Top 5 Best Golf Stand Bag Reviews

A golf stand bag is used by golfers who prefer to carry their bags on the course rather than using a cart. It comes with two additional retractable legs that assist it to stand on any surface while you strike your ball.

What makes a perfect golf stand bag?

There are golfers who would just go for the appearance and fail to check on other important features of a good golf bag. A perfect stand bag should be lightweight so that it does not become a burden on your shoulders as you walk the course.

An ideal stand golf bag should have enough space to carry your clubs, balls, tees, and other items. It should be sturdy and durable and it should be able to serve you for some years while remaining in good shape. There are of course other factors to consider while purchasing a bag such as price, club dividers, and a comfy strap.

Golf stand bag technology has rapidly evolved over the years and new models are emerging to ensure that all the golfing needs are well addressed. The following five stand bags made to our pick of the best golf stand bags on the market.

Top 5 Best Stand Golf Bag

1. Sun Mountain Golf 

The Sun Mountain Golf bag is an outstanding bag by all measures. This best carry bag on the market is well constructed with a 14-way top dividers system that keeps your clubs protected and organized. It has plenty of pockets to store your valuables and the zippers work well. The bag is made of a cart-friendly base and has a strap pass through that holds your golf bag when you choose to use a cart. It is made in a way that it does not limit the access to the pocket even while on the cart. The shoulder straps are constructed in 3 layers and it’s contoured for utmost comfort. Its sturdy construction makes up for the price.


• 14-way top dividers

• Comfortable shoulder straps

• Lightweight (4.5 lbs)

• Cart belt pass-through for use in the cart

2. Titleist Stand Bag 14-Way

Titleist is a renowned brand name in the golfing industry for always producing high-quality bags and other golfing gears. This best lightweight golf stand bag has strong legs that ensure its stability when on the course.

The bag is lightweight and organized. Its oval fashioned design permits clubs to cascade and dispense weight evenly and minimize rattling of club heads. Also, it has a 14-way organization top that ensures your club heads do not rattle keeping them looking new for some years. Additionally, all titlist golf bags can without difficulty fit in the well of power-driven golf carts. The golf bag will cost under $200 to buy it.


• Made of nylon material

• Comfortable strap

• Dry clutch bottom

• Has a towel ring and rain hood

3. Callaway Golf 2017 Chev Stand Bag

It is an ideal little bag for a 3-par executive golf course, weekend away, or a driving trip. It is a good golf bag that can hold about six clubs and a few tees and balls. The Callaway Stand Bag has a 7 way organizational top with full-length club dividers. It has 6 pockets that include a velour-lined precious pocket. This best stand golf bag has a grab handle and comfortable shoulder strap for easy transportation.


• Lightweight (5.2 lbs)

• 7-way top with full-length club dividers

• 6 pockets

• Grab handle and comfy shoulder strap

4. TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade is another reputable brand in the golfing industry. The bag has a 5-way organizational top that offers enough space for all your golfing requirements.  The shoulder is lightweight and has a comfortable strap that makes it easy for you to carry it on the golf course. It has an anti-slip stand structure that makes it stand in all terrain in the course. This golf stand bag will cost you under $100 to own it.


• 5-way organizational top

• 6 pockets (includes tee and ball pockets)

• Velour-lined pouch to store your valuables

• Anti-split stand structure

• Comfy shoulder strap

• Umbrella sleeve and matching rain hood

5. Mizuno 2018 BR-D3 Stand Golf Bag

The best lightweight stand golf bag is made of quality material that is water resistant. The double strap and you will find it very comfortable while walking the course. Mizuno color and elegant design make it alluring to the eyes. It has an insulated pocket where you can keep your drinks cold which especially handy during summer times.

One of the Clients who had bought this bag said:

The stand bag exceeded my expectations. I can say more about it but I was thrilled by its color, easiness to carry on the golf course, and generous space to store your clubs and other items you require for the round. Simply Amazing!


• Insulated drink pouch

• Dual shoulder straps

• 5-way top organizer

• Has waterproof lined pockets to protect your valuables

• Bottom grab handle

Features to Check while Buying the Best Golf Stand Bag

There are numerous options and it is hard to choose the best stand bag from the heap of bags. The most confusing thing is when every bag maker claims that their bags are the best on the market. Nonetheless, you’re left with the choice of selecting the best golf bag that will suit your needs. You should check on the following few factors when deciding on the best stand golf bag to purchase.

☑ Stand

The most important factor to check should be the stands. The golf carrier that you select should have a sturdy stand that makes it stand firmly on any golf course.

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☑ Lightweight

The weight of the golf bag is of great importance. If you buy a stand bag that is heavy, you will struggle and have a hard time carrying it in the course. It is advisable to buy a golf course that is lightweight and easy to carry.

☑ Carry Strap

The stand bags are purchased by golfers who prefer to walk through the golf course. Thus, you must ensure that you buy a golf bag with a comfortable strap that distributes the weight equally on the shoulders making it easy to carry. Always check on the suitability of the strap before you make a purchase.

☑ Club Dividers

Ensure that the bag you buy has full-length dividers. It is not only a critical feature for a stand bag but for any other bag. If you don’t do this, your clubs will be damaged as they will be banging on each other. There is no need of buying clubs that are expensive and not offer the required protection of the clubs.

☑ Pockets

There are two aspects to check about the pocket. First, are there enough pockets to hold your items while on around? Second, do you find easy access to the pocket while on the course? As you walk through the golf course, you require a bag with easily reached pockets and one that can hold most of your valuables.


The article has offered you a detailed review of the 5 best stand golf bags that will protect your valuables while on the course. You can also read on a full review of the best 10 golf bags on the market.

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