Why you should have an Electric Griddle in your Kitchen: Use and Benefits

The Best electric griddle

An electric griddle is necessary if you often love to have family or friends over for a meal. You can make pancakes, burgers, eggs, sandwiches and more, hence, used in making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. An electric griddle is easy to use and very beneficial since you can prepare food for many people. With many brands in the market, it sometimes becomes hard to choose one for yourself. However, this article has reviewed the top ten best griddles for you to choose from easily.

Use of an electric griddle

✅ Making egg and pancakes- this ensures that you can prepare pancakes and eggs for your family or many guests within a shorter time for breakfast.

✅ Burgers- You can make burgers for dinner with no oil since the grease will all be drained so you can eat healthily.

✅ Tortillas – homemade tortillas is easy with an electric griddle. An electric griddle is wide and distributes heat evenly so you can cook many at a go.

✅ Grilling cheese- if you want a cheese sandwich that has been perfectly grilled, then make sure you get yourself the best electric griddle. It perfectly cooks your sandwich without sogging. You can cook various sandwiches because its cooking surface is wide.

✅ Making crab cake- the process of making your crab cake is easy. You can make many crab cakes at a go because it is spacious and it keeps it warm for long.

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Benefits of an electric griddle

???? Flat surface– this ensures that your eggs or pancakes are perfectly prepared. This also makes sure it cooks evenly. You can move your spatula easily when flipping the food.

???? Even heating– unlike a stove, an electric griddle does not have any cool spots when cooking, thus, you get to cook your food perfectly.

???? It cooks large amounts of food– if you have a big family or many guests coming over, then you don’t have to worry if you have an electric griddle. It is possible to cook bacon, pancakes, and eggs at the same time.

???? Offers Healthy cooking-the cooking surface is nonstick needing no extra grease, thus, a healthy cooking. With grill insert, all the meat dripping will drain before you start cooking.

???? Frees the stovetop– cooking some food with a griddle, gives you the chance of cooking other food with the stove. You can also use it to warm other dishes.

???? Easy cleaning– Unlike other cooking utensils which may be hard to clean, an electric griddle is the easiest since the surface is nonstick so you don’t have to scrub it.

Difference between a griddle and a skillet

For a fast breakfast, lunch or dinner fix, an electric griddle or skillet can help you do that. A griddle being an appliance that is easy to use, it enables you to make your meals without making any mess in your kitchen. Both the skillet and griddle are beneficial when cooking but has many differences. The cooking surface difference allows cooking of different types of food.

Electric Griddle

It has a flat cooking surface that can be used in cooking different kinds of food. Its flat surface ensures a even heating, unlike a stovetop. A griddle has a wide surface than a frying pan, thus, suitable for preparing eggs, pancakes and other food at the same time for breakfast. For a larger family or many guests, a griddle will be perfect. Griddles often have a nonstick surface so that your food won’t stick and is also scratch resistant.

Electric skillet

Just like an electric griddle, you can put your skillet on top of a counter and plug into a socket. Unlike a griddle, a skillet has small walls with a cover.  The walls ensure that your food does not fall, hence, you can comfortably stir and mix them. With open edges, a skillet can also be used in cooking liquids something a griddle can’t.  A skillet is ideal when cooking large dinner as it will save your stove.

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Types of griddles

Griddles vary in designs and with several of them in the market, it is important that you choose one that will best suit you. Some are made out of aluminum, stainless steel, and others plastic. There are some with dual controls so that when one side is warm the other one is not used. We recommend that you pick one made of aluminum or light materials to ensure that you can easily transfer it.

☑ Electric Griddle

It has a smooth and nonstick surface which provides a constant heat. It is plugged into a socket and temperature set depending on the type of food you cook. Its convenience and portability make it ideal for making hamburgers, pancakes, eggs, grilling cheese and more.

☑ Gas griddle

These are ideal for commercial cookings. It gives a bacon an authentic and smoky taste making it the best choice if you love it.

☑ Electric griddle with grill

There are such griddles with a grill that allows you to cook your meat while cooking other kinds of food on the other side. The grease from your meat drips hence a healthy cooking.

Features to consider when buying an electric griddle

✅ Size

A small-sized griddle is ideal for cooking meals for fewer people while larger ones suit many people. Depending on the size of your family or the number of people you intend to cook for choose the best according to size.

✅ Grill inserts

There are griddles with two different sides one being flat and the other having grills. Such a griddle is suitable for cooking different kinds of food and grease draining is much easy.

✅ Coating

Many electric griddles have a nonstick surface, therefore, you can make pancakes and eggs with no difficulties. Your food will also not stick with each other making it the best choice.

✅ Heat control

An electric griddle with low, medium and high ranges of heat control is the best as it allows you to set the heat suitable to cook various kinds of food.

✅ Dual thermostat

Majority of griddles often have a single thermostat with few having dual. A griddle with dual thermostat allows you to separate cooking time on the two sides for perfect results.

Cleaning a griddle

A griddle must be cleaned and maintained more often to ensure it produces perfect results.

Things to use

  • -Water
  • -Flat spatula
  • -Dish soap
  • -Paper towel


  • -Scrape the grease and oil with the flat spatula so it won’t scratch it. Remove all the particles from the surface.
  • -Use little dish wash and pour water on its surface
  • -Let the water loosen the grease
  • -Wipe the grease with the paper towel. A metal spatula can also be used with less pressure.
  • -Wash the grill insert and the tray in your sink

Cleaning your electric griddle more often prevents grease from building up which can make it ineffective.

Safety tips

  • -It is important that you read the instructions before using it to ensure that you are safe and your griddle also.
  • -Avoid touching the surface to avoid your hands from burning. To determine the temperature adjust it by use of the knobs.
  • -Never submerge it in liquid to avoid electric shock which may not be safe.
  • -Keep it far from kids since it is dangerous to them. When cooking makes sure to supervise them.
  • -When not in use, unplug its outlet to make sure the kids are safe and cleaning is easy.

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