Top 5 Best Golf Bag under $200 Reviews

As a golf lover, having the best golf bag is key for the game as it holds all your items while in the golf course. It is important to buy a golf bag that is durable, lightweight, stylish and has numerous pockets for storing all your items. Many people tend to perceive golf bags to be expensive which is true. Nonetheless, a good bargain and research on the best golf bags will help you get quality bags under $200 that will suit your needs.

The article offers 5 best golf bags under $200 that are durable and will give you the best possible service while on the course.

Top 5 Best Golf Bags $200

1.Titleist Stand Bag 14-Way

For under $200, you can get this Titleist bag. It is of a higher quality and has generous space with 14 divided tubes for your clubs. It has a lot of pockets and stands well to prevent falling since its legs are very stable. This stand bag is lightweight making carrying it easy and has a great style. The top cuff is oval so that your clubs will be able to make sure weight is distributed evenly and the clubs do not rattle. It can fit in a motorized golf cart.


• Strap system

• Rain hood

• Bottom dry grip

• Towel ring

• Durable nylon material

• 14-way dividers

2. VARDI Lightweight Golf Cart Bag

Step out with this stylish USA themed bag with 14-way hole system that keeps your clubs apart, therefore, cannot rattle or damage and are well organized for easy access. VARDI is suitable for a cart. The bag ensures that even while seated on the cart, the 8 forward pockets are easily accessible. Its material is of a higher quality that makes it durable and is easy to clean. It is lightweight, thus, easy to carry and very sturdy. The shoulder straps are cushioned and very comfortable so you can easily move around.


• Rain hood

• Waterproof pocket zippers

• Fabric and secret pocket

• Rubber lift handle

• Padded shoulder strap

• Upper and lower umbrella grip

• Rubber traction feet

3. Callaway Golf 2017 Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag

For a stylish, lightweight, and durable stand bag that has a large storage capacity, then, this Callaway Hyper Lite 5 is ideal stand golf bag for you. Its straps can be adjusted and have a lot of padding for comfort when carrying it. It is well-built and sturdy. The clubs fits well and can be easily retrieved. Its light weight makes it suitable if you are an old golfer or for your local course.


• 7-way top divider

• 8 water-resistant pockets

• Bottle opener and black satin towel hook

• Stick holder

• Double tech carry strap

4. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag 

Get this durable golf bag at under $200. The small pockets enable you to put your watch, phone, and other accessories. It has many handles and comes with an umbrella and its holder. It is sturdy and has an insulated cooler pocket you can put your drinks. Clubs remains compact and are very organized for easy access and can’t rattle in the cart or your car.

With the many hand straps and a lighter weight, lifting it to your car and attaching it to your cart is easy. The bag is made of high-quality fabric material and is well stitched. There is a putter slot for your putter and ball retriever. However, it is only suitable if you have a cart or you use right-handed clubs.


• 14-way divider system

• Insulated cooler pocket

• Padded carry strap

• Double handle at the side and one front handle

• Rain hood and glove holder

• 2 mesh and 10 zip pockets

• Umbrella slot with a drawstring

5. TaylorMade Golf- Supreme Cart Bag (Closeout)

This Taylor golf bag is the best cart bag with many pockets for storing tees, balls, groove cleaner, and sharpies. It also has a cooler pocket for drink storage with drainage holes at the bottom. The zippers are of good quality and the bag is very sturdy. You can store your umbrella and is lightweight making transportation easy.


• 15 way top dividers

• Rain hood and a Shoulder strap

• 2 micro-suede pockets

• 10 extra coil zippers

• Crush-resistant

• Integrated and oversize putter

• Velcro glove tab

• Trunk handle

• Compatible push cart base

• 10 storage pockets i.e ball, tee, cooler pocket, and more.

If you’re a lady, read this review of best female golf bags.

What to consider when buying a golf bag (Buyer’s Guide)

☑ Type of the golf bag– bag types vary from cart bags, stand bags, staff bags and many more. They are each designed to meet your needs. A stand bag is suitable if you walk while playing; the hybrid bag is more spacious and has stands while a Sunday bag is ideal if you want a super lightweight bag.

☑ Comfortable strap– is necessary if you intend to carry around when playing. The strap should be padded and adjustable so that it can sit well on your shoulders for clubs to be in place.

☑ Pockets and club dividers– Full-length dividers are the best to keep your clubs from knocking each other and separate the pockets. Whether it has a five or three divider bags, pick one that your clubs will fit well. Choose one with pockets that will meet your needs.

☑ Weight– if you intend to carry your golf bag with you, then make sure that it is light. Do not put a lot of stuff because it can be too heavy.

☑ Hooks– depending on whether you want a bag with a hook for your towel, umbrella makes sure it is available.

☑ Price– Golf bags prices vary and you can get one costing under $200 that will best suit you. As long as it has enough storage, is lightweight and comfortable and meets your other needs, then do not hesitate to pick it.

☑ Storage– A golf bag with large space for storing all golf accessories is the best to have. Important pockets should be available for storing balls, gloves, tees, drinks and snacks, and much more. The valuables pocket is ideal for storing watches and wallets.


It is important that as a golfer, you choose a golf bag that will best suit you. It should be durable so that it can take you for long. Consider the above factors to ensure that it meets your needs. You can get the best golf bags under $200 and you won’t be disappointed as it will best serve you.

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