Top 5 Best Postpartum Girdle Reviews

After giving birth, the belly often snags and becomes loose and if left like that, then it that will be your shape. However, a postpartum girdle will help you solve this to recover to your previous shape before childbirth. It reduces swelling of the belly, supports abdominal core muscles to reinstate your uterus size to its origin. Your baggy skin gets back to place by flattening your stomach. The result will be a slimmer and curvy perfect body shape so that you will feel good and have confidence after baby delivery. It is important that you pick a postpartum belt of your current size after giving birth so it fits well and gets the job well done.

The benefit of using a Postpartum Girdle

✅ It prevents any postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation with visceral ptosis

✅ It enhances contraction of uterine and pelvic recovery after giving birth

✅ Shrinks the belly, hips, and waist after birth

✅ Relieves pelvic and back pain

✅ Minimizes stretch marks

✅ Speeds postnatal recovery

✅ Supports you when breastfeeding

✅ Ensures comfort for normal and c-section delivery

5 Best Postpartum Girdle

1. TiRain 3 In 1 Postpartum Belt Shapewear

This is the best 3 in 1 postpartum shapewear with a belly, pelvis and waist belt to provide maximum recovery after pregnancy. It eases discomfort after pregnancy, restores your body to how you were before and helps you regain confidence. The fabric is lightweight, of a higher quality, elastic, comfortable and easy to clean. They are also breathable so you can wear it for a long time without losing your breath. It is adjustable allowing you to wear it without help and then pulling the sides to adjust its tightness for long time support. It speeds the after birth healing process by shrinking your belly, hips, and waist so it does not sag. If you are looking for a gift to give to a woman who has just given birth or someone operated and has lost skin or anyone with back pain then this will be the best gift to have.


✅ Adjustable velcro to make sure it fits well

✅ 3 in 1 belts for pelvis, waist, and belly

✅ Breathable

✅ Comfortable

✅ Stretchable

✅ Easy to clean

✅ Lightweight

2. Paz Wean Post Belly Band Postpartum Recovery Belt Girdle 

This Paz Wean postpartum recovery belt is made of 100% cotton, hence, comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and breathable laying smooth under your clothing. The belt is also elastic, therefore, stretches in order to give you the correct amount needed for compression. It has 3 closures that allow you to fasten it to make sure it perfectly wraps the intended parts. In case of surgery or postpartum, it definitely speeds the recovery process by reducing bloating and swelling after birth. The postpartum belly shrinks your belly down while its c section belt shrinks your uterus to original size. It comprises a built-in boning that helps in improving your posture and supporting your back.


✅ 100% Cotton with 4 layers to avoid irritation

✅ Breathable and lightweight

✅ Stretchy and elastic

✅ 3 closures for correct compression

✅ Built-in boning for relieving back pain

✅ Back curved design for proper fitting

3. Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Wrap Waist

This Chongerfei shapewear is the best postpartum recovery belly wrap with 3 in a set of belts that fits your pelvis, belly, and waist to speeds healing process. It is lightweight, breathable, easy to clean and comfortable so you will feel good in it. The belly belt corrects your posture and prevents it from rolling up when you move or sit. It is adjustable so you can wear it on your own and get support for long. With this on, your body will go back to its previous shape before pregnancy by reducing swelling and making your uterus returns to its previous size. This best postpartum girdle for plus size shrinks your uterus to a normal size, reduces your tummy and waist for you to have that slimmer look and make you feel more confident.


✅ 3 in 1 belt for maximum after birth recovery

✅ Stretchy and breathable mesh

✅ Adjustable velcro so you can put it on with ease

✅ Built-in boning for back support and posture improvement when breastfeeding

4. Wean Postpartum Recovery/C-section Waist Belt Girdle 

This postpartum recovery belt is 100% cotton perfect for c-section mothers since it is lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear. It lays smooth under your clothing and you can use it in all seasons. The belt shrinks your belly, hips, and waist, hence, preventing your skin sagging and relieves pelvis and back pain. The best postpartum girdle for c section uterus transitions, stretch marks minimized and postnatal healing speeded. The fact that it is adjustable enables you to put it on alone by pulling both sides and adjusting it without taking it off. It also helps in relieving back pain and tightening a loose skin. The belt is also suitable for correcting posture and supporting your back since it comprises built-in boning.


✅ Built-in boning for back support and posture correction

✅ Adjustable so you can wear it on your own

✅ 100% cotton for comfort

✅ Lightweight and breathable

✅ Stretchable

5. YIZRIO Postpartum Girdle Corset 

Yizrio postpartum wrap belt is ideal for postnatal recovery. The wrap belt provides tummy and back support with lumbar support and compression of your abdomen to help you have a flat tummy and reduced waist within a short time. It is breathable making it very comfortable to wear after giving birth. This belt also has an adjustable closure to enable it to sit tight on your belly for maximum results. Adjustability also makes it easy to put on your own by pulling the sides to readjust it to fit perfectly without having to take the band off. This is ideal for postpartum weight loss and those with a lot of fat accumulation on the waist. For posture correction, lumbar support and abdominal compression for belly reduction after birth then make sure to pick this to achieve those results. It also reduces your waist up to 5 inches. You can gift a woman who has just given birth with this.


✅ Breathable

✅ Stretchable

✅ Lightweight

✅ Adjustable

✅ 90% Polyester and 10%Spandex

For maximum results

To achieve maximum results, make sure that you wear it immediately you deliver more often both during the day and at night when not sleeping. Upon wearing this, you will achieve a slimmer body shape with a reduced waist. Wear it for long until you achieve your previous shape before you became pregnant.

Things to avoid

☑ Do not use it during pregnancy

☑ Make sure it does not come in direct contact with the skin but rather wear it on a top

☑ In case you feel uncomfortable, adjust it to fit well or reduce the time you wear it

☑ Before using it, wash it using clean water

☑ Never ever wear it while sleeping

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When purchasing a postpartum belt wrap, make sure that you measure your abdominal and waist circumference to find one that will perfectly fit. To get back into your previous body shape before pregnancy faster, you need to combine both controls of calorie and exercise by using a postpartum wrap belt to achieve great results. We recommend that you pick the best postpartum belt we have reviewed above and sure you will not be disappointed by the results you get. For a normal shapewear, read on best shapewear for dresses and plus size shapewear if you have a big body

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