Selecting the Right Golf Bag: Types of Golf Bags and Buyer’s Guide

There are different types of golf bags on the market and choosing the right type of golf bag is important in your overall game performance. A golf bag is your buddy in the golf bag as it stays with you in the entire round while keeping all your items safe. Thus, it is important to always know the ideal type of golf bags that would work well for you. It is vital to think about when, where, and how often you play when you consider buying a quality golf bag.

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What are the types of Golf Bags?

Before looking at the available golf bags on the market, it is vital to check on the functionality of the bag. Are you a rider, walker, or both? If you’re a rider you will need to buy a cart golf bag. If you would like to use the pushcart, you must identify what types of golf bag fit in a pushcart. Do you require carrying an extra clothing, umbrella, or sunglasses? Answering these forms of queries on the bag that you need and can assist determine the bag that suits your requirements. In each type of golf bag, there is a picture of the best golf bags in each category that you can click and buy.

Different Types of Golf Bags

1. Cart Bags

Cart bags are designed to be carried on a cart (riding or push cart). If you plan to walk on the golf course, a cart bag on your bag would not be an ideal bag for you. The bag weighs roughly 6-7 pounds and they have a base that can sit well on the cart. The bag is designed in a way that they offer easy access to all the bags pockets while they remain strapped to the back of pull and riding cart. Additionally, the bag has a non-slip or rubber base that holds the bag from descending off the cart.

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2. Carry Bags

The carry bags are a popular type of golf bag that is perfect for golfers who prefers to be carried by golfers as they walk on the golf course. The bags are suitable for those who want to workout and burn calories while moving from one hole to the other while the weight is well distributed on the shoulders and back. They’re lightweight and have a comfy strap to ensure that you’re comfortable while carrying them. The carry bag may have a simple construction but they got enough pockets for gloves, sunglasses, tees, balls, and clubs.


3. Stand Bags

The stand bag has a distinct design compared to other types of golf bags. They have two retractable legs that permit the bag to stand upright or canted. The bag remains upright while it provides easy access to any pocket or club on the bag. The best thing about the bag is that it can stand in any terrain on the course. They can be carried on the shoulder or used on the cart. It is lighter and has a comfy strap for easiness of carrying it on the shoulder. Always ensure that the legs of your bag do not get damaged while on the cart as it will disable its functionality.

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3. Travel Bags/Sunday bag

They are simple bags that can be used to hold some few clubs and other requirements that you may need for a game. They are simple, small, and lightweight and they can be taken on a journey by car or a by plane.

The travel bags are cheaper than other types of golf bags.


4. Women Golf Bags

There bags that are specifically made for women who want to stand out in the golf game that is mostly dominated by men. The bags have bright colors and other modifications that make it suitable for ladies.

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Buyer’s Guide: Features of the Best Golf Bag

As discussed, there are diverse types of golf bags that meet a variety of golfing needs. Nonetheless, there are features that are available across diverse types of bags. here is a highlight of features that you may check before purchasing a golf bag.

☑ Dividers

Dividers help to partition the top aperture of a golf bag. There are those bags that do not have dividers. The best golf bag should have a 14-way divider that permits one opening for every permissible club in a set. High-end construction has full-length dividers that ensure all your clubs and shafts do not rub on each other while on the bag.

☑ Putter well

The putter well is a split compartment that is specifically designed to ensure that your putter does not damage your shafts of other clubs. It is important to buy a bag that has a put well to ensure that your putter heads are not damaged.

☑ Pockets

The pockets in a golf bag is an essential component as they keep important items that you will require as you do your rounds. The pocket can help to keep tees, spare balls, watches, snacks, a drink, and such stuff. An insulated pocket is essential during summer times as they keep your drink cold while a valuable pocket that is lined with soft or velour fabric will help to start items such as watches, cell phone, or car keys.

☑ Handles and Straps

A strap and handles are vital since you will be handling your bag most of the times. If you plan to walk the course, make sure you buy a bag that has a comfortable strap that distributes the weight across your back and shoulder. Also, a cart bag requires a simple strap that assists to carry the bag on the shoulder to and from the cart. A grab handle helps to carry the bag and carry it from one area to the other easily or hold it from the ground and place it on your cart.

☑ Umbrella Holder

An umbrella holder is a brilliant feature that a bag should have that ensure that assist to keep an umbrella in case there is rain.

☑ Rain Hood

It is not easy to accurately predict the weather and it may sometime rain when you least expect it. Not all golf bags come with a weather protection structure or rain hood. The rain hood is a vital feature that permits your clubs and other items in your carrier to stay dry and shielded in case of rain.

☑ Towel Ring/Loop

As you shop for a bag, ensure that you purchase a bag that offers an outer towel holder that helps to hold your towel ready to wipe out any form debris from your clubs before you return them on your bag.

Final Thought

The article has offered you a comprehensive review of the types of golf bags available on the market and the features of the best golf club I have no doubt that you will make the best choice.

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