Top 5 Best Golf Cart Bag Reviews

Carrying a golf bag on a golf course can be a strenuous affair especially when you’re golfing in a big course and you need to make a vast journey to the 18th hole. If you do not want to get tired walking around the course carrying a bag, you can decide to buy a golf cart bag.

A golfer knows the merit of owning a quality cart bag. The cart bags are large enough with split partitions for stocking up your entire items and then place the bag in the cart. The cart bag would carry valuables such as drinks, gloves, clubs, rain gear, and other valuables.

A cart golf bag is preferable over a carry, travel, and stand bag as they can be simply placed in the cart and you don’t have to carry the weight. Even after placing it in a cart; it gives you entrée to its pockets and you can access your valuables. Most cart bags are made using a rubber base that does not let it fall. They are comfortable and durable and will offer you the best service.

As a golf enthusiast, I have used numerous golf bags over the years and explored many others. After a thorough examination, the 5 best golf cart bags made it to our pick.

Top 5 Best Golf Cart Bags

1. Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 

Sun Mountain 2018 is probably the best golf cart bag on the market. It is elegantly made and comes with a variety of color to meet your preference. The cart bag has full-length dividers for all your clubs including one that offers exceptional protection for your putter. It is lightweight and offers generous space to store your golfing items. Sun Mountain has several pockets where you can store rain gear, rangefinder, or some snacks. They have high-quality zippers that move easily. Additionally, all the pockets of the bag are accessible when your bag is on the cart.


• 14 individual club dividers

• 10 pockets

• Matching rain hood

• Made of a novel smart strap structure

2. Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 

As a golfer, you need a bag with dividers running all the way down. The 14-way divider will offer a space to fit all your clubs. The bag has plenty of storage to store your golfing items. Callaway has a magnet pocket where you can safely store your watches, car keys, phone, and other valuables. We all love our drinks cold, especially in summer times. The bag has a small cooler that can hold ice and keep about 3 to 4 beers or any other drink cold.


• 14-way top with full-length dividers

• Magnetic range finder pocket

• 2 easy to access magnetic valuables pouches

• A dual pen holder

• 2 insulated beverage pouch with drain ports

3. PING Golf Men’s Pioneer Cart Bag

The cart bag is a nice selection for golfers who prefer ample storage. It has simple functioning zippers that ensure all your pockets close and open well. If you want your drinks cool, then the cooler pocket in this bag can keep around 3 to 4 beers icy for summer days. This PING bag is well built and holds up well. It also has a magnetic pocket that makes it efficient.


• Magnetic swift entrée pockets

• 9 total pockets

• Molded putter well

4. Founders Club Premium 

The cart bag is a sturdy bag made of superior material that makes it durable. It has a great organizer that ensures that your clubs stay in place and do not bang while they try to settle down. This Founders bag is easy to lift and carry it to your cart. The cover of the carrier folds back and you need to pull it back after a game and zip it closed. Additionally, this best golf bag under $200 has an insulated cooler pocket to keep your drinks frosty.


• Molded organizer

• Insulated cooler pocket

• Glove holder and a loop holder

• Weighs 9.5 pounds

5. VARDI Lightweight Golf Cart Bag

VARDI is designed for those who prefer super lightweight bags that are easy to carry. It has an elegant design that makes it look so fine and alluring. The best golf cart bag comes with a wrap that clips on the sides and ensures that your clubs are clean and covered from dust and rain. It has a comfortable shoulder strap and a handle that makes it easy to pick up.


• 14-way top way length divider

• Cooler pocket

• Umbrella grip

• Secret pocket

• Lightweight (7 pounds)

• Shoulder strap and a handle

6. Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag

If you are on a budget but you still want to spend your money on buying a quality cart bag, then Eagole will work for you. This cart golf bag under $100 will meet all your golfing needs. The bag has a 14-way full-length divider that ensures your clubs don’t overlie when you’re pulling a club from the bag. The bag has several pockets where you can store your rain gear, car keys, watches, towel, bag hood, rangefinder, and other items. Eagole cheap golf bag has a special place among best golf bags.


• 14-way top full-length dividers

• 9 pockets

• Handle for an easy grab

• Rain hood

• Comfy straps

Features to check while purchasing the Best Golf Bag (Buyer’s Guide)

A cart bag should have a strong handle or comfy strap to help you move it from the car to the cart.  It should have enough storage space and pockets to keep all your gear. Also, ensure that the pockets are well located to ensure that you can easily access whatever you need even when the bag sits on the cart. Also, check on the following important factors before buying a cart bag:

☑ Weight

The weight of a bag is essential and should be a primary concern while shopping for a golf bag. There is a need to minimize the energy you spend in carrying your bag on the course and use it to play. Even if you are using the cart to carry your bag, you will require a bag that is lightweight so that it does not become hard to handle it.

☑ Dividers

The divider system is a great factor to check. There are bags that do not have a divider and this can result to your clubs do not overlap and you don’t waste time scuffling in your bag to find the ideal club that you want to use. A bag with a 14-way divider helps to store each club in their individual spot. Always go for a full-length divider structure rather than a top divider system.

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☑ Pockets

Pockets are essential items to check while hunting for a golf bag. A bag with several pockets will help to carry not just your tees and balls but other items such as rangefinders. Purchasing a bag with pockets where you can store car keys, watches, snacks and other valuables make it cool. One with a cooler pocket to store a drink or two can be a perfect choice.

☑ A Towel Ring

The best golf cart bag has a towel loop, clip, or ring on the side. The reason why you require a towel ring is that it makes it easy to hold the towel for cleaning debris off your gear.

☑ Rain Cover

Not all golf bags that will come with a rain cover. However, some of the high-end choices will come with a rain cover which is good for shielding your gear from rain showers. In case your bag does not come with a rain cover, you can shop separately for one which can fit your bag.

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