Types of Breast Pumps

A breast pump is a mechanical device that allows you as a mother to express milk from your breasts. The most popular breast pumps come in two kinds which are manual or electric breast pumps. The manual breast pump requires you to use your hand or foot depending on the model while the electric pumps may use batteries or require you to plug it in a socket.

Manual pumps

If you intent to pump once a day or less times then this will be a great choice for you since pumping is done on one breast at a time. Operating a best manual breast pump requires you to pull the handle repetitively allowing you have control on the pressure and frequency in expressing your milk. Recommended if you will not be away for more than one feed. Stimulation of the breasts may not be sufficient as the breasts may as well not be fully emptied. Though cheap and small fit to carry around, much effort is required when pumping making it tiring and your breast tissues might end up being damaged. Bacterial infection is also to worry about since the rubber suction is always very difficult to clean

For the foot-powered manual breast pumps collection tubing and breasts horns used in electric pumps are used except that in this case powering is done through a foot pedal. This may save your hands from getting hurt by continuous squeezing.

Electric breast pumps

These include personal and hospital grade pumps. Personal use pumps are always small in size and designed to be used by only one person while the hospital grade pumps are designed for multiple users at a go. Motor powers the electric pumps by supplying suction through the plastic tubing up to a horn fixed on the breast nipples. Make sure to sterilize parts that come into contact with the expressed milk to avoid any contamination.

Pumping is much faster and you can express from both breasts at the same time. Suitable if you need to express everyday .Some are large but portable ones are also available and comes with carry bag. The best electric breast pumps is portable as it come with built in batteries making it easier to use as you are not required to plug in a socket. Renting one is only recommended if for any reason your baby is premature or you sick are making breastfeeding your baby hard.

Most suitable if you need to express milk to be used in more than one feed or you are always away from your baby most of the time.

Personal –use electric pumps

Suitable if you are a working full-time mum or if you are not able to regularly nurse your baby. They are automatic with suction levels that are adjustable therefore making your nipples comfortable when pumping. They are designed to mimic your baby’s sucking patterns thus making pumping comfortable.

Hospital grade electric breast pump

You can rent this if you are having problems nursing your baby after giving birth and you cannot afford a personal-use pump. Mothers whose babies are pre mature or have medical problems affecting the amount of milk they produce. It has a rapid-suck release drawing milk at a rate same as that of your baby. They are always strong than other electric pumps.

Safety measures you should put into consideration

Avoid using an already used pump

A used breast pump may be carrying bacteria and viruses making it risky to use as it may cause an infection to both you and your baby. Use of hand-me-down pumps is always not effective as seals deteriorate and motors also lose strength making suction low.

For a double pump seal the other side if only using one side

This prevents reduction of suction and makes it more efficient.

The size of breast shields must be right

Having a smaller shield often leads to soreness or damaging of your breasts while one with larger size makes pumping tedious. Right size of shield always makes pumping efficient.

Always clean all parts of the pump after use

Use soap and warm water when cleaning   rinsing with hot water and place them on a clean towel to air dry.

Clean the tubing only when milk gets into it

Use warm water and soap then leave it to air dry if incase milk gets into it but if they are water spills then  just turn it backwards to dry.



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