Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioners Brands for a Medium-size Room Review

One Sunday afternoon as I sat in my living room, the idea of buying an air conditioner came into my mind. It was March mid month and I had just arrived into that country to pursue my graduate education under a scholarship.

The temperature at that time was 76° and that was making me feel hot and uncomfortable. The idea of much warmer days to come as the year progress was not good news for me.

I couldn’t keep up with the heat and I had to think of a way of cooling my room. I went on a hunt for the best window air conditioner brand on the market for my medium-sized room. A window air conditioner was better than other types of air conditioner brands because they are cheap and consumes less energy.

A medium sized room measures between 250 to 400 square feet. If you’re living in such a room and you need to cool it in a summer day, this article will help you to select a top rated window air conditioner for your house.

Anything about 7,000 to 8,000 BTU’s will work well for your medium-sized room. Thus, they won’t consume a lot of energy as compared to those air conditioners cooling large rooms. Before reviewing 10 best window air conditioners, it is important to check on reasons why you require an air conditioner.

5 Reasons why you need a quality air conditioner for your home or office

Enhance Air Quality

A busy office can be a breeding place for colds and coughs. A high quality air conditioner has filters that disinfect air, remove odor, and lessen the number of dust particles and bacteria.

Energy Efficient

The technology used to create air conditioner has greatly evolved making them energy efficient. Thus, the air conditioners are able to heat and cool a building providing comfortable temperature at less utility costs.

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Controllable Comfy

The HVAC system responds quickly to alteration in temperatures and ensures the space is kept cool. The more complex air conditioners are able to take air from warmer places and share out to cooler areas making them efficient.

Lessen Humidity

Whether in an office or home, nobody wants to feel hot. A hot place can cause burn out and lower productivity. An air conditioner will ensure that excess moisture from the room is removed to reduce stickiness.

Guard Business Vital Equipment

Modern workstations are crowded with different machines that can cause heat. The heat needs to be dispersed to other areas so that the equipment is kept safe.

After a thorough research on quality and price, this 10 window air conditioner brands made it to our pick.

Top 10 Best Window Air Conditioner Brands for Medium Sized Rooms

  1. GE AEM05LX

It is always suitable for both small and medium size rooms. Although the power it contains is less, it is able to cool a bigger space of up to 260 square feet thus making it perfect. It has a rating of 12.4 therefore maximizes the BTU output. It saves you the cost of energy.

It is light in weight, easy to install and energy saving mode. It has three fan speeds, energy star certified and a 24-Hour timer. It features Ez mount installation.

It however lacks some important features such as sleeping mode or ability to dehumidify and it cannot restart automatically. It has a one year warranty that covers the parts, compressor and services of labor.


The energy saving mode makes sure that the compressor and the fan runs as programmed to make sure that the room’s temperature is kept at a desirable level.

Has a window installation kit that makes it fit well and easily since it is compact and light in weight when compared to other air conditioners.

The fixed chassis and the Ez Mount Window installation kit makes it easy to install hence you can install it by yourself.

The electronic digital thermostat and the remote control will allow you to adjust the temperature to the desired level from anywhere.

The 24-Hour Timer makes sure that it switches on or off depending on how you have programmed it hence will serve you better.


-Energy efficient

-Easy to install and light in weight

-Very low energy costs

-24-Hour timer

-Electronic digital thermostat and remote control

-Light and easy to install

-Low energy costs


-Air flows averagely

-Warranty is average

-No auto restart

-No dehumidifying mode

  1. Friedrich Kuhl SQO8N10D

It has 7900 BTUs that makes it able to cool a room of up to 325 square feet. The energy saving enhancements and premium cooling are the features that makes it to be the best choice when cooling medium-sized rooms. Features that make it the best include: antimicrobial filter, Eco-friendly R-410 refrigerant and a soft touch electronic controls.

It has heavy duty side curtains, remote control, 4 fan speeds and a drain pan that is resistant to rust which makes it safer and comfortable. The materials used to make it are durable and can therefore last for long.


It has an antimicrobial filter that traps all the impurities and pollens which may cause allergies and also removes room odors.

Electronic and remote control makes it easier to control it from far side of the room to attain the desired temperature.

Eco-friendly-It has enhancements that make it safe for the environment. It has durable parts and features that are efficient hence earning a 12.2 and energy star rating that saves money which makes operation efficient.

Its 24 hour timer makes it easy for you to program the conditioner whenever it switches on or off. The fan only operation is suitable in circulating fresh air especially when extra cooling power is not required.

It also has a 7 day programs for managing energy which you can easily access from the control of the unit.

Wi-Fi capacity-It uses Wi-Fi and often comes with Wi-Fi adapters that are optional hence allowing you adjust it from either your computer or even your Smartphone.

Easy installation-This air conditioner can be installed more easily in either the window or through-wall. The best thing is that when you purchase it is that each type always comes with installation hardware. It is more easy to slide the AC if incase it is a slide-out chassis when installing it and when intending to maintain it then you can easily slide it back.

Safe and secure-It has heavy-duty side curtains that reduce noise and light making the environment comfortable. Harmful bacteria and fungus is prevented by having an antimicrobial filter that is washable. The solid-sleeve top protects internal parts from falling debris.


-24hr timer

-Easy to install

-safe and secure

-Wi-Fi capacity


-Electronic controls

-Antimicrobial filter


-Not suitable for larger rooms

  1. Kenmore 77080

It is usually mounted at the window and cools a room of up to 350 square feet. Its features make it the best choice since you can control it with a remote from any place in the room. Has energy star hence saves you cost incurred on energy. If your room is medium sized then be sure that this will be the perfect model for you.


Has 8000 BTU that will cool up to 350 square feet room. This assures you of its capability to cool your room or your office perfectly.

It contains 3 fan speeds and 3 cooling speeds which enable you to adjust the intensity of cooling. This will help you attain the temperature you want.

Dehumidification setting allows you set it to the level that will makes sure that all the humid air is eliminated to leave dry and cool air.

Electronic and remote controls allow you control the temperature and fan speed without touching it to make adjustments.

8 -way air direction controls will give you the ability to direct airflow in a direction you want to be cooled.

Sleep timer ensures that it switches on when it is cold and can switch off when the room has been cooled fully or is not at use.

Filter indicator enables you know when it needs to be cleaned or replaced therefore making sure that operation is not interfered with.


-Electronic and remote control

-8-way air direction control

-Sleep timer

-Filter indicator

-Energy star certified


It cannot cool large rooms

  1. LG LW8016ER 8,000 BTU

Are looking for an air conditioner that will cool your medium sized house?  Then this will best suit you. The best thing about it is that is does not cost much and will get the job done at a low cost. It is Energy-Star certified with a 12.1 efficiency rating that makes it safe for the environment and cuts your costs. A 24 hour timer will ensure that it will switch off alone when not in use or when the room has been completely cooled.


3 cooling and 3 fan speed with auto cool – The 3 cooling and 3 fan speed are perfect as they’re very powerful and you will be able to control the temperatures at the pace you want.

4-way air direction– It has 4 way directions that allows you to adjust it in diverse direction allowing air flow to move upwards, downwards, left side and right side hence cooling your room perfectly.

It has an Auto restart feature that makes sure when there is power outrage it will automatically restart itself when it comes back.

It has a remote Control which allows you to adjust it from the comfort of your couch at any time within the room.

The 24 hr timer makes sure that it switches on when the room becomes hot and off when it has been cooled automatically therefore reducing the cost of energy as it will not run when the room has been cooled.


-Cools the room faster

-Energy saver

-Remote control

-Thermostat control

-Filter indicator

-3 fan and cooling speed control

-4-Way air direction control

-Automatic restart

-24 hr timer


-Makes noise

  1. RCA RACE8002E 8,000 BTU

This air conditioner is very simple and easy to use. It can cool a room of up to 350 square feet making it the best choice when cooling medium-sized rooms. It comes with a fan and temperature controls, three fan speeds and cooling systems. It also comes with a window mounting kit that makes it easy to install.


The timer works for 24 hours a day and is programmable to switch on or off when the desired level has been achieved.

The digital control will allow you to adjust and maintain the temperatures from anywhere in the room hence cooling your room.

Its energy efficiency is high at 11.3 hence  uses the least power to operate it which in turn saves you money as your electricity bills will be reduced.

Top, full-width air direction control allows you to direct the movement of air to all parts of the room to achieve maximum results.

The powerful 3 fan speeds and 3 cooling speeds ensure that you are able to control the air flow at the pace at which you desire.


-Easy clean filter

-Remote control

-Energy efficient


-Auto restart

-Top, full-width air direction control

-3 cooling and fan settings

-Sleep mode

-Window mounting kit


-A limited warranty

  1. Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 10,000 BTU 115V

As one of the best brands of Frigidaire, Frigidaire FFRE1033Q1 is the best when intending to cool your medium size room. It is always suitable for a room that measures up to 450 square feet. It is always easy to use and surely cools your room perfectly.

FFRE1033Q1 has a remote that senses temperature, programmable 24 hour timer, a 8-way air direction control and a low power energy –start. Its clean air ionizer often removes any impurities and pollen from the air and supplies clean air therefore best for individuals with allergies.

It is a very powerful air conditioner which only produces less noise when at low setting but noisier at high setting. It is white in color and comes with side panels that fit into a window of up to 36 inches. Its warranty is however limited to one.


Remote control that senses temperature makes it possible to automatically adjust and maintain the room temperature.

24- Hour programmable timer makes it easy to set the temperature you want to operate at during the day and night.

Clean air ionizer makes sure that any pollen or impurities are removed before it gets into the house leaving you with clean air.

Low power energy start will ensure that less power is used during operation therefore saving you money as the electricity bills will be low.

The 8-way air direction control allows you to direct the flow of air in the room to achieve the desired temperature.


-8-way air direction control

-Clean air ionizer

-24-Hour programmable timer

-Energy efficient

-Remote control

-Less noise at low setting


-Limited warranty

  1. Costway 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier

Are you unable to install a window air conditioning unit in your small or medium sized room? Do not worry since Costway 10,000 BTU comes in handy to serve you. It is portable making it best to use in all areas in your house since it has wheels making it easy to move from one room to another.

It has both dehumidifying and cooling settings with fan and sleep modes that makes it the best pick.Costway Portable air conditioner has two fan speeds which can be controlled by using a LED control panel or a wireless remote.

What makes it the best is that you can program it to either turn on or off automatically depending on your needs and it also enables you to set between 62.6 and 86 degrees whichever suits you.

Its downside is that you must vent it to the window by using a window seal plate and an exhaust tube which might be unsightly.


Portable-it has wheels that make it possible to move from one room to another since you are not required to carry it but rather push it.

The wireless remote control allows you to set and maintain the room temperature from any place in the room.

Dehumidifying and cooling settings ensures that the humid air in the room is totally removed leaving you with cool and dry air that makes the room comfy.

Timer allows you to program it to be at specific level at a particular time whether it is at night or during the day.

Two fan speeds that are controlled by using a wireless remote or LED control panel to attain the desired temperature.



-Two fan speeds



-Control setting

-Wireless remote control


-You must vent it to the window by using window seal plate and exhaust tubes

  1. Frigidaire FGRC0844S1 8,000 BTU

It is best for cooling medium-sized room that is up to 350 square feet. Frigidaire FGRC0844S1 is a smart air conditioner that is Energy Star certified and uses a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to use your Smartphone or an android to program and control its operation from anywhere. The app is easy to use and to set up.

In the absence of a smartphone, a remote control is available to allow you to set and control the temperature. It has three cooling and fan speeds, built- in ionizer and a energy sleeping mode. Its front is white and a sleek mesh grill makes it more convenient.

The warranty is limited to one year with five years for the sealed system.


Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to use your computer or Smartphone by installing an app which allows you to program and operate it from anywhere even far from your home.

It has three fan and cooling speeds to allow you adjust and control the temperature to perfectly provide cool air.

The built-in ionizer makes sure that no impurities or pollen comes with the air. The air supplied will be clean therefore making it a best choice for anyone with allergies.

Has a remote control through which you will be able toset and control the temperature  from anywhere in the room.

Energy sleeping mode makes sure that it switches off whenever the desired temperature has been achieved hence conserving energy.


-Remote control

-Energy sleeping mode

-Built-in ionizer

-Three fan and cooling controls

-Wi-Fi connectivity

-Smart app


-Limited warranty

  1. Honeywell MN10CESWW 10,000 BTU

This portable air conditioner is always the best choice for medium-sized room of up to 350 square feet. It is the best alternative if you cannot be able to install a window air conditioner.

The Honeywell MN10CESWW has an LCD display and a digital control that makes its use easy. However they are too sensitive. It comes with a programmable timer, remote control and a built-in dehumidifier. It operates quietly at low setting. It often comes in various colors such as black: black and silver and white.

It however requires a lot of floor space and will require water draining when the humidity is high. It is limited to one year warranty.

  1. LG LW8015ER

I t is powerful and energy efficient the cools a room of up to 340 square feet. It however costs more to run but gets the job well done. It has an ERR of 12.1 and is more expensive and heavy. It circulates cool air from the compressor through the internal fan.

LG LW8015ER has a timer that makes it possible to control operation but does not automatically shut off. It has an auto restart that enables it to resume operation in case of power outrage to its former settings. If you live in humid climate then this is the best choice for you since it can pull 2.2 pints of moisture in an hour.

The ability to automatically switch to dehumidifying mode allows you to remove moisture without having to change the temperature of the air.


-Energy efficient

-Cools up to 340 square feet

-Removes up to 2.2 pints of moisture per hour


-Costs more to run

-More expensive


Things to consider before buying an air conditioner


Small models often costs under 150$ with larger air conditioners cost up to 700$. Select one that best matches your pocket. The air conditioner with low price does not mean that its quality is bad but you might be surprised to find out that it gets the job done.


One with a variable digital control may be the best to pick. The availability of energy saving switches helps cut down the cost of electricity. Room air conditioners are also affordable when cooling two rooms compared to central air conditioner.

Easy to install

In case of window air conditioners, make sure that it does come with installation kits for easy installation.

Energy Consumption

Small air conditioners always require 125 volts while larger ones do require up to 220 volts. If incase your home electricity system does not support it then you have to do rewiring.

Size of the Room

This greatly determines the type of air conditioner to buy. If the room measures up to 150 square feet then buy a small air conditioner and a larger one if it is above 450 square feet. If it is between 200 and 300 square feet the look for a medium size window air conditioner.

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