Why Skateboarding is a Good Muscles Workout

Skateboarding is not just a sport but it entails a serious workout. Skateboarders involve their muscles as they try to maintain a high level of dexterity and stability. Having the best skateboarding brand will help you cruise comfortably while a skateboard helmet will keep you safe in case of an accident.

As you skateboard, you can have a nice workout by just moving in one direction but performing diverse skills will surge the demand of the muscles as they need manifold dual movements in swift succession.

However, skateboarders will have one part of their muscles being favored and not an equal distribution of muscle workout of your whole body. Thus, weight lifting will assist in balancing the kind of workout that you undergo.

Muscles involved while Skateboarding

❣ Core Muscles

Skateboarding entails core exercises. It entails the training of the muscles in your lower back, abdomen, hips, muscles that surrounds your spine, and pelvis to work in accord. The coordinated actions of the muscles leads to better stability and balance whether conducting daily activities or playing in the field. Stability in the core muscles helps people to succeed in most physical activities and sports.

Skateboarding ensures that you work out your core muscles properly. The core muscle stabilizes your body and permits you to balance on unbalanced exterior which is a fundamental element of skateboarding. Thus, by skateboarding, your core muscles get worked out and you are able to remain fit.

❣ Quadriceps Muscles

The quadriceps muscles entail 4 big muscles situated at the front of the thigh. The muscles are namely vastus intermedius, vastus medialis, vastud lateralis, and rectus femoris. The quad muscles are powerful and they result in propulsion and movement. Exercises such as squats usually involve extensively working out the quadriceps.

While skateboarding, the quads muscles are heavily worked out. Skateboarding styles such as Ollie entail hip flexion and knee extension. When skaters move upward a hill, they straighten the legs making the effect to be felt on the knees. The quads muscles are worked out well and the skater undergoes an extensive workout while training.

❣ Hamstrings Muscles

The hamstrings muscles are four muscles that broaden from the glutes to the back of the knee. The hamstrings help you to flex your knee and permit you to bring the calves up in the direction of your thigh. Hamstrings muscles are a vital component for crouching down as they help the skater to maintain a lower center of gravity during skating. Hip wings move the top of the pelvis backward, which is a vital movement for gaining forward speed with a single foot while skateboarding.

❣ Gluteus Maximus

The gluteus maximus is one of the biggest muscles in your body. It extends from the hips to the hamstrings. The muscles are a vital stabilizing muscle for skateboarders and it permits you to maintain balance as you transition from a squatting position to an upright position. During the process of riding the skateboard, the hips actions activate the gluteus maximums that aid the skaters to achieve maximum speed when driving on a surface that is flat. Thus, skateboarding is a sport that assists your gluteus maximums to work out well.

❣ Lower Legs

Skateboarding can assist you to develop muscles in your lower legs. The calves or gastrocnemuius muscles helos the quads muscles to extend to the knees. Skateboarders depend on the gastrocnemius to help your toes to point downwards. The dorsal flexion permits you to lean your heels downward during skateboarding providing directional run in the opposite movement of plantar flexion.
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