Two years ago, I gained a lot of weight and my tummy grew as well. I did attend a friend’s wedding one weekend wearing a dress, and I recall how my friends kept looking at me strangely. Some of them went ahead to ask me why my tummy was this big and recommended that I had to seriously workout to get rid of the excess fat. To me, this was so embarrassing and depressing and I did excuse myself before the after party as I could no longer hold the pressure. I felt I was bullied and I was mad at myself and regretted why I had even attended the wedding yet I could have just given an excuse.

This made me really want to workout. I did sign up for the gym but never got instant results. A month later, we had a family gathering and for sure I knew that my cousins and other family members could not fail to give the same comment. For that reason, I looked online for a way of looking great in my dress with my big tummy while continuing with the gym. Luck on my side, I found out the best shapewear for dresses online and trust me every family member commented positively on my stunning look. That is why I decided to share it with you because I know how it feels when people comment negatively on your tummy’s size and I would not want you to go through what I did back then.

Table of 12 Best Shapewear for Women

What are the benefits of a shapewear?

There are numerous benefits of trying a contouring shapewear for the dress when you want to look good for a certain important event. After all, it is important to look good particularly when you got a certain small dress and you do not want to look like you squeezed forcefully into it because you have added weight. Here is a highlight of the benefits of wearing the best shapewear:

⣠Immediate slimmer figure

⣠Boost confidence and self-esteem

⣠Improves posture

⣠It compliments a fitness program and weight loss diet

⣠Simple to attain a better look

⣠It’s invisible and hidden beneath clothes

In this article, I have reviewed the top 12 best shapewear for dress that you can put on to have that elegant and stunning look. With this, you will step out to that dinner or occasion with that gorgeous dress with a flat tummy and get good comments on how great you look from everyone.

12 Best Shapewear for Dresses

1. Best Overall: Bali Shapewear 

This shapewear targets at giving you all over solution from the top to the bottom for a gorgeous curve and smooth body. It is very comfortable, breathable and fully stretches to fit you well. This Bali shapewear is the best as it will give you a good lift as it stays in place well and it is flexible and durable. It is very comfortable and you will dance well without your tummy bulging out.


• Made of 28% spandex and 72% nylon

• Hook and eye closure

• Smoothing lace for comfortable breathing

• Hand wash

• Soft lined seamless cups to give you full coverage and support

If you looking for a waist trainer, read this article on best waist trainer review here

2. Best comfortable shapewear: Lover-Beauty Underbust Corset 

Lover-Beauty shapewear gives a gorgeous look in a fitting dress and also acts as a waist trainer especially in shaping the mid-section. If you have back problems, this is suitable for you. You can also wear it with your skirt, shorts and other clothing. Both the quality and price of this best shapewear are good. If you want a shapewear that will support your back and does not show much under your dress, then this is it. The material is soft on the inside for comfort. In case your first hook becomes loose, never worry because it comes with other 3 hooks so you only have to replace.


• Classic eye closure design and 3 column hooks for size adjusting

• 9 pieces of steel spiral bones for stiffness and good posture

• 100% latex, 4% spandex and 96% cotton

• Flexible underbust bone for back support

3. Best shapewear for tummy pooch: Supplim Body Shaper 

This Supplim shapewear is ideal for fitting dresses, jeans or even your skirt. It perfectly holds your body giving you a sensual curve. The bust design is open and u-style so as to lift and support your bust though you have to put on your own bra for flexibility. The crotch design is open so that you can use the bathroom easily. Apart from that curvaceous shape, it reduces muscle strain and boosts circulation of blood. It is very comfortable and fits perfectly.


• Hand wash

• 37.6% spandex and 62.4% nylon

• Wide adjustable strap

• Shell design for a comfortable breathing

• 7 pieces of built-in invisible magnet

• An eye closure and 3 front hooks

• Brief and long leg style

• Custom made

4. Best shapewear for plus size: Maidenform Flexees Shapewear 

The Maidenform shapewear gives you solutions from the tummy, top, and bottom. For a perfect fit, you need to wear a bra. It keeps you smooth and hides your tummy, thus, ideal for fitting tops and dresses as it perfectly fits with no tummy bulges. The straps are adjustable and have a firm control level. The shapewear is comfortable and does not roll up. It has two-ply midsection for waist shaping and gives you maximum movement freedom and comfort on the legs. The neckline has a sling design for breast support. It is suitable for plus size women who want to wear dresses.


• Hand wash

• 78% nylon and 22% elastane body

• 82% nylon and 18% elastane inner lining

• Adjustable straps

• Firm control level

• No inbuilt bra

5. Best shapewear for tummy and waist: Gotoly Women Body Shaper 

The fiber made with it is soft, breathable and comfortable. It fits perfectly well under your dress to give you confidence when you step out. This shapewear is not too tight and smoothens well under the dress. It also has a cooling panel and whenever you are with your partner, it takes away the embarrassment you could have. This also lifts your butt and greatly helps in reducing your tummy. The Gotoly shapewear is also affordable so you won’t feel pressed on your budget if you are an average consumer. You can also wear it for the whole day because it is comfortable. It is suitable for all occasions and clothing such as dresses, tops, jeans and more.


• Soft and comfortable fabric

• Breathable and antibacterial fiber

• Elastic lace

• High seamless and elastic design for abdomen control

6. Best shapewear for muffin top: Lady Slim 



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This Lady slim shapewear gives you a curvy and beautiful shape on the clothes you wear. It highly compresses and smooths the silhouette to reduce your waist and tummy size. The eye closures under the abdomen and 2 column hooks will support your spine and relieves any back pain. It is of a higher quality, very comfortable and gives you an awesome look when you put on your dress. This Lady slim is also sturdy and easy to clean.


• Flexible boning for posture correction

• 3 hook rows enable you to adjust the size

• Non-toxic latex

• Strong eyes and hooks

• Reinforced glued and tripled front closure

You can read a detailed review of best shapewear for muffin top here.

7. Best shapewear with inbuilt bra: Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear 

This Flexees shape wear gives you all over solutions from the top, tummy to the bottom, thus, ideal for dresses and other clothing. It prevents your tummy from bulging and boosts your confidence whenever you step out. Its finish is fantastic, therefore, comfortable for a whole day wearing. This body briefer fits well, gives you support and does not cut your breath. The straps are wide and adjustable to give you comfortable feeling on the shoulders. It gives you space for free body movement and easy breathing.


• Built-in bra

• Power mesh liner to give you all over control

• Luxurious fabric for comfortable skin feeling

• Eye and hook closure

• 30% Elastane and 70% nylon

• Lingerie style and elegant shapewear

• Hand wash

8. Cheap shapewear that works: Franato Shapewear

This Franato shapewear lifts your midsection, butt, and breast and fully shapes your back. It is comfortable so you can wear it the whole day because it does not cut your breath and will surely give you the confidence if wearing a fitting dress and top because your tummy will not bulge. Apart from your dress and top, you can wear it on special and other occasions for an awesome figure.


• Adjustable straps

• Nylon and spandex material

• Fullback shaping

• Pull on closure

9. Best shapewear under 50: Arabella Seamless Slip Shapewear

This Arabella shapewear is suitable for dress wear. With it, it gives you smooth curves as it shapes all your body to give you a flatter tummy which gives a stunning look.  The idea behind the Arabella design of shape wears was to inspire confidence and make a woman feel comfortable. It smooth’s gently leaving a streamlined silhouette for an awesome look.

It is suitable if you are a tall woman with a curvy body as it fits perfectly without any roll-ups, hence, looking great in your dress. For a delicate dress, you should go for this because it shows no bulges, ridges or dimples at all. This shapewear is comfortable for whole day wear as it does not constrain you from moving around or makes you lose your breath.


• Machine wash

• 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex

• Adjustable strap and

• A mid-thigh shapewear slip

10. Best tummy flattening shapewear: KHAYA 

For smoothing and a gorgeous shape that can allow you to wear a fitting dress, then this Khaya shapewear is ideal for you. It fits well, smoothens well, comfortable and fully supports your bust. The shapewear is ideal for tall women but not short ones. It is easy to put on and fits perfectly.


• 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex

• Adjustable straps

• Thin straps for shaping slip

• Elastic mid-thigh length

• Laced neckline

11. Best lightweight shapewear: Bali Women’s Shapewear

With all-around shape solutions from the top to the bottom, your beautiful shape is displayed and your confidence is much boosted and makes you feel sexy. It features a lightweight sleek lace for good smoothing and U design with 2-ply shaping panels for comfort. The straps are comfortable and adjustable for perfect fitting. It compresses well and makes you feel very comfortable.


• Eye and hook closure

• Hand wash

• 69% Nylon with 31% Spandex body and 100% cotton crotch lining

• Firm control

• 2 ply shaping panels for smoothing

• U-design for flexible and comfort wear

• Adjustable back straps

12. Best shapewear for stomach and love handles: Miraclesuit 

Step out in much confidence with this bodysuit that has a firm shaping control. It fits perfectly and makes you feel comfortable since it flattens your tummy, rear, midriff and back well. This shapewear is suitable if you want to wear a dress for an occasion as it shapes your body well. It may, however, not be ideal for tall women. The silhouette is awesome and very comfortable.


• Supportive underwear

• It is made of cotton, Elastane, Nylon and Spandex

• Seamless leg bands

• Silicone edge lining

• Double layered and molded mesh-ups

How do you measure your size to get a perfect fit?

-Hold the tape above the waist three points to get your hi-waist

-For the low waist, hold the tape 12 cm under your waist

-Hips measurement is attained by holding 22cm of the tape under your waist


As a woman who wants to slay in that gorgeous dress and have her confidence because of a big tummy, a shapewear is a must garment to attain all these. Your correct size is very crucial for you to find a perfectly fitting shapewear. Therefore, we recommend that before you order any of best shapewear for a dress, get your right size by measuring the hi-waist, low waist and the hips by use of a tape and then compare it with the provided size chart in order to get a perfectly fitting shapewear for dresses. If you’re looking a plus size shapewear, you can read on best shapewear for plus size. A postpartum girdle will also be helpful for mums to get their tummy and body back to shape after giving birth.

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