly

-Antibacterial mesh filter


-Has mechanical controls

-No remote

-Only suitable for small rooms.

7. Keystone 5,000 BTU W/”follow Me” LCD Remote

This will give you great value for your money. It is of high quality and gets the job well done.


Extremely quiet


Vents do not vertically adjust


As a home owner or working in an office who intends to cool a specific room or smaller space , then the above brands will be best for you . It will save you energy cost since you do not have to cool your entire home including even those you might not be using at the time. The above models have been personally tested by us therefore will guide you in choosing one that best suits you.

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