Benefits of owning a Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple food in almost all homes and with a better way of cooking it, be assured that you will not be bored eating it almost every day. It is affordable and can sometimes be so hard to cook when done on a stove. When you have the best rice cooker, it becomes very simple to make it as you will only have to measure the cups of rice and water and then switch it on and wait for it to cook.

With the best rice cooker, there is no need of having a saucepan if you intend to bake your rice. Making a meal for your family or friends will be so easy as it cuts the time a traditional cooker uses. It also saves space when you are cooking more than one meal with your stove since you can cook your rice or other meal with it and cook other meals on your stove. The other thing everyone opts for is having a perfect meal for the guests and the rice cooker will surely enable you to achieve it.

12 Benefits of Owning a Rice Cooker

❣ Easy to use– the procedure is very simple since you are only required to measure the rice with the cup it comes with and put water then switch it on and leave it to cook on its own.

❣ Automatic switch off-once your rice is fully cooked, the rice cooker switches off automatically so you don’t have to worry about your rice burning.

❣ Warm mode– When your rice is ready, it switches to the warm mode. There are several rice cooker models that can keep your rice warm up to 12 hours, thus, you don’t have to warm it later when you want to serve.

❣ Programmable settings– it is easy to operate, therefore, enables you to cook several kinds of grains such as white and brown rice, cereals, oats and more.

❣ Time-saving– put the rice and other required ingredients into the cooker set it and leave it to cook on its own. This gives you extra time to attend to other chores or your kids. The time it takes to cook your meal is also reduced compared to when you use a traditional cooker.

❣ Perfect cooking– your rice will be consistently and perfectly cooked since the grains will be kept separate and neither will it be overcooked nor undercooked. Your grains will not be so soft or hard and will not stick.

❣ Measuring cup and bowl lines– the cup enables you to measure the required cups of rice while the bowl lines indicate the amount of water required to cook the rice.

❣ Steaming settings– there are some rice cooker models that has the settings of steaming fish or vegetables, cooking stews and soup. This enables you to cook rice and steam vegetables or fish on the top, thus, saving the time taken in cooking your food separately.

❣ Different sizes-the rice cooker models vary with the size as some can cook from 3 cups to 20 cups. This gives you a wide range to pick from depending on your needs.

❣ Convenient– rice cookers are often convenient since you can turn it on and let your rice cook when you leave the house. Your rice will be ready by the time you come back and you don’t have to worry about being there to turn it off.

❣ Effective and effortless process– once you have measured the correct amount of rice and water, just place them inside the rice cooker and wait for it to cook on its own.

❣ Health benefit-rice cooked on a rice cooker always has an insoluble fiber that prevents constipation disorders of the bowel and at the same time increasing your energy level.

Multiple cooking there are several rice cooker models that can be used in cooking more than just rice. With some, you can prepare oats for your breakfast, bake, make yogurt, soup, cereals and steam your vegetables with the basket on the top while your rice cooks at the bottom.

Important features to consider in a rice cooker

☑ Multiple cooking stages- different rice cooks at different times, therefore, the best rice cooker should give you time options to enable you to cook various types of rice.

☑ Steaming option- there are models that come with a tray you can use to steam your veggies while your rice cooks at the bottom. This greatly retains the minerals and vitamins.

☑ Programmable option- this allows you to delay when to start cooking your rice or be able to know the time you’ve got for the cycle of cooking to be over.

☑ Multiple food cooking-some models have the baking option through which you can make mini-cakes, make yogurt, and many more, hence, no need of having other appliances for cooking food your rice cooker can.

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We recommend that you get yourself a rice cooker since you can use it to cook various meals other than rice. Every time you cook your rice, it will be perfect even if you are not a good cook o long as you put the correct amount of ingredients. Your rice will blend well with the water, hence, you will achieve a flavored and healthier meal. Also, there are rice cookers under $50 that will still serve you well.

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