Top 5 Best Womens Golf Bags Reviews

I hope you will all agree with me when I say that ladies love a touch of elegance and stylish design in most things that they buy. This also applies to the golf course where women prefer to own stylish golf bags that make them stand out in the otherwise male crowded sport.

A great golf bag acts as an organizer for your golfing equipment and accommodates your golfing needs. The many women that are continuing to show excellence in the golfing game have necessitated various golf bag manufacturing companies to manufacture tailor-made bags that satisfies all the needs of female golfers.

The truth is that the beauty of this game has no age or gender barrier. However, the needs of golfers may vary depending on the preference of its users. The review has explored on 5 best ladies golf bags that a female golfer would consider buying.

Table of 5 Top Ladies Golf Bags on the Market

Top 5 Best Women’s Golf Bag


Sun Mountain has been making great golfing bags and the quality of their items is unmatched. This amazing Cart golf bag for ladies is sturdy and well built to serve you for years. The stylish bag has enough pockets to meet all your needs. The pocket includes a beverage pocket, velour-lined pocket, and a rangefinder pocket. The pockets are forward facing to ensure easy access to the pockets even when on the cart. The best ladies golf bag has a 15-way organizer ensures that your clubs do not rub against each other making them look like new even after years of use.


✅ 15-way organization top

✅ 9 pockets

✅ Matching rain hood

✅ Cart bumpers for added robustness

✅ Cart belt pass-through

2. Birdie Babe Womens Hybrid Golf Bag 

Birdie Babe golf bag has a hybrid construction. This means that the golf bag can be used both as a stand or a cart bag. The best lightweight women’s golf bag is elegantly made with superior materials to ensure its durability. The numerous pockets in this bag can fit small items that you require making it easy for you to trace them when you need to use. The golf bag has sturdy stands that make it easy to stand at any course.


✅ 8-way top organizer

✅ Pocket (cooler and valuable pocket)

✅ Velcro stand holder

✅ Cart strap holder

✅ Lightweight

 3. Sephlin – Womens Golf Bag

Sephline ladies golf bag stand as the best golf bag for the money. It cost under $100 to own this elegantly styled golf bag. The bag has a comfy shoulder strap that is detachable. It has eight pocket dividers and numerous pockets. For the pockets, they are not big to hold things like a jacket. This cheap golf bag is made of a high-quality material of nylon and polyester.


✅ 8 pocket dividers

✅ Umbrella holder

✅ Tee and pencil holder

✅ Multiple pockets

4. PROSiMMON Tour 14 Way Cart Golf Bag

The bag is attractive with enough pockets to keep all your golfing items. The golf cart bag has 3 full-length dividers resulting to 4 separate sections that keep all your clubs absolutely organized and compact. It has a full-length putter holder that can easily accommodate an outsized grip. The carrier has zippers that perform well. It is lightweight and fit well in a travel wrap or cover.


✅ 14-way dividers

✅ Zippered pockets

✅ Velcro glove holder

✅ Golf towel ring

✅ External umbrella belt

✅ Weight (5.3 lbs)

✅ Rainhood

5. Callaway Golf Capital Stand Bag

If you prefer carrying your bag around the course, then this amazing Callaway Stand bag will serve your purpose. It is lightweight and won’t weigh you down or make you tired while you’re on the course. It has a 5-way top organizer with full-length dividers. The pockets are enough to hold whatever item you need while on the golf course.


✅ 5-way top organizer with full-length dividers

✅ Grab handle

✅ Faultless tee pocket

✅ Padded dual shoulder strap

✅ webbed towel loop

✅ Velour-lined pocket for valuables

✅ Full-length attire pocket

Factors to check while Buying Women Golf Bags

When you’re buying a golf bag, you need to purchase on with all your needs so as to successfully play the game. For instance, a golf club organization is vital when on the golf course. It should have plenty of pockets and sufficient divider to help you organize your clubs. Check the following features while purchasing your women’s golf bag:-

☑ Size

The size of the bag is important so as to accommodate all your needs. A bag should be a good size not too small and not bigger that is required. A good sized bag will definitely look good on while you are able to store all your necessities. Also, it should have enough storage space in terms of pockets where you can keep your balls, tees, snacks, sunscreen, gloves and whatever else that you require.

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☑ Lightweight

If you decide to carry a bag on the course, it needs to be lightweight so that it does not weigh you down. A bag that is lightweight makes it easy to move it from one area to the other to take your strike.

☑ Elegant Design

A lady golf bag should display elegance and style. It is always important to go for an elegant design that makes you stand out. Nonetheless, you should not compromise on the material and quality as you focus on elegance as you require a bag that will last for a great time.

☑ Comfy Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap should be comfy so that the bag does not hurt you while carrying it around the golf course. You can’t enjoy the game while you do not feel comfy about the things that surround you such as bags or clubs.


As a rational buyer, the price of a golf bag is a critical feature to check while purchasing a golf bag. There are expensive bags that do not meet your needs while there are cheap ones that may have all the needs that you require. A bag that cost $100 to $300 is a good bag as long as it serves all your needs or meets your expectations.


A good golf bag for women is a necessity and obviously a great addition to your golfing gears. It offers organization to your golf game as you can carry all that you require with you. An elegant bag has space for tees, bags, clubs, car keys, cell phone, and all other necessities. We feel that the review will offer you an opportunity to buy the best women’s bag on the market.

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