Why you should use the Best Central Air Conditioner for your Home during Summer

Having a cooling system in your home is something you should always consider to have as soon as summer and heat of spring comes knocking. You can always use a central air conditioner in your home. The air conditioner has two coils that cool your entire home where the cooling compressor is always positioned outside the house and it is separated from the fan unit that blows cool air throughout your home.

The condensing coil consists a compressor, condenser fan, and a grill protecting the fan blade, a case and refrigerant lines running into your home to evaporator coil. The air is cooled when refrigerant is pumped through evaporator coil inside the compressor by absorbing the heat. The refrigerant goes back to the condensing coil releasing the heat that had been absorbed returning it to a liquid form and the cycle continues.

Types of central air conditioner

✔ A split-system central air conditioner

A ductwork for its installation is not a requirement. The condenser and compressor are contained in an outdoor metal cabinet while the evaporator and the furnace are found in the indoor cabinet. The evaporator coil is often installed in the heat pump making it very economical to install if you have a furnace in your home.

✔ Packaged central air conditioner

It has the evaporator, condenser and the compressor all in one cabinet and is always placed on the roof or a foundation’s concrete slab if it is there. Suitable for small buildings. Your exterior wall often carries the return and air conditioner ducts from the inside connecting with a packaged air conditioner placed outside your home which contains electric heating coils or in some cases natural gas furnace that saves you from buying a separate furnace to be placed outside. It has variable speed blowers and controls that save energy.

Benefits of central air conditioner

  • -Ensures your home is cool by reducing levels of humidity during warm weather making indoors to be comfortable.
  • -Placing the compressor outside the house reduces level of noise indoors.
  • -Air is drawn out of the rooms through return air ducts pulled through air filter that removes particles thus supplying clean air.

Features to look for in a central air conditioner

☑ Energy –efficiency ratings

Evaluation on the ability of the unit to process energy to condition the air is often expressed in number form by SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A high SEER number will compel you to highly invest in your air system saving more money over the unit’s life with energy costs being lower making it the best choice to buy.

☑ Advanced HVAC controls

It includes zone control feature   which enables you to have control of only one room and by cooling it down then energy is saved and utility bills lowered.

☑ Quiet operation

The air conditioners produces noise and this may be a big concern for you. A system which operates quietly is always available from both types of the central air conditioners with mini-split systems being more quiet but also the packaged units have a reducing noise feature.

☑ Unit size

A very big unit will over cool your home while a smaller unit will not cool your home effectively during high temperatures. A formula is used to determine the unit size that fits your home.

☑ Variable speed

Variable speed blowers are found in packaged systems which can operate at low speed on low system demand and at full speed when demand is much higher. Lower speed will save more energy at the same providing right cooling when it is not that hot.

☑ Fan only switch

You will be able to turn off the cooling system leaving the fan running in order for it to circulate air for natural cooling.

☑ Filter indicator light

This sends you a signal when filter needs to be changed boosting efficiency as it ensures it is properly maintained.

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