An electric skillet serves as a multipurpose appliance in the kitchen and performs any function that a stovetop would do. It is a great item to have especially where the kitchen lacks enough cooktop. They often come with their own source of heating, thus, requiring you to plug it in a socket.

The main advantage of a skillet is that it is able to hold a sturdy temperature compared to a pan on the stove. Also, it has sidewalls and you can be able to prepare a variety of meals.

Table of the Best Rated Electric Skillet

Best electric skillets are designed to be used in the following circumstances:

☑ To keep the food warm

☑ In areas such as motels with no kitchen

☑ A surface that heats evenly and has a precise temperature gauge

☑ In case your oven or stove is unbearable during summer then the electric skillet comes in handy

☑ If you are cooking many dishes and your stove is full then this can be used for cooking other meals

However, choosing one may be so hard because there are several brands available in the market today and that is why we have written this article to guide you. You don’t have to worry anymore because we have reviewed 10 best electric skillets to help you choose one easily.

10 Best Electric Skillet on the Market

1. Best Overall: Presto 06857 

This is an amazing basic kitchen item to have as it is both durable and effective. Presto electric skillet is made of heavy aluminum with a deluxe nonstick surface to ensure that food doesn’t stick and also makes cleaning easy. The best electric skillet can be washed with a dishwasher and heat control is removable and is easily controlled.

It has a built-in spout that makes it easy for pouring of liquids and also acts as spatula holder and spoon for cooking and serving. To detach the skillet pan fold its handles then put in the skillet for storage. It is energy efficient compared to a stove or oven. The 16-inch electric skillet is best for frying chicken.

Used for roasting, baking, as a frying grilling and cooking stews.


✅ Built-in spout for easy drainage

✅ Detachable handles and base for easy cleaning and storage

✅ Stay cool handles and tempered glass cover for usage as a buffet server

✅ Non-sticky surfaces for easy cleaning

✅ Control master heat control for automatic maintenance of cooking temperature

Why we vote it as the Best Skillet!

⣠The skillet is able to cook evenly

⣠Very easy to clean

⣠Has a pour spout where you can rest a spoon

⣠Deep making it easy to hold a large capacity of food

⣠Compact storage. The handles can fold down to detach the skillet pan from its base taking up less cabinet space.

2. Best electric skillet for pancakes: Elite Platinum

This is a deep 8 electric skillet ideal for making sandwiches, fried veggies, fluffy pancakes and is able to fry chicken enough for a bigger family since it is large. The clear tempered glass lid makes sure that all flavors and moisture is locked in. You can also drain any excess liquid easily with the easy-pour spout and. Heating is faster between 200-400 degrees and even which prevents hot spots and burned food. It is fully immersible for fast and easy cleaning.


✅ Made of thick cast aluminum and a black lacquer finish to prevent rusting

✅ Tempered glass lid for locking flavors and moisture

✅ Easy-pour spout for excess liquid drainage

✅ Non-sticky coating and transparent glass lid

✅ M-shaped heating element for faster and even heat distribution

✅ Adjustable temperature between 200-400 degrees

✅ The glass lid and skillet body is dishwasher safe and removable thermostat control

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3. Best Ceramic Electric Skillet: Hamilton 38529 

The Hamilton Beach skillet makes heating quick and even. The pan is removable and has a durathon ceramic coating for easy cleaning. Its surface is more durable; therefore, your skillet cannot peel or crack while serving is made easier with the removable skillet. Adjustable heat makes it ideal for various cooking.


✅ Removable pans make cleaning and serving easy

✅ Adjustable temperature control for various cooking options

✅ Glass lid for heat locking and clear viewing of the food.

✅ Dishwasher safe parts upon cord removal

✅ Durathon ceramic nonstick coating for durability

4. Best Stainless Steel Electric Skillet: Oster 

Cook your meal, soup, fry your chicken and bake easily with this skillet. It has a 16 by the 12-inch surface capacity that makes it suitable for cooking a meal for many people. The adjustable temperature control enables you to cook several foods to your desired level while the tempered glass lid enables you to clearly see the cooking food. Its surface is nonstick, hence, makes cleaning easy. The cool touch handles to keep your hands safe from burning.


✅ Tempered glass lid locks in moisture and flavor and allows you to clearly see the food while cooking

✅ Adjustable temperature control

✅ Nonstick surface for easy cleaning

✅ Large 16 by 12-inch surface suitable for large crowd cooking

✅ Cool-touch handles to keep your hands safe and transportations easier

5. Best Cheap Electric Skillet: Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic 

The Oster Titanium electric skillet is 12-inch with a Dura ceramic and non-sticky coating for durability and easy cleaning. It will greatly save you energy and time as it cooks 30% faster compared to other skillets. The 12 by 12-inch measurement makes it suitable for cooking both small and large meals. Its glass lid enables you to see the food while cooking and locks the moisture and flavor in. The cool-touch handles and steam vent makes cooking and steam evaporation easier. The adjustable temperature control makes it ideal for cooking various foods at the desired level.


✅ Duraceramic and non-sticky coating for durability and easy cleaning

✅ Adjustable temperature control

✅ Large surface suitable for small and large meals

✅ Tempered glass lid for flavor and moisture locking and clear view of the cooking food

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6. Best Electric Skillet Under $50: Liven Middle Size 

This is a round shape electric skillet made of aluminum alloy and a nonsticky coat for durability. The streamlined design makes it elegant. It has1500W makes boiling, frying, steaming and baking easy when there is no gas. You can use it to cook a meal of 4 people and at the same time use it as a hot pot. The glass lid is able to stand on the table in an upright position hence saving you space. Anti-hot Bakelite handle prevents scalding while tempered glass lid locks in moisture and you can monitor the cooking meal.


✅ Aluminum alloy material with a non-stick coating for durability

✅ Tempered glass lid for moisture and flavor locking and food monitoring

✅ Anti-hot bakelite handles for scalding prevention

✅ 1500W for easy dish cooking in absence of gas

✅ Detachable power cord and three fire speed adjustment for cooking various meals.

7. Best Small Electric Skillet: Black & Decker 

It features a 12-inch cooking surface and a removable and adjustable temperature control. The cool touch base and serving handles makes your hands safe when handling it. It has a tempered glass lid for locking moisture and flavor and clearly monitoring your food while cooking. The probe lever is also quickly releasable.


✅ Non-sticky cooking surface

✅ Tempered glass lid

✅ Cool-touch base and serving handless

✅ Removable temperature control

8. Best Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken: De’Longhi BG45 

Making your meal is possible with this De’Longhi as cooking is efficient and evenly and in a very short time. Heat is distributed evenly to make sure that food is well cooked. The tempered glass lid locks in flavor to keep your food tasty and warm for a long time. Its surface is non-sticky, thus, making cleaning easy. The skillet also has an adjustable steam vent holes that make steam evaporation easier. It is dishwasher safe and its base is non-sticky, therefore, easy to clean.


✅ Tempered glass lid for locking flavors and moisture

✅ Cold touch handles for safe handling after cooking

✅ The base is non-sticky for easy cleaning

✅ Adjustable steam vents holes for easy steam evaporation

9. Best Electric Skillet under 100: Zojirushi EP-PBC10 

Zojirushi is a wide skillet which performs several functions with adjustable temperature settings. The cooking pan is durable and suitable for stewing, sautering and grilling. You can be able to remove it safely and quickly since it has to stay cool handles at the side. It has a tempered glass lid that allows you to check the food while cooking without opening the lid. The cooking surface is nonstick coated and made of titanium ceramic. You can use the pan for grilling and place it on top of a stove to cook. This Zojirushi skillet disassembles easily for cleaning. This skillet is ideal for braising chicken or pot roasts while simmering in wine, frying pork chops or pancakes, grilling vegetables, seafood or barbecue steaks and broiling meat and fish cuts. It can keep cooked food warm for long.


✅ Adjustable temperature settings

✅ Stay cool side handles

✅ It comes with recipes

✅ Has a catalytic filter to keep odor away from the house

✅ A drip pan to remove excess fat and oil

10. Best non-stick electric skillet: Cuisinart CSK-250WS 

Cuisinart skillet is the best and easiest to use. It is made of stainless steel with 1800 watt and a cooking surface of 14 by 14 inch. The interior part is nonstick, ceramic, petroleum free with no PTFE or PFOA. This enables you to fry, sear, braise, griddle or simmer your food with no oil and can clean easily. With the tempered glass lid, you can monitor your food when cooking. This griddle is dishwasher safe when you remove the probe. Adjustable heat makes it possible to adjust to the temperature required for cooking different food.


✅ Ceramic nonstick cooking surface

✅ Adjustable heat

✅ Tempered glass lid

✅ Dishwasher safe

✅ Instruction and recipe book

Final Thought

Look no more for an electric skillet because the above skillets we have reviewed are of a higher quality and will best suit you. You can also check on the best rice cooker under $50

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