Top 10 Best Golf Bags Reviews

Most of the golfers forget the importance of a golf bag in the overall performance in a game. A good golfer should realize the need to own a golf bag that will help to store anything they need for the game including your set of clubs and valuables such as a mobile phone or watch.

However, there are various factors that determine the suitability of a golf bag. The bag should be durable, well-organized, and easy to carry around making your life as a golfer easier. The bag should be worth the money and should provide the much-needed value as a vital supporting player in your golf game.

Table of the Best Durable Golf Bags 

So which golf bag is best suited for you?

Golf technology changes rapidly and the golf bags are not in any way different. Some years ago, the best golf bags on the market were heavy and cumbersome and got heavier if it was rained on. Today, the manufacturers of the bags check on factors such as design, weight and waterproof as key ingredients in the manufacture of the bag.

It is not easy for golfers especially beginners to choose a golf bag. Even for professional and experienced golfers, it may not be an easy choice. This article will help you to narrow down all the choices and categories you have and make the best decision that is worth the bucks.

⣠Here is a list of 10 Best Golf Bags 2019

Top 10 Best Golf Bags

1. Best Cart Golf Bag: Callaway Golf 2018 Org 14 

If you’re that golfer who likes to drive a cart on each round, then this is the best bag for you. Callaway golf bags are one of the most popular brands due to their high-quality construction and up to date updates to keep up with the market demand.

The golf bag has a 14-way top with full-length dividers structure that runs all the way down to the base of the bag to keep your entire storage sturdy and safe.

For convenience, the cart bag has exterior pockets that are front-facing including two easy entrée magnetic valuables pockets where you can safely store your phone, wallet, keys and other accessories and a magnetic range finder pocket. Also, it has two protected beverage pockets with drain ports and a dual pen holder.

The bag only weighs about 5.6 pounds and measures 35 x 12 x 10 inches. It is definitely a great bag with lots of storage space including the nice cooler pockets. It will cost you under $300 to own this bag.

What we loved

😃 Lightweight

😃 Durable

😃 Magnetic pockets

😃 The full-length dividers

What we didn’t like

☹ Average in size

2. Best Golf Bag for Beginners: Taylor Made Flextech Lite Stand Bag

Taylor is a nice bag for both beginners, professional and international golfers may not get the most out of it as it doesn’t have high-end features. The bag was made with the needs of beginners in mind and it will offer you a remarkable start of your golfing escapade.

The bag weighs 4.3 lbs and can be categorized among best lightweight golf bags. So you won’t have difficulty carrying this stand bag from one area to the other. Also, it has a dual density comfy strap that ensures that the bag doesn’t hurt your back.

The golf bag has an easily reachable protected water bottle pocket and a zip-off ball pocket for embroidery. Taylor golf bag has a Flextech stand structure that discharges smoothly and easily with a collapsible style support that guarantees your club not to stick or crowd.

If you’re looking for the best prices on golf bags, Taylor will offer you the best deal. The best golf bag under $200 is a perfect choice for both beginners and professional.

What we loved

😃 Made of high-quality materials

😃 Insulated large water bottle pocket

😃 Lightweight

😃 Lovely stands and straps

What we didn’t like

☹ Doesn’t have advanced features suitable for professional golfers

3. Best Golf Travel Bags: 5″ Sunday Bag, Lightweight Carry Golf Bag

In our review of the best travel golf bags, Sunday Bag topped the list. If you are a person who travels a lot, this is a superb bag to own.

The lightweight bag is made of durable polyester material. It takes little space in a car trunk, camper, or a trailer. After use, you can always fold and store it neatly until you are ready to travel again.

It can be used by all levels of golfers from the beginners to senior golfers who may not want to carry a full complement of clubs. The bag has a padded shoulder strap that offers additional comfy and a handle on the side to swiftly pick up and go.

The bag has pockets that can efficiently store tees, balls, divot equipment, or anything else that you may require during your round. You don’t have to carry a heavy bag when all you require for your game is this superb 5†Sunday Bag. This best golf travel bags will cost you under $20.

What we loved

😃 Portable and lightweight

😃 Durable

😃 Easy to fold up and store

😃 Takes less space

What we didn’t like

☹ Doesn’t have advanced features such as dividers

4. Best Carry Golf Bags: Ping 2018 MOONLITE 181 CARRY GOLF BAG 

The golf carry bag is sometimes referred to as Sunday bags. If you’re that golfer who prefers to walk the course while carrying few clubs and other accessories on a bag, Ping 2018 would be a good option for you.

Ping Moonlite Carry Bag is a lightweight bag that measures about 2.5 pounds. The lightweight feature ensures that you’re able to carry the bag with much ease so that you don’t strain yourself while on the course.

The best golf bags for walking comes with a water-resistant belly and you don’t have to worry about a wet ground while playing. There are valuable pockets on the top of the bag where you can safely store your valuables. Also, if you’re expecting the heavens to open or some rain, the bag will come with a rain hood.

The bag is constructed with a two way top technique and will come with four pockets that will help you store all the clubs you require as well as the gear. The beverage pocket will help you store your drink.

Also, the bag has adjustable straps that make it easy to pick up and can be easily modified to single strap carrying. The cheap golf bag will cost you under $100 to purchase.

What we loved

😃 Price

😃 Portable and lightweight

😃 Adjustable straps

😃 Water resistant belly

What we didn’t like

☹ Carry fewer items

5. Best Golf Stand Bags: Titleist Stand Bag – Ultra Lightweight

Titleist golf bags have a special place in most golfers. Titleist stand bag is a great stand bag that will surpass your wild prospects.

The bag is ultra lightweight and it measures just 5 lbs and you won’t have problems carrying it around the course. Titleist golf bag has all the attributes of a superior stand bag design. It will come with full kit and ball pockets to store your clubs and a beverage casing.

The double strap makes it easy to carry and the broad foot stands system that makes the bag an ideal selection for any serious walker. Having a bag with a stand mechanism is a very important factor to consider. If the bag does not sit well while unloading or carrying, the 4 hours round can look like 5 hours round. All Titleist bags usually fit in the well of most of the motorized golf carts. It is among the best golf bags under $100.

What we loved

😃 Plenty of pockets to store accessories

😃 Stand system

What we didn’t like

☹ A bit heavy

6. Best Ladies Golf Bags: Sun Mountain Golf Women’s Diva Cart Bag

Are you a lady golfer who is looking for an amazing golf bag for women? Sun Mountain Diva Cart bag will always add elegance finesse and classy fair to your golf game.

This golf bag has remarkable features such as eight pockets. These best-looking golf bags have the following pockets: a beverage pocket, velour-lined pocket for storing valuables, and full-length apparel pocket, and a rangefinder pocket. All the eight pockets are forward facing to ease accessibility when the bag is on the cart.

The best women’s golf bag has a fur-lined carry strap for ease of carrying. It also has a pouch that ensures that they keep the strap out of the way when the golf bag is on the hood. The ladies golf bag also comes with an identical rain hood. The budget for this golf bag for ladies is less than $120.

What we loved

😃 Full-length dividers

😃 Elegant design

😃 8 pockets

😃 Lightweight

What we didn’t like

☹ Not so many available colors

7. Best Leather Golf Bags: Sun Mountain Leather Collection Cart Bag Golf

The golf leather bags are probably the most expensive types of golf bags. Having this in mind, I have checked on the best quality leather golf bag that will offer you quality and value for your money. Sun Mountain leather cart bag fits the bill.

The Sun Mountain leather bag brags of a genuine leather bag that has been the pride of golfers for decades on the course. The leather bag is made of Yak leather which is 100% premium and particularly durable and can withstand many situations and terrains.

The bag has a 4-way top feature and numerous pockets that ensure that you’re provided with plenty of storage for those things that you require for the round. The bag has full-length divider velour-lined pocket to store valuables such as watches.

The bag weighs about 4.5 lbs and has an adjustable single shoulder strap that will help you to easily carry the bag around the course.

What we loved

😃 Genuine leather

😃 Classy

😃 Durable

😃 Numerous pockets

What we liked

☹ Pricey

8. Best Waterproof Golf Bag: VARDI Lightweight Golf Cart Bag

Golfers are now considering buying purpose bags that are made to multi-task and cover a variety of requirements. VARDI golf cart bag is the best waterproof bag on the market and you wouldn’t have to worry about rain or wet ground.

VARDI is made of a sturdy nylon with ABS plastic inserts. Also, it has waterproof YKK zippers with taped seams that ensure that the bag does not hold water even when it pours.

Waterproof golf bags are always lighter compared to other ordinary golf bags as they are made of novel waterproof materials that are lightweight. However, the fabric used is always of high quality to ensure that the bag is durable.

One of the users said, “The best fact about VARDI is that there are full-length top dividers. Also, it has a small opening in each channel that ensures that the clubs are grasped in a fixed position so that they do not hit each other. This is absolutely marvelous!â€

VARDI golf bag is portable and you won’t have a problem carrying it as it only weighs 5.2 pounds. It comes with a shoulder grip, an exclusive padded shoulder strap, 14 way top completed with length dividers, lower and upper umbrella, cooler pocket, and rubberized stand-alone grip feet.

It has extra features such as the secret pocket, lift assist handle, glove carabiner, and 3 ample front pockets. VARDI has 14 club holes where all your clubs needed for the course are stored. Note: The bag has an American Flag embedded on it and it will cost you under $150 to own it.

What we loved

😃 Waterproof

😃 14 club holes

😃 Full-length dividers

😃 Plenty of pockets for storage

What we didn’t like

☹ Not as light as expected

9. Best Cheap Golf Bags: Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Stand Carry Bag

If you’re looking for the best deals on golf bags, Orlimar Pitch and Putt is your best choice. As a golfer, you will get this golf bag at under $50 and will serve you perfectly.

The best golf bag for the money is perfect when you want to take a few holes at the executive course or at a driving range. Orlimar bag comes with two compartment top, a removable shoulder strap, sturdy carry handle, one accessory pocket, strong stand system, and modifiable elastic lanyard. It is lightweight as it only weighs 1.95 lbs.

What we loved

😃 Price

😃 Lightweight

😃 Strong stand system

What we didn’t like

☹ Few pockets

☹ Missing most of the advanced features

10. Best Golf Bags Under $100: TaylorMade Golf Cart Golf Bag

Often, we get emails from golfers who want to know what bag we would recommend for a person on a budget of roughly $100. There are various types of bags that we would recommend this budget but TaylorMade Golf 2017 is the best among the rest.

This under 100 golf bag gives ample storage for all you require while doing rounds. It is optimized for cart use and has a velour-lined pocket to store valuables. The bag weighs 4.9 lbs.

TaylorMade Golf Bag has 7 pockets entailing 2 oversized attire pockets and a 14-way divider top. Also, it comes with an incorporated grab knob and the single padded shoulder strap that permit for a comfy carry.

Additional features of the bag include an umbrella sleeve, water bottle pouch, a matching rain hood, and 7 pockets that entail tee and ball pockets.

What we loved

😃 Reasonable price

😃 Satisfactory storage

😃 Lightweight

What we liked

☹ The straps require some improvements

Different Types of Golf Bag

A golf bag is every golfer best friend as it stays with you as you take your shots. It ensures that every item is kept compact and secure. Are you a rider, walker or both? Do you like to keep additional clothing and other valuables such as rangefinders/GPS? How often do you play? How many clubs do you want to carry? These are all questions that you should ask yourself before deciding on the type of bags to purchase. In order to select the best golf bags, you must understand the diverse types of bags on the market and see what works for you.

Let’s explore on each type of golf bag on the market.

⣠Carry Golf Bag

Best carry golf bags are designed to be carried by golfers as they walk the tracks. The carry bags are necessary if you plan to drag or carry the bags yourself. The lightweight carry golf bags weigh about 2 pounds as they are made of materials such as nylon as opposed to heavy fabric like leather. The light golf bag ensures that you don’t hurt your back as you walk the course. These portable carry bags have rucksack-like straps so you can pick them up swiftly and be on your way. The best golf carry bags will have sufficient pockets for spare golf balls, gloves, tees, beverages and other requirements.

⣠Cart Golf Bags

The cart bag is particularly designed to be carried on either a golf push cart or a golf riding cart. The best golf cart bags are not the best choice if you’re planning to carry your bag or to walk the course the whole golfing period. The best-rated golf cart bags work well for carts as they’re intended to offer easy access to all the bag’s pockets whilst remaining strapped to the back of your pull or riding cart. They also have a rubber or non-slip base that ensures that the bag does not slide off the cart. Cart bags are about 5 and 9 inches in diameter and they are not designed for ease of lifting.

⣠Stand Golf Bags

Best golf stand bags have a unique design when compared to other modes of a golf bag as they have two retractable legs. The stand permits the bag to stand completely upright or you can make it stand canted. The best men’s golf bags two legs of the golf stand bags allow the bag to stabilize whilst permitting an easy access to any club.

Golfers usually prefer the stand bags when they are walking the course as the retractable legs permit the bag to stay upright on the grass while the other bags are designed for the flat surface. Most of the stand bags are equipped with shoulder straps that help you to easily carry the bags on your shoulders by distributing the weight across both shoulders.

The best light golf bags weigh around pounds or lighter and some have extra features such as hip pad to ensure that the bag doesn’t rub you the wrong way while you walk. The best looking golf bags can be strapped to the back of a riding cart or used with pull/push carts.

⣠Staff Golf Bags

The staff bags are usually large and heavy (8 to 12 inches) in diameter. The staff bags are usually designed to hold a complete set of 14 golf clubs as well as other accessories that a golfer could possibly require. However, the bag is very heavy and you can only buy one if you’re sure of having a caddy (an individual who carries a player’s clubs and bags). They’re mostly leather and have a notably featured logo on the side. The staff bags are mostly used by golfers and they have a price that mirrors their executive make.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Golf Bag (Buyer’s Guide)

☑ Walk or Ride

There are various diverse types of bags that address different needs. If you’re that golfer who love walk when playing golf, you should buy yourself a stand bag or a carry bag that has some good strap to assist you carry it. If you like to ride in a cart, then a staff bag or a cart bag would serve you well. Nonetheless, if you decide on purchasing a staff bag, you need to be a scratch golfer as most people would prefer to play with a pro especially if they’re carrying a staff bag.

☑ Putter Well

The putter well can be defined as a separate compartment that is specifically designed to ensure that your putter does not damage the shafts of the other clubs in the bag.

☑ Club Dividers and Pockets

The club dividers in a golf bag help to keep clubs from crashing against one another in countless ways. There are those dividers that have full-length that separate numerous pockets of a golf bag and others have five or three divider pockets. Buy a golf bag that makes you comfortable as you carry all your clubs in the bag. Pockets will help to ensure that you store your valuables such as phones safely.

☑ Comfortable Strap

If you purchase a golf bag, you need to feel comfy and at ease. A comfortable strap should be wide and well-padded with room for adjustment to fit your body form. The straps should adjust enough so that the bag can be able to sit on your shoulders with a slim tilt to keep your clubs in the bag.

☑ Weight

There are those golfers who like to carry their bag as they walk the course and they may find it difficult if the bag is heavy to carry. Lightweight golf carry bags will help golfers to implement their work well. However, lighter bags may have fewer storage space options and pockets. Also, the lighter bags are made of materials such as nylon and may not be able to stand up over time when you compare them with leather made bags. You need to purchase a bag that has is comfy to carry.

☑ Storage

A good golf bag will help you to store all the kinds of stuff that you require for a round of golf. A nice golf bag will assist you to store tees, golf bags, GPS, gloves, and a snack or two. If you get a bag with pockets for your scorecard or water bottle are nice. There are those storage spaces that you can store valuables such as a wallet and watch. Ensure that you always have a golf bag that you can store all you need for a round of golf.

☑ Hooks

If you have items to show make sure that your bag has a place for that. There are bags that have hooks for stuff and it enables you to place your towels there. A lot of the golf bags have explicit towel hooks while others.

☑ Price

A rational buyer will always seek to buy a bag that doesn’t break the bank. There are those that cost $400 and there are people who can afford that. You can purchase for yourself a good bag that will cost about $120-$150. I would advise you to start with one that costs $150 and check on issues such as material, makes, design, storage, and other factors. If you choose a cheaper golf bag and compromise on the quality, you may be forced to visit the shop sooner for a replacement.

☑ Umbrella Holder

The umbrella holder is a great attribute to have so that you can have an umbrella in case of rain.

Tips for Golf Bag Care

  1. Ensure that you clean off your bag with a moist towel to eliminate any debris, pollen, and dirt.
  2. Always be cautious about what you place in the pockets of your bag and leave there for a long period as they can cause molding and destruction of your bag.
  3. Always store your best-rated golf bags in a place where it will not be covered in dust or get dirty. You can place your trash bag or a place it in a plastic to ensure that airborne particles don’t accumulate on the gear.

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