Top 5 Best Golf Bags under $100 Reviews

Golf is a luxurious sport to play and it is usually associated with the rich. The sport usually comes with excessive expenditure and you can spend a fortune on green fee. However, if you’re a good bargain hunter, you can significantly cut on your expenditure and still get cheap quality golfing bags.

Did you know that you can buy a quality golf bag for $100 or less?

In this article, we are going to review 5 best golf bags under 100 that would serve you well and ensure the safety of your accessories while on the golf course.

Best Golf Bags Under $100

1. TaylorMade Stand Golf Bag 

TaylorMade Golf offers abundant storage for all your golfing requirements. It has an elegant design, super light, and pockets to store your items such as watches. The carrier has an EVA shaped hip pad on the sideway to limit any form of pressure points for added comfort. It has a double shoulder strap that allows for a comfy carry. The stand bag has a set of two fitted legs that permit the bag to sit at the angle you want while you’re taking the shot.


• 5-way divider top

• Comfy shoulder strap

• 6 pockets that include tee and ball pocket

• Rain hood

• Umbrella casing

• Dual stand system

2. Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag




Eagole has a stylish and attractive design. It has plenty of pockets enough to put your accessories such as car keys, towel, rain gear, and bag hood. The lower pocket can be used to carry a rangefinder or extra balls. The full-length dividers will lessen your frustration with overlapping clubs while removing a club from the purse. Its base works in almost all push carts.


• 14-way top length divider

• 7 full-length dividers

• Has a valuable pocket

• Strap tunnel

• Weight 7lbs

3. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

The bag is perfect for a few holes at the executive course or a day at the driving range. The bag does not have ample space and can only carry a few accessories. Orlimar Pitch carrier bag has only one pocket that can carry tees, pencil, balls, and ball maker. It has a carry handle, removable shoulder strap, and a strong stand system. The golf bag will cost you under $50.


• One pocket to carry accessory

• Separable shoulder strap

• Sturdy stand mechanism

• Lightweight

• 2 compartment top

• Double carry handle

4. TaylorMade TM Cart Golf Bag

The cart bag offers a big storage compared to carry bags and your golfing needs will be well taken care of while using this bag. It features a 14-way organizational top and 7 pockets that you can store all your requirement. The carrier has a grab handle and a single shoulder strap that permits easy carry. It weighs 4.9 lbs making it easy to carry around the golf course.


• 14-way top divider

• A grab handle and a comfy strap

• 3 full-length dividers and 7 pockets

• Water and valuables pouch

• Umbrella sleeve

5. K-Cliffs Driving Range Mini Course Training Practice Golf Bag Travel Case



This is an ideal bag for vacation due to its small size that allows you to carry 5-6 clubs in the bag. The small size makes it simple to carry in cars, airports, and trains. It has an enhanced carry strap that is detachable. The travel bag is made of rainproof material and you do not have to worry about your valuables when it rains. The golf bag will cost you under $35


• Shoulder strap

• Lightweight (2.2 pounds)

• Rainproof material

Buyer’s Guide or Features to Check when Picking a Cheap Golf Bag under $100

☑ Walk or Ride

Do you prefer to walk or ride? There are different types of bags that address different needs of golfers. If you’re a person who prefers to walk when golfing, a stand bag or a Sunday bag may be an ideal choice for you. Also, you can decide to buy a hybrid bag that got enough space to store more accessories. The bag that you choose while walking should have a comfortable strap to avoid hurting your back. In case you prefer to ride on a cart and play at one club or place, then a cart bag would be a better choice. Alternatively, you can go for a staff bag if you’re a scratch golfer.

☑ Club Dividers

The club dividers work to ensure that your clubs don’t crush on one another. There are bags that uses full-dividers to partition several pockets of a golf bag. If you’re shopping for the best golf bag under 100, buy one with a full-length divider.

☑ Pockets

The pockets on a bag are important to ensure that you carry all your items on the bag. There are golf bags that have places to store beverages, watch, and other items. A bag with several pockets is better as it helps you to place your stuff in different places according to your preference.

☑ Strap

There is need to have a bag that has a comfortable strap especially when you’re carrying your bag on the shoulder. A comfortable strap is broad, well-padded, and with room or adjustment so as to fit your body form. The strap should adjust in a way that the bag would sit squarely on your shoulders with a slight incline that keeps your club in the bag.

☑ Weight

If you prefer to walk while playing golf, a heavy bag will only complicate your work as a golfer. The company’s manufacturing golf bags are making bags that are light but retaining their sturdiness. If you want a lightweight bag, then you will have to keep up with few pockets. Also, do not fill it with a bunch of stuff. Also, a lightweight bag may not be durable compared to the heavy bags. It is a typical case of trading durability for comfort.

☑ Hooks

Hooks for your stuff is a necessary feature for a golf bag to have if you require a clip for the umbrella or have some bag tags to exhibit. There are those bags that have and others do not have the hooks and you have a choice to buy what works for you.

☑ Storage

A good quality bag store all the stuff you need for some round of golf. Buy one that will carry your tees, golf bags, gloves, GPS, and some snack. Unless you are always traveling and you require putting your full wardrobe inside, you do not need to worry about purchasing a golf bag that can carry almost everything. Check on nice finishes like a pocket for your water bottle and fleece-lined pockets where you can store your valuables.

☑ Price

As a rational buyer, a cheap bag which is comfy and has enough storage is a good choice. You can purchase a great bag at about $120 – $200. You can also buy great value golf bags under $200.

Final Thought!

The article has reviewed the best golf bags under 100. You can also have a quick read on top 10 best golf bags reviews on the market and check on other quality bags. You can also check on the best golf bag under $500.

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